2 investigators uncover alarming facts about Dr. Martin MacNeill: Part 4

Investigators from the Utah County Prosecutor's Office found two falsified transcripts that helped MacNeill gain admission to medical school and a past felony conviction.
8:01 | 06/15/19

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Transcript for 2 investigators uncover alarming facts about Dr. Martin MacNeill: Part 4
police closed the case so quickly on Michele's death. And Alexis and Rachel and Michele's sister began their own investigation, and they spent months gathering evidence of what they felt was martin's suspicious behavior in the days and months leading up to Michele's death and certainly after she was found dead. We went to the pleasant grove police. We said, you know, "We have this new information. We know about a girlfriend now." They took no notes. They didn't even listen, they acted like we were out of our minds. Not only would they not listen, they were mocking us. They were saying, "You're ridiculous, you guys are just upset that your dad has had an affair. Lots of people have affairs." In talking with the investigator there in pleasant grove, they felt like this was a natural cause kind of thing. Could they have done more? They could have, but I think the initial response was appropriate. He said, "We're closing the case." "Sorry, I know that kind of shocks you because she was young to have a heart attack." You just wake up and you try to do what you can. It is living a nightmare. I'd try to go to the authorities. I'd go to the governor's office. I went to every single newspaper in Utah. I cannot understand why no one would listen. My mother was murdered. And no one cares. The fifth line down states that military records were brought in. I went to the governor's office. I had a Manila envelope with all the documents we had. The tub was only 50 inches long at the top. We don't think she can drown. Doug Whitney and Jeff Robinson were two investigators with the Utah county prosecutor's office, and these were two people that were assigned just to work special cases. They were put on this case to dig into it, and that's exactly what they did. So I got information from the daughters, and I got enough to get an investigative subpoena. Doug Whitney went all the way back to martin Macneill in college where he began investigating everything he did and uncovered a life of lies. Martin Macneill was not who he claimed to be. If you take a pyramid and you build it with bricks, and you pull those foundation bricks out, you have nothing. It crumbles. I found that the transcript used for martin Macneill to get into medical school was totally instead of taking his transcript and altering it, he got somebody else's. The transcript was completely fake. So this man who proclaimed loudly to anybody who would listen that he was a doctor, you are telling me he wasn't? His entire career is based on falsified transcripts from different colleges. So how did he go about practicing medicine? The guy is brilliant. I am not saying that he is not smart. He just -- Didn't take the necessary classes. And he lies. Martin had briefly served in the military, but had been discharged because he had claimed that he was schizophrenic and hearing voices. So he went on to collect medical disability throughout the next 30-something years, meanwhile practicing as a successful doctor and lawyer. How much money are we talking about? $3,000 a month. He was getting $3,000 a month from the army? Yes, from the V.A. For decades after he served less than two years? Decades. Investigators also discovered that when he was in his early 20s, he went to jail for check kiting. He decided to open a checking account, take the checks and go on a shopping spree. He had rented a house, and he needed to furnish it. He also bought himself some jewelry, diamond rings, watches, 60 pairs of socks, and 20 or 30 pairs of shoes, a year's supply of chocolate covered cherries. He was a convicted felon. He was charged with forgery, fraud. I remember him 'cause he was bright and he was a con, and cons always interested me. The bottom line was, here is a man who went to jail for 180 days, was put on fony parole for three years, was on felony parole when he went into medical school. It's possible to have served 180 days in prison, and be on felony probation, and keep that a secret from schools or employers? Apparently so. It happened. Okay, let me take the picture. Cute. We basically found out that our entire lives had been based and surrounded on lies. That everything about our experience with our father was a You're played a part in destroying our whole family, dad. I am the victim, I am the victim. You can't even think of it as a possibility. If I think really hard I can't even think of that. My logic is I didn't commit adultery. I did't kill your mother. I did't have a mistress. I don't have one now. I'm planning on getting married in the temple, and I don't believe that is a bad thing to do. There's that possibility whether you want to accept it or not. I've done nothing wrong. I have done zero wrong. Alexis and Rachel started looking into what was going on, and actually discovered that martin was actually looking to have the younger children adopted by this other family to get them out of the house. He was going to give my sisters away. Yes, to adopt. He sent us all a lengthy text message saying that our sisters are going to be given away. He found a family in California. He was going to foist them off on this family without the knowledge of any of his older children, and without any explanation really. He just decided to jettison every single aspect of his old life. His wife was dead, and now the young children needed to be gone. And that is when I said, "There's no way you're going to do that. I'm going to fight tooth and nail." He said, "If you fight me, I'm going to get you thrown out of medical school. I'm going to call your Dean," he started threatening me. "I'm going to take you down." I said, "I'm calling the police and I'm --" "I'm going to destroy you." Martin's plans for his daughter Giselle were even more sinister. Just a few months after Michele's death, martin decided to send Giselle back to the Ukraine for the summer for what was supposed to be a very brief trip. He sent Giselle back home to the Ukraine for just two months, but then those two months began stretching into almost a year. The rest of the family couldn't understand why Giselle didn't come home. Little did they know that Macneill and gypsy Willis had taken Giselle's social security number, and created an entirely new identity. Gypsy Willis assumed Giselle's identity. What martin and gypsy had planned for Giselle was almost incomprehensible. They were about to embark on a crime spree that would've made what martin had done in his early adult years look like child's play.

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{"duration":"8:01","description":"Investigators from the Utah County Prosecutor's Office found two falsified transcripts that helped MacNeill gain admission to medical school and a past felony conviction. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"63726533","title":"2 investigators uncover alarming facts about Dr. Martin MacNeill: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/investigators-uncover-alarming-facts-dr-martin-macneill-part-63726533"}