Jodi Arias: What Happened?

Part 3: Experts walk through both sides' theories using an exact replica of the crime scene.
7:08 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for Jodi Arias: What Happened?
20/20 continues once again Elizabeth Vargas. For four and a half long years -- area sat in this Phoenix jail. After dozens of media interviews that chatty and seemingly confident murder suspect -- was now on a different stage facing a very different audience. Twelve jurors who will decide her fate. Prosecutor one Martinez's case for first degree is clear if Jodi couldn't have Travis or she decided no one else -- it. He says it's the worst thing that ever. And that's true. She could let him go. 23740. The veteran prosecutor laid out a sinister tale a paper trail of premeditation left by the defendant including getting gas cans and turning -- cell phone. So she couldn't be traced. She traveled from California. To Arizona it was murder on her mind. But the crux of the State's case was here in this bathroom. What happened between this photo to this photo the camera flying through the air. She takes this hunting beautiful last picture of him. And then sets a camera down and what -- Saturday night and again begins attacking and we don't know what. Transpired between Jerry -- Travis Alexander that day. DD teller it was over -- all her anger at being his dirty little secret swarming his bed until a better girl came along and suddenly the run -- -- -- had she plotted this for weeks after he told her he was taking that other woman to Cancun. Each side the prosecution and the defense would -- very different stories of what happens next. Renowned trial -- happily Zell Miller has agreed to walk twenty when he drew the defense case although she does not agree with its theory. She testifies to come back into the bathroom yet sentenced -- in the shower exactly so he gets into the shower. And she began snapping photographs. Of him. He's posing and then she drops his camera on the floor -- and that enrages him -- -- them. -- she claims he comes out and he'd lunges at her. Flips her over in a body slam. She recovers from that though and takes optimal policy clients now she's in fear of her life -- -- And runs this way according right and then back into the clock exactly because she remembers that. His -- and supposedly is in the closet she grabs the bandits -- 2.5 and number. She continues out this door. Runs into the back correctness -- of the bathroom right when she turns around right and he's down like a linebacker she demonstrated that -- him right temple through the left cheek and then after that she remembers she doesn't remember slitting its throat or stabbing him 27 times. She has amnesia. According to areas this wasn't the first time Travis had snapped. Over eighteen days of testimony -- areas defamed her dead lover claiming he did great at her company's -- And used her repeatedly company which he kicked me in the -- and got on top of me started choking me. And exposed her to his alleged secret her version. I walked in and Travis thing is on the bed next to being. And he started grabbing at something on the bed and -- -- -- photograph. There was a picture going. But the defense cannot produce a single witness to corroborate these claims. And the prosecution says these are all just more wild and desperate -- hails from an admitted lying here. We know the sequence is completely falls and that's why she -- a -- you're saying that GOP's version of events doesn't. Match the forensic evidence and absolutely does not -- areas is one of them. Greatest. Liars. Ever. Dan Abrams legal analyst for ABC news makes the case for the prosecution. So she's taking photos and -- and asks for one final picture where he's looking directly to the camera. At some point the prosecution says. She gets a knife threat and stabs him in the chest and that's when it starts and he staggers. To the state couldn't somehow gets here puts his hands. On the -- Coughs up blood on the mirror. Trying to sort of balance himself. And in the same time she continues stabbing according to prosecution in the middle of his back the attack continued to attack continues you've got the wounds in the front. And in the back and then. He somehow continues to try to get away down this long hallway again somehow staggering. Probably not that quickly and then around here -- -- the bedroom. He collapses. And at this. Point she -- his throat from year to year according prosecution and we know this is as a massive bloodstain on the carpet and this location they believe that. It's what killed. At this point she then decides to drag him back into the bathroom he's 59 -- eighty pounds she's 54 ways much less. And to balance herself she puts her hand up on the wall. At that point leaves. A bloody palm print. Very important piece of evidence because that's what placed her at the scene definitively. In addition to the photographs and she manages even though he so much bigger heavier than she -- to drag him all the way back this long hallway. All the way back. Into the bathroom. And this is what we find the shell casing. So. He was shocked. At some point. In the -- They're not certain did occur earlier did occur later but we know that that shot occurred. Somewhere in this area and then she's able to drag his body back into the shower where the attack began. -- she turns on the shower an effort to clean that's what they believe. Shot in self defense. Or stabbed as part of the premeditated cold blooded murder. It took just fifteen hours of deliberation for the jury to decide. We the jury duly impaneled and sworn do find it and it guilty. As relatives wept. Crowds cheered areas looked into the eyes of the jury that will now decide whether she lives or dies. In an interview she granted with the local station she says she would rather face death. I think years ago that I got to get that tonight and I still is true. This fish kill Travis I would pay tribute to concede. Areas is now on suicide watch she says she wishes she could take it all back. -- -- -- I wish it was just an -- and -- And for the relatives of Travis that's perhaps as close to an apology. As -- -- areas will ever come.

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{"id":19156554,"title":"Jodi Arias: What Happened?","duration":"7:08","description":"Part 3: Experts walk through both sides' theories using an exact replica of the crime scene.","url":"/2020/video/jodi-arias-happened-19156554","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}