Mark Winger arrested for murders of wife and livery driver: Part 8

A grand jury returned an indictment and, six years after the murders, Winger was arrested while at work. Winger’s wife and four kids were left in the lurch.
5:31 | 04/17/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mark Winger arrested for murders of wife and livery driver: Part 8
daddy. I remember making it to 2001 and thinking, I think we're okay. They must not have to evidence against him. It's been a whole year, and they still haven't arrested him. They must not have a case. We were conducting an exhaustive investigation during that same time frame, mark winger was a free man. He was still working for the department of nuclear safety and had three more children of their own. You know, they have this really nice house out in the country. Everything looks very idyllic. I want to blow a kiss for daddy. You want to blow a kiss for blow daddy a kiss. Aw. While the police are closing in, we see home videos where mark just looks like a normal suburban father raising four kids. People still wanted to give mark the benefit of the doubt because he now had a new wife and a new family and had shown no indication of being a criminal since his wife was murdered. And these were just allegations. They weren't anything that had been proven in court yet. We knew the stakes of this case. This was a big case, and it was one that on the front end, some mistakes had been made. So we knew that on the second go around, we had to have it right. As the investigation continued, my partner and I started to conduct surveillance on mark winger's home. I remember walking Bailey to the end of the driveway to put her on the bus, and we saw a police car near the cornfield. And we just thought it was odd. When mark winger left that day, instead of turning right to go towards work, he turns left. Towards me. I put the car in drive and started heading to town. Well, mark turned around and started following me. And I, of course, call my supervisor and say, this has just taken a turn for the surreal. Mark ended up following that police car and seeing who it was. And he confronted that police officer. He said something to the effect of, leave me and my family alone. Don't bother me. And I said, I won't follow you anymore. And mark went on to work. And then, at that time, the grand jury was meeting. The grand jury was out for a very short period of time deliberating on the case, and they indicted him for the murder of Roger Harrington and donnah winger. And once the indictment was returned, a warrant was issued for his arrest. We weren't sure if mark was going to fight back or if he was going to run or what. We had every belief that he was at his work. As we make entry, I yelled, mark winger, Springfield police here. Where are you at? And he said something in a low voice, like, oh, I'm in here. And we ordered him out. "The journal register" received a tip that mark was going to be arrested. And we sent a photographer and a reporter out there to actually record the arrest. I had made plans to go to McDonald's playland. And I got a phone call. And it was mark's secretary. And she told me that mark had just been arrested. I mean, I just was sick. Like, my whole body just kind of and I just couldn't believe it. And just physically just gathering my stuff and getting these kids in the car seats, and I was shaking so badly. And I just remember feeling so scared. I just didn't feel like anybody really cared about the kids and I, because we were a part of You look at Rebecca, this young woman who stepped in, built an entire life around this man and this family, and then all of a sudden mark gets arrested and this whole life is just blown up. I didn't feel relief the day that mark got arrested. I still wanted to believe he was innocent. To see him finally get arrested and indicted, I think people were just absolutely shocked. I was 6 years old when my dad was arrested. It was -- it was really scary just coming home, and then now your dad's not here. And I just remember, like, everyone just trying to remain calm and kind of, at the time, be like, dad's just going away for a while and that he'll be back soon. The moment he was indicted, we moved from the investigative phase into the next chapter, which was prosecution. All I wanted was for my brother-in-law to look at me and tell me he didn't do this.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"A grand jury returned an indictment and, six years after the murders, Winger was arrested while at work. Winger’s wife and four kids were left in the lurch.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"77129295","title":"Mark Winger arrested for murders of wife and livery driver: Part 8","url":"/2020/video/mark-winger-arrested-murders-wife-livery-driver-part-77129295"}