Louisiana woman helps break case of Gainesville, Florida student murders: Part 7

Cindy Juracich said she heard a report about the murders, which made her think about her friend Danny Rolling. She called in a tip, and police were able to connect Rolling to the murders.
7:54 | 04/10/21

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Transcript for Louisiana woman helps break case of Gainesville, Florida student murders: Part 7
A woman and her husband from Shreveport, Louisiana, were on vacation in in the panhandle part of Florida. Her name was Cindy Dobbins. My name is Cindy jurisich. But in 1990, I was Cindy Dobbins. My husband, Steven and I took the boys on vacation. And one evening, they had the news break about the Gainesville murders. TV 20 has learned while task force officials were investigating here, they are also in Louisiana looking at a murder almost identical to the murder here in Gainesville. I've lived in Shreveport for about 58 years. After the Grissom murders, everybody just became scared. You know we live in the bible belt. Things like that don't happen here. I said, Steven, there's a connection between Shreveport and Florida. Danny. Cindy said, I wonder if Danny Rolin could have done that. I met him in church. My husband right off the bat said, "That dude's weird." And I'm like, "No, Danny's Danny." Her husband felt on edge around him. Danny rolling had said some things to him that were really creepy. He'd come over, I mean, every night for a while. And then one night Steven came in and he goes, he's got to go? And I said, what? He goes, he tells me he's got this problem. I said, what kind of problem? He likes to stick knives into people. It was just unbelievable for me to hear. That's a bone-chilling statement to make, and as a result she said, he's got to go. It would not let me rest. It just would not let me rest. One day I picked up the phone, I called crime stoppers, and I said, "I think there's one guy y'all need to investigate. His name is Danny rolling. Danny rolling was -- you know, people use the term drifter. That fits perfectly. He had been born in Shreveport, Louisiana. Danny rolling was one of two children born to a policeman father and a mother who's a housewife. His father was really disciplinarian. Showed very little love to the children. He leaves home at 17. He joins the air force. He's out of the air force after two years. He then embarks on a career of armed robbery. He's in and out of prison. He was convicted in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, doing grocery store robberies. In fact, he spent most of the '80s in prison. Once he was released from prison, Danny returned to Shreveport. Nobody in my family knew of Danny rolling. What we learned was that Danny was living with his parents, who lived maybe a half a mile or so away from my dad's house. When I went out to Shreveport, we interviewed a lot of people that knew him. We were trying to piece together our own profile of what made Danny tick. He'd come by jogging with a log on his neck, looking like Rambo. He would carry a knife and a shield. He was dressed in army fatigues. He would always carry his guitar everywhere he went. He has this dream of being a country music star and singer. And he actually writes songs. He records them into his tape recorder. He wrote strange songs. And the longer I knew him, the stranger they got. He would stay at his parents' house, but he was so unwelcome if his dad was there. He just really hated Danny. Then there's one blowup with his father. One day in may of 1990, he gets into an altercation with his father. Really, really bad blowout. Mr. Rolling chases Danny rolling out of the house Danny gets his own gun, comes back in and shoots his father. Shoots him right between the eyes, but it's a small caliber gun and the father survives it, but not without permanent damage. He flees his residence. There's a warrant issued for his arrest. And Danny goes on the lam, so to speak. He always told us, one day I'm going to go where the girls are beautiful. In August of 1990, he ends up ultimately in Gainesville, Florida, living in the woods, not far from the campus. When Danny rolling's name came up, we run a criminal history on him and find out that he had done multitude of robberies. And one of the investigators said to me, "Legran, what about the bank robbery?" I mean, it just clicked. Remember, on the day authorities found Christa Hoyt's body there was that bank robbery in Gainesville. August 27th robbery of a first union bank on southwest During the week of the murders, there was some evidence collected at this campsite in the woods, and they put it into a storage room, never knowing that among that collection of evidence was an audio tape, a cassette tape. Legran Hewitt comes downstairs with this boombox. And he says, "Listen to this." Free rider, what's your name? you're a killer, a drifter going insane We listened to the whole tape, and it's rolling talking and singing. He talks about killing a deer. How to make sure the blow is fatal. Aim for the lungs. Straight through the rib cage. Either there or the heart, but the best thing to do is hit the lungs. It's eerie, because you know what he's talking about. And amazingly, the singer announces his name. This man, Danny Harold rolling. That was exciting. It didn't matter what the lyrics were or what he was saying at that point. The timing is the critical thing. He was there, in the woods, the very week that the murders were happening. If we had played the tape If we had played the tape before, we would have had this guy three months ago. But for some reason, somehow, that tape escaped us. And I'll freely admit it. One of the most chilling things about the tape is the sign-off. I'm going to sign off for a little bit. I've got something I've got to do. That says to me that he was goings to go out and do another homicide. This was such a stunning seismic development in the case. And also they knew where he was. We found out that Danny was being detained about 40 miles south of Gainesville. Rolling had been arrested for doing a robbery of a winn-dixie. He robbed an Ocala grocery store 30 miles from Gainesville. It was ten days after the discovery of our last body. We found out that Danny had been in the military. Well, we knew we were looking for a perpetrator with a "B" blood type. So we reached out to the They discovered that Danny rolling had type-b blood. The Gainesville homicide task force today named Danny Harold rolling, 37 years old, as a prime suspect. I knew we had our guy. Danny was our guy. Whether Ed was connected with this in any form of fashion, I couldn't definitively say at that point. The fact that Mr. Rolling is now also a suspect would clearly support a very viable theory that more than one perpetrator was involved. There were still some people thinking that there had to be two people. And then that that's where Ed Humphrey comes back in.

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{"duration":"7:54","description":"Cindy Juracich said she heard a report about the murders, which made her think about her friend Danny Rolling. She called in a tip, and police were able to connect Rolling to the murders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"76985276","title":"Louisiana woman helps break case of Gainesville, Florida student murders: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/louisiana-woman-helps-break-case-gainesville-florida-student-76985276"}