Being Melania - The First Lady Part 5: Melania Trump on distrust in the West Wing

Melania Trump says there are people who still work for her husband that she believes he can't trust.
5:30 | 10/13/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Being Melania - The First Lady Part 5: Melania Trump on distrust in the West Wing
Go to "Being Melania :the first lady" continues. Tom llamas continues. ?????? Across Africa, we witnessed a first lady seeming to campaign for a more compassionate role for America around the world. From meeting new mothers in Ghana to dancing with orphans in Kenya. I think it is a very important that we show the world that America cares. That this administration cares and I care. When other people have more opportunities then the world is more freer. But that message seems in stark contrast to the trump doctrine. We reject the ideology of globalism. We are finally putting America first. America first. America first is the name of the game for this administration and president trump proposed limiting U.S. Aid by 40%, but congress did not approve that. One of the targets of the president's proposed cuts, an agency whose work the first lady highlighted while in Africa, the U.S. Agency for international development. Your husband has wanted to slash the funding for said, do you agree with that? Well, they're looking into it. Usaid, it's helping the countries for self-reliance and it will take a long time. We still need to help them but we will see. What will you tell president trump about said and the work they are doing here in Africa? I will give him my feedback. What I saw and what I learned. Reporter: And those close to him say that if anyone can get the famously stubborn president to change his mind on an issue it's his own wife. She's the most powerful ally you can get if you're attempting to influence Donald Trump. No one, and I know him for a long time, no one influences Donald Trump more than Melania trump. Nobody. One of the president's closest friends, Tom barrack Jr., told "Vanity fair," "The one who has the most control over Donald Trump is Melania, 100%." Is that true? Oh, I wish. I give him my honest advice and honest opinions. And then he does what he wants to do. Sources have told us, sources in the white house, that you are the gatekeeper. That you tell him who he can trust and who he can't trust. Is that true? Yes, I give him my honest advice. He's been in office now almost two years. Has he had people that you didn't trust working for him? Yes. Did you let him know? I let him know. And what did he do? Well, some people, they don't work there anymore. Reporter: In fact, the trump white house is notorious for its swiftly revolving door. Breaking news overnight, the president's national security advisor Michael Flynn forced to resign. We've just learned that Stephen Bannon has resigned. Sean spicer is out. Reince Priebus, the current chief of staff is out. He lasted just 11 days on the job. Anthony scaramucci, ordered out. Reporter: At this point in the president's term, more people have left than in any administration in history. It's even been dubbed "Survivor: The white house edition." This administration has struggled to keep people inside the west wing, partly because it's just so chaotic there. It's a very tough environment because you always have to try to figure out where the president is going to be and you could be thrown off course at any minute. Reporter: And even the loyalty of those remaining in the white house was cast in doubt after that bombshell "New York Times" op-ed. In it, an anonymous senior administration official claims there was a "Quiet resistance" among staffers opposing the president. Do you think there's still people there that he can't trust? Yes. Still working now? Yes. How hard do you think it is for him to be president, knowing that there's also that contingent of people that are close to him? Well, it's harder to governing. It's, you know, you always need to watch your back. Reporter: After ABC news released an advance clip of what the first lady said, it made headlines, prompting the president to respond yesterday morning. Is that true, "A," and "B," if that's true why are they still in the administration? We have great people right now working. Are there some I'm not in love with? Yes. And we'll weed them out slowly but surely. Reporter: But with all of that infighting, backstabbing and intrigue, we wondered if the first lady had any qualms about sticking around the white house for a possible second term. Your husband most likely will run for reelection. Are you looking forward to possibly six more years in the white house? I believe that my husband is doing an incredible job for this nation. And I want that American people have a success. So whatever he will decide, I will support him. But are you looking forward to it? I'm enjoying it. I really love to live in the Washington and in the white house. Reporter: The first lady may love living in the white house.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"Melania Trump says there are people who still work for her husband that she believes he can't trust.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"58470628","title":"Being Melania - The First Lady Part 5: Melania Trump on distrust in the West Wing","url":"/2020/video/melania-lady-part-melania-trump-distrust-west-wing-58470628"}