Man abandoned at birth calls woman he believes might be his mother or aunt: Part 5

"She hung up on me," Tveidt said. "She said that I need to go back to where I'm from, and love my family, and love the people that raised me."
6:37 | 07/14/18

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Transcript for Man abandoned at birth calls woman he believes might be his mother or aunt: Part 5
Reporter: Anchorage, Alaska, known as "The last frontier."and R Ben tveight, it is the fil step in findthe misslink to his past. Desperate T cnect the dots, Ben makes ap at the anchorag police station. Hi. Dave cook. Nic T meet up. Reporter: Believe it or he locates the detective who wasone of theirst on the scene three decades earlier. Didn't have any physical maything lik that. Theilical cord was tied up with a sandwich tie. Reporter: The most promising lead, that police sketch of a possible sut, never got an I.D. There were several possible prints, but they were poor and very useful. If fingerprints were lifted, would they have been preserd? We're talking 30 years now. HT. And basically all the photos have been destroyed, the prints haee destroyed. Reporter: And yet again old-school crime-sog is Fu leaving it for cutting edge DNA technology the day. But geneogist ceceoore's got her work cut out for her. Cousins. One on his mother's side, the other isside. E heir family trees, all the way to their great grandpar. Shthen build family trees forward with their dects poring over obituaries, gravescators, ancensus records, she painstakingly begins a processeliminatio she had it down to two me sisters. One who would be Ben's aunt, and the otheould be himother. How certain did you feel that you had the right two women that bind up beiis mother? Oh, I -- I felt completely certain that I had tig women. Because the way the family trees came together, there was just no R explanatn. Orter: For Ben, it's the meteoric moment. I'm going to see if'slling to tto me. I've been less nervous doing operations in Baghdad than I righnow. Epnnounced, he's rolling the dice, pulling into the office bing where one ofthe sisters works, certain she's either his aunt or his biol mother. Tell me what your feeling is. You're dialing that number and you're waiting. The keys on the phone felt pretty heavy as S pushing 'em. Here we go. Hi. Ame is Ben. I have been put inch with you by someple of a mutual acquaicem looking R some lonlost family members So, she answers. I here a middle-aged woman's voice, was a lite standoffish as first, trying to figure out who I was. Reporter: The startled woman the other end Oline immediately de that she or heould possibly be Ben's mother. The only reason I'm so adamant T it is th T DNA brings U a path that leads here. I'm not trying to be accusatorithere's no malice or nivity on my end. I just -- I'm holding onto jusread of hope. Right now, that's all I have. Rter: It's vastatingl apparent that the woman, either his mother his auntnts nothing to do with Ben. I'm sorryor inconvecing U this afternoon. Bye. Tremely adamthat her and her sister are a dead end, people cane. DNA doesn't. Just don't know.crawling bk inside self, starting telgain. This is okay. That will pass. Repor mater though, a heart-stopping, paralyzing moment Ben's cell phone rings. Is it a ray of hope? Could the woman have had a change of heart? Hello Repor instead, 'S a final blow. E woman's sister C back, to tell Ben to never contact them again Just out of curiosity -- she Ng up on M she said that I need to go back to where I'm from, and love my family, and love people th raised me. So,here was no warmth or no acceptance at all ons call N the meat and potatoes of the conversation were, I was messed up for coming and interfering wi people's ves and digging thp that shouldn't be dug up. Did that lead you to believe probably your biological mom, or maybe not? Fact that E was so defensive. Her reaction led me to the con that she's probably the mother. Do you feel rejected? Yeah. It shoul't have to-- have that feeling twice. Rejection, abandonment, not being wanted. A special kind of loness. Well, I felt that loneliness again in the C that W is probab still open. For aey want answers. But for the mothers, this is probably one of the most difficult things that they've ever had deal with. When they get contact from eir child,t really I opening Pandora's box. They have to face a lot of deeply buried emotions. They'vrried a -- a lot of shame, a lot of guilt, and fear. And a big secret. A big secret, and it could dit the livethat they' builsince. Or reaches oo his adoptive father back in Idaho. I told him if -- if I had to go and do it over again, I wouldn't change anything in my life. I don't want to be a different person. Everything that I is because of youguys. I don't know if we created or just helped you G. Yoare a greaon. You have a br family N. Ah because the world Hasen M so much, and I blind to for 30 years now. It has never been clear until thnever beenal All right, son. I love Yo

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{"id":56581253,"title":"Man abandoned at birth calls woman he believes might be his mother or aunt: Part 5","duration":"6:37","description":"\"She hung up on me,\" Tveidt said. \"She said that I need to go back to where I'm from, and love my family, and love the people that raised me.\" ","url":"/2020/video/man-abandoned-birth-calls-woman-believes-mother-aunt-56581253","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}