Life and Success After 'Shark Tank'

Act 6: Billionaire Mark Cuban shares what happens after he invests in a business from the show
3:00 | 12/21/13

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Transcript for Life and Success After 'Shark Tank'
Reporter: When it's the season for buying, buying and more buying, it's the shopper who decides what's hot. And what's not. And behind all that frenzy -- some entrepreneur who's desperately hoping to win a spot under your christmas tree with the latest big idea. Marybeth lugo is one of them. If you could check out what colors we're low on. Reporter: In three tough years she's managed to push her kiddie bike into small toy stores across the country. But now marybeth wants to hit the big time. I've been working really hard towards this. This is my one shot. Reporter: A shot she's hoping to find on "shark tank," where dreamers compete for the cash to bring their ideas to life. Just getting on the show is a long shot. Yet just four hours after e-mailing her pitch, the phone rings. I sent it in at 1:30. I heard from them at 5:30. I was like, "oh, my gosh, it's 'shark tank' calling." Reporter: Before she could get over the shock, marybeth is in the tank talking up her kazam bike. Kazam is a balance bike that is revolutionizing the way kids learn how to ride. Reporter: A cool two-wheeler with no pedals. Kids learn the balance of bike riding, no training wheels. With the help of kazam, kids are having fun. Reporter: Though she'd practiced back home with friends and neighbors, marybeth is feeling like shark bait. We just hit, pepper 'em with questions and questions. There's a lot of pressure when you walk through the door. I think once you get over the initial nervousness of -- of -- and then you're just in the moment, you just talk about -- no? That didn't happen for me. Reporter: Soon there is blood in the water. I just don't feel that fire in you. I'm out. Reporter: But mark isn't going in for the kill. What was it about her presentation that grabbed you? What was cool about it, it made me think about my kids, right. I remembered, you know, going through the whole process of teaching them how to ride a bike. And so it really hit home. I'm going to give you 24 seconds to convince barbara. So you're going to have to come high and come hard. This has become my life. And I am not willing to walk away from it until we become the top leader. I wanted to see how well she could deal with pressure. Sometimes you got to put 'em to the test. Do we have a deal? We have a deal. Nice! I'm proud of you. Reporter: Once you left the group, what happened? Walked out, saw my husband, and cried for two hours. It's a lesson for entrepreneurs that sometimes entrepreneurs feel like getting an investment is the win. Oh, I got an investment. That's just the start. Because now the investor wants to make money, right? Reporter: But that's tough in a business that's not all fun and games. Unless, of course, you stumble upon that out of the blue, crazy idea. One suburban dad did with the rainbow loom. Who knew that rubber band bracelets could lead to a pot of money? For choon ng it sure did. You're going to make $3 million? We're going to make about $5 million this year. Reporter: That's a lot of rubber bands. When breakouts happen, look out. Remember the odd looking cabbage patch dolls? People were fighting over them. And the college student who hatched the idea, xavier roberts, was stunned. Billions of dollars later, cabbage patch kids are one of the top selling toys of all time. So what about kazam? We checked in with this toy store in dallas to see if it's making christmas lists. So I'm putting you on the spot. How's it doing? It's doing really, really well. I put in a big order last week. She did. Reporter: The bike is even popping up on airplanes, in skymall magazine, and will soon land in toys r us. This business mom is now in demand. Several times I've found myself hiding in the closet on my phone so that the customer can't hear my kids calling my name. "Mom, I'm hungry. Mom, can you drive me here?" So I've done that on more than one occasion. Next shipments, we're pretty much receiving containers every Reporter: Every month? Reporter: Since cuban bought in, kazam sales have hit $1.5 million in a few short months. When you started out, did you think you would see your bike in a toy store like this? You know, yes, actually. I'm the type of person, I like to envision the success and work. Reporter: Not a bad reality FOR THISsage CC1 Test mes AT KAY JEWELERS, WE KNOW THAT

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