John McCain marries Cindy McCain, launches political career: Part 4

In 1987, McCain shifts from congressman to senator and gains national visibility but the "Keating Five" banking scandal threatens his career.
6:04 | 08/26/18

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Transcript for John McCain marries Cindy McCain, launches political career: Part 4
0% phenomenal. Inarch of 591 P.O.W.S are released E of them John McCain. Commander John McCain. Ited with his family, mcca home to a silver star, a bronze star and a purple heart. He is decorate but dejected about breaking under torture. Wasalkingo your father about mt T hardest station youver had? And what did he S to Y in the end? He -- you know, he -- lik Y father he so now did the best that you coul Who is your Fath his name is admiral John mn. But tt Y was one of the lowest points of my life,o the least. Are Y ma fwl yes. You are. Ou have children? Three. Three. His Tim forces mco re-exami hife. On the day his M call father was buried full military honors, the son leaves the Navy for od, att the rank of captain. There ar professional and ongesad, as first marriage te Carol um our first wife has said of you thearriage ended, ultimately, because she feltat you were 40 and wd to be 25 ag fair? Anything is fair. I take full responsib for the failure of my first marriage. Is there a be learned? I -- have been an uimperfect person in many respects. On a trip to hawaii in1979, John McCain meeptsan he willpend the rest of his L with. Fell almost Imm love. Was a tough action, because he alsved Carol. Andol had S by him the years that he was in prison. He I 42 years old, she is eachlay fast and loose with those numbers. He claims to be Unger, she, R. We lied to each oth about our ages and found out when we gotarriage license. Age didn't matter to er one of us. He was, at tpoint, Ted. He G divorced and ied Cindy. The couple Marn may of 1980 and the U Wil change the course of John McCain's life. Former def secretary William Cohen was S best man. I considered it Al honor to stand beside man who fou for his country survived incredible torture for his country. Years F Al reconcile. Entually, hnd Cindy have a blendedy that includes mn's T children, the couple's three biologi children, and a fourth, whom they adopt. Just one year intoir marriage, John McCain is ready home state of Ara. And I asked him, well,hat district did you have in mind, and he said he didn't have a clue, buould figure it out he got there. Mn may haveot had all thers, but he has Cindy, who offers emotional and nancialsupport. He father founded the third-largest aeuser-busch distributorship he U.S. And most of the reported $100 million family fortune I congress announces his retirement, the McCains seize the opportunity. Within hours, Cindy buys ae in that district. He walked D T H first congressional race,000 doors, and when he got ne, that'st H shoes looked like. So, I bronzed tndavem to himn night. This ie it all began. J McCain! Jo mccn!n , McCain shiftsrongressman to senator. And want to T nator McCain. And gahnsgains national vility. Honorable from Arizona. And dels a rousing speak 88 national convention. We mot retreat.ut then, his car crash down in fl. His character is Calle into question after his name surfaces in the Keating five banking scandal. Relathip W Mr. Keating. You were a F hi yes. It was a question not only of what he did, but who he did Charles K is a wealthy coributor and fri of the McCains. Ld fly nine times on the Keating's privateplane. But when regulators start looking into Keating's failin sings and loan, he D mccai and four other senatorso get them to back off. In theend, Keating goes prison wenate ethics cote eventually clears MCC saying he only Exe poor judgment. War ho senator takes a beating in theress. Spi think the whole thing W a regrettable situ he says THA that was the lowestnt in his care it was adishable thing. And to him, honor I probable more important that otherttribute that he might G to that ce. I suspect his own hidown. T they left on his own, threw him bit to wolves. Hink it was a S experience for him.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"In 1987, McCain shifts from congressman to senator and gains national visibility but the \"Keating Five\" banking scandal threatens his career.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"57408361","title":"John McCain marries Cindy McCain, launches political career: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/john-mccain-marries-cindy-mccain-launches-political-career-57408361"}