Marni Yang’s legal team says it was impossible she killed Rhoni Reuter: Part 10

Yang’s legal team claims they have evidence that proves Yang wasn't involved. Prosecutors argue against this and filed a motion to dismiss her post-conviction relief petition.
6:56 | 05/09/20

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Transcript for Marni Yang’s legal team says it was impossible she killed Rhoni Reuter: Part 10
With a super bowl winning bear on the stand. And now nearly a decade after Marni yang's conviction, she is throwing what some see as a hail Mary pass. Prosecutors talk about how this is all coming forward now after Marni yang has exhausted every other type of appeal that she can. But Marni yang's defense team is pretty convincing as well. The major crimes task force got it wrong. I've filed a petition. We're going to present the evidence of actual innocence. No DNA, no fingerprints. She was at home. She wasn't there. They point out all the time the long history in lake county of wrongful prosecutions. They would like everyone to believe that Marni yang is one of those wrongly prosecuted people. One of the key pieces of evidence that the defense is talking about is that police said that there was surveillance video from a gas station of the car that Marni yang had rented, a Volkswagen rabbit, leaving the neighborhood right about the time after the murder. We didn't know that whether or not this was or was not a Volkswagen rabbit. So we wanted to test it by renting an identical vehicle, which we did. This was ours. You could see they were different shapes. This has a longer, um, body. This is a shorter body. This one looks like it's a little taller. This one's a little shorter to the ground. It's been examined by forensic experts. And they looked at this and they concluded these are different vehicles. In response, the state attorney's office says that Marni's defense made similar arguments during the trial and the jury rejected it. Regardless of the video, it's not like she's been consistent with her story on it. The purpose of the rental car was for a photoshoot. Do you have the name of the photographer? I don't remember. I just remember he was from Wisconsin. Here's a guy who could potentially clear you of murder, and you can't remember his name? No. It was that long ago. Another point the defense is hammering on is that their experts are saying, you can't attach a silencer to this kind of gun. It's got a little tiny barrel on it. And you can see when this gun comes forward -- this is a moving piece. You don't have enough to attach it to. We talked to Peter diaczuk. He's a firearms expert and a forensic science professor who's taught at both Penn state and John Jay college. We asked him for his insights on the competing arguments. The length of the barrel is quite short but can accept a homemade suppressor. But it may interfere with the function of the firearm, and it may not remain attached properly. The state attorney's office says, well, she could hold the silencer up to the barrel while she's shooting it. If this thing is just held in place sort of superficially, you're putting yourself in grave danger. The big point of the gun in the defense's petition is that they claim she didn't even have possession of the gun at the time of the murder. May I have your name please? My name's Jessie delgado. They have a person who claims he told police that he stole that gun from Marni's house months before the murder. I was like, is this about the gun I stole? And they were like, whoa. What are you talking about? And I was like, I stole a gun from Marni. I remember there was a party and everybody was there, and especially this one guy that's always there. He's a sketchy guy but in reality I guess I was the sketchy guy. There was so many people in the house, nobody knew who took it. When you realized your gun was missing, did you report it to the police? I remember calling my insurance company and talking to them about it. The insurance company told me that my policy did not cover personal items other than the house itself, and so I didn't bother. The prosecution's point of this is, if delgado is her son's friend, wouldn't that be something she would have known about at the trial? And that's the state's main argument, that many of the claims raised by Marni's current legal team could have been raised at the trial, but weren't or had already been argued at trial. I think the strongest piece of evidence that we have is the scientific evidence of the bullet trajectories, showing that Marni yang, because of her height, could not have fired the bullets that killed rhoni Reuter. The defense's argument is the shooter had to be 5'10" or taller, and Marni's only 5'. We are looking at the mannequin that we developed that represents rhoni. These rods are protrusion rods. We placed them on the bullet path that the medical examiner has identified in his report. This is Marni's shot. This line right here goes to the heart of the matter, because if she had been the shooter for this wound, it would have come out at a different place completely. There's a lot made about wound "B." That wound is downward angled wound fired by a taller person than Marni. Someone who is at least 5'10." And yet, when the M.E. Testified, after examining the tissue, the me said it was actually going upward. He's wrong. Here's the thing. When somebody is getting killed, they don't stay stationary. Think about what must have been going through rhoni's mind. Was she begging for her life? Did she get on her knees? Did she try to move away? All of that would affect Marni's positioning relative to rhoni's. I know that you've taken apart each and every piece of evidence that was presented, and it's everything from the fact that she told friends that she had access to Shaun's emails, the fact that she bragged about him and her relationship with him every chance she could, that she purchased those suspicious items at Home Depot, that she rented a car, that she told Christie that she wore a disguise -- her own words on tape about Ronnie Reuter's murder. Any one of those details you could pick apart and say, okay, maybe. But in toto, doesn't it paint an alarming picture to you? Yes. It does. And that is why it's so important to adversarially test those little pieces, find out the truth of them, and then put the picture back together showing actual innocence. But will Marni yang get a new trial?

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"Yang’s legal team claims they have evidence that proves Yang wasn't involved. Prosecutors argue against this and filed a motion to dismiss her post-conviction relief petition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"70590279","title":"Marni Yang’s legal team says it was impossible she killed Rhoni Reuter: Part 10","url":"/2020/video/marni-yangs-legal-team-impossible-killed-rhoni-reuter-70590279"}