John Giuca's mom creates an undercover identity to secretly meet juror: Part 6

Doreen Giuliano acquired a burner phone and fake business cards. She changed her name, dyed her hair and dressed provocatively to try to get juror Jason Allo's attention.
7:06 | 05/18/19

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Transcript for John Giuca's mom creates an undercover identity to secretly meet juror: Part 6
This is psychological torture. There's razor wire everywhere and metal fencing and the gloomy day doesn't help. It definitely has the cold, hard feel of a jail. We just made our way through security, and we're here at the chapel at rikers island. John giuca has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for a murder he says he had nothing to do with. Your mom comes here to visit you like clockwork. She's my hero. She really is, honestly. She's everything to me. If anything ever happened to her, I would just be totally, like, lost. I'm John giuca's mother, Doreen Quinn Giuliano, and I went undercover to prove that my son did not get a fair trial. I knew that there was something wrong that went on in the jury After a year of surveillance, after a year of transforming myself into a younger looking woman, a more attractive looking woman, I was ready. I was gonna take the plunge. I knew it was time that we had to meet. She would ride up and down allo's block dressed in sexy short shorts. And he just didn't notice me. And then, this friend whistled at me. And my heart dropped. I was sick. This is it. And I just turned my bike around, and I said, "Hi," and made my move. I had my low cut blouse and my hot pants. And actually I had high heels on. And so you said you were trembling? Was your heart racing? Oh, absolutely. Yeah, I was stuttering. I started talking to his friend because his friend is the one who actually whistled at me, not him. And somehow you knew that if you flirted with the friend you might get his attention? I have brothers. Five brothers. Yeah. What was your story? What was your undercover identity? I was new to the neighborhood. And I wanted to know where the best coffeehouses were and the best Chinese food. And I said I was from California. And they were eager to help me out and show me exactly where was what. And eventually I did turn around and started talking to Jason allo, the juror on my son's case. The story that Doreen Giuliano used as her undercover identity was that she was from California, which I scratch my head when I hear that because hearing her accent. I mean, she like really steep in Brooklyn and I don't know who would think that she was from California. And so during this entire time you are this California girl. Yes. I grew up in California. So no offense, but you don't sound like you're from California. I practiced and practiced and practiced. And then one time he caught on and he said, "You sound like you're from Brooklyn." And I said, "I'm taking classes. So they must be working." What kind of personality does Dee Quinn have? Dumb, dippy blonde. There's subtleties and acting skills involved. It's pretty incredible. And eventually you hit pay I did. He wanted my phone number and I didn't have a phone yet. So he gave me his phone number. And so you struck up a friendship after that? I did. Jason allo lives with his mother, and I knew he would not invite me up to his place. So I knew that I would have to invite him to my place. She even rents an apartment a block away. This is the apartment that I rented. I called it the sting apartment. I rented it for $1100 a month for 16 months. Her apartment was a bare bones affair. So there was a futon for a bed, and a table, a couple of chairs, a spare kitchen, refrigerator barely filled with any food, and it was designed to be a so-called play girl's pad. 'Cause you wanted a base of operations. Yeah. A place for him to come to, a place where I can have dinners with and some wine, music, and, you know, see if he knew anything. And so then you are drinking wine. So that's another thing, I'm not a drinker. So I really had to sip it. And every time he went into the bathroom or turned his face I dumped it because -- So you're pretending to drink wine? Yeah. I'm the type of person who has two sips and my head is spinning. We had a friendship, and he needed somebody to vent to. And I was there. I was a very good listener. And then don't forget I was providing him with wine, and food. So, you know, he's -- of course he's gonna keep coming back for more. And you're also smoking weed Yeah. So I was like, "Am I gonna feel paranoid? Am I gonna blow my cover?" But in addition to her Daisy dukes and her push-up bra, Doreen was wearing something else. A wire. Doreen Giuliano was the amateur, very good amateur undercover agent. Actually wired herself up with a recording device. Hello. Hello. I'm nervous as hell. As she's turning on the recording said, "Boy, I'm really scared," or nervous, words to that effect. I would be too. You know, going into a situation because if you're discovered taping somebody, you don't know how they're gonna react, but she went through with it. If she gets exposed, her plan falls through and poor John stays in prison. That's what she's afraid of. I mean, what this mother did to try to save her son is so unprecedented. It was probably around eight months that I had this relationship with Jason allo. And so you're talking to him the entire time with a recording device strapped to your body? Yes. And you kept it where? Between my boobs. I was searching for the truth. I wanted to know why they came back with a guilty verdict. Why? You trying to put little Ricky to sleep? Itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout She obviously was in the wrong business. She should have been a detective like you. Technically by law I shouldn't have been on that jury. Say that again? I shouldn't have even been on

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{"duration":"7:06","description":"Doreen Giuliano acquired a burner phone and fake business cards. She changed her name, dyed her hair and dressed provocatively to try to get juror Jason Allo's attention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"63114743","title":"John Giuca's mom creates an undercover identity to secretly meet juror: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/john-giucas-mom-creates-undercover-identity-secretly-meet-63114743"}