Letter from missing New Hampshire girl appears in mom's mailbox: Part 2

The letter said, "Dear mom, I miss you and love you more than you can imagine."
4:33 | 09/08/18

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Transcript for Letter from missing New Hampshire girl appears in mom's mailbox: Part 2
One month has passed since Andy Hernandez vanished. And with no credible leads or sightings or story is no longer front page news news and telling you holding it to kappa. I wasn't really holding him one. Of the things and tragedies like god is god. Surprises sun gets up in the morning and life goes on. A did fall into despair at the time. Athletes aren't sick mom so consumed with the ongoing search ignores routine daily ten. She hasn't picked up her mail in weeks. Which is understandable and unfortunate. He has announced its Pena the US Postal Service has already delivered. To learn mailbox. First big break in the case. There's too many envelopes from well wishers and out there there's another I don't know. That she had to be a letter from ninety. To receive your mom. I mean that's just beside yourself. I see him leave bags and a happy beyond belief. Animals are confused about some English. And what she sent G along in this here love new model can Madden. I'm sorry I get this. I've seen gay newspaper and fueled reports. Intensity of questions. Yes I'm allied. And miss you mom. Don't. Along telling worrying him. It's like really cryptic isn't. It as it's harvest not her. The letter was in thirteen d.s after Andy disappeared. Means we knew hope to investigators. We were able to confirm her DNA profile London. What and how she came to write that letter. Nobody bush. What did you make this. It sounded like to pull the letter was to say I'm okay now we Milan that was. A real curveball. Curve ball that investigators fear could play happy and even more jeopardy if meet humbling. We had a lot of an agonizing conversations. Should we revealed this letter. The victim had somehow been able to sneak a letter out if she was in fact kidnapped her captured knew that she was at greater risk. So they wait another month. But this winter approaches investigators get past cold feet. We believe that it was in fact written by Abby few factors you have the ability to right sent a letter that indicate to you. He may be all right there's a rivalry case America. We are still classifying this as a missing person case when you concerned at all about this letter now turning the public tide. You know publicly and in people's sympathy many shifting in a different direction. Charged him. One of the things that we obviously can't control is what the court of public Agnes. I think people informed and very ardent opinions as to what they think happened to. While authorities remain skeptical about Abbey's letter the public takes it at face value causing a rush to judgment. The talk on social media and he's a runaway not a victim sounds like Abbey's metre program has sound like she's in any danger and should be forced to pay back us to this whole story has been fishy from the very beginning. A torrent of rumors and innuendo swirls through at least high school says her friend Miranda. It was actually hot topic for gossip what was the talk in the hallways being in high school most people want to send she was pregnant. That that must be the high. That she ran away the dead body and it did bother me her and I were very close I knew that she definitely was not pregnant. When you start to hear people doubting the story and doubted what's happened devastating. Because across. Dot net that perhaps an article look. Reporters than say that the right away we can't cover the front means. When investigators give no credence to that town gossip. These cleared -- boyfriend until they have no suspects they are convinced that Abby is in danger. People just don't disappear off the face severe especially fourteen year old girl she didn't drive. We knew that there was money at home that she didn't take she had a hole in the clothes on her back. No matter where she was it fit the definition of kidnap.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"The letter said, \"Dear mom, I miss you and love you more than you can imagine.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"57684899","title":"Letter from missing New Hampshire girl appears in mom's mailbox: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/letter-missing-hampshire-girl-appears-moms-mailbox-part-57684899"}