Neighbors Panic Over Man's Bulldozer Rampage

While Barry Swegle might soon be released from prison, Dan Davis says his new home is still not move-in ready.
6:41 | 08/20/14

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Transcript for Neighbors Panic Over Man's Bulldozer Rampage
Neighbors from hell continues. Reporter: Dan Davis and his neighbor Barry sweigle have been skirmishing over this fence for years. He'd knock it down. We'd go put it back. He'd knock it down and we'd go put it back. Reporter: So, like a run-up to a miniature war, Dan drew his red line in the sand -- literally with spray paint -- rightly guessing the squabble was about to turn nuclear. So, I drove down to rite aid, got two disposable cameras, came back, because I just had the feeling he was going to do something. Reporter: Dan's no photographer. In fact, he's all thumbs, but still managed to fire off these shots just as Barry's dozer is about to take its first bite. And I heard the bulldozer start. He was coming up our fence line. And immediately, he started tearing out my retainer wall, he took my fence out up to this point. And I thought that's exactly where he's going to stop, but he didn't. Reporter: Oh, no. Barry is just getting started. And his thirst for destruction is not likely to be quenched, especially with a 30-pack of cold beer riding shotgun in the dozer. What shocked me was when that house started moving. It was -- and I look -- look something like that. Gets my curiosity up, and I'm interested. Reporter: Who wouldn't be? And thanks to a neighbor's cell phone video, we have your exclusive ring side seats to Barry's rumble in the rubble. Watch this. He's smashing my house. Smashing your house? My house -- he's trashing. Reporter: And listen to this 911 call. Dan's doing play-by-play as his own catastrophe. Now, he's back and running over my truck. Right over my new diesel pickup. Right over the top of it. It was a hell of a nice pickup. And when I seen him go over that truck I -- holy Jesus! I gotta watch all of this, you know? Reporter: The method to this madness suggests Barry is nothing if not thorough. Demolish house -- check. Crush pickup -- check. Up next, the power poles. You better get some cops up here with some guns because this son of a gun is crazy. 911 emergency. Somebody hit the post. Somebody did what? I'm sorry, to the power line? There's people walking around it. What a crazy -- they should shoot that ! Somebody's gonna shoot him. Where's the Cops? Reporter: By the time sheriff's deputies scream onto Ryan drive, the electric lines have been flash-dancing with 115,000 volts. By now, the entire neighborhood is in panic. By now the whole neighborhood is in a panic and with very good reason -- -- like a crazed storm trooper, Barry has suddenly changed targets, blasting through several back yards and fences on his way to demolishing two more neighborhood homes. After punching a hole in the side of a third house, he takes aim at the main residence of Dan and Mary Davis, where Mary is napping -- dozing as it were -- on a sofa. I was inside, right behind this window almost. Reporter: What was once a window. Yeah, and I kept hearing the noise, louder and louder. But I was, you know, about half asleep. And my dog was acting funny. Reporter: Ernie had every right to feel a little peculiar. All hell's breaking loose out there. Mary's bedroom takes a direct hit. And I see a lady standing in the doorway, and I'm just, like screaming on the top of my lungs, like freaking out, "Get out of the house! Get out of the house!" Reporter: Next, Barry takes out Mary's office. Then the living room where she'd been sleeping. On foot now, deputies cortani and Backes race to catch up. We were ramped up. There's no two ways about it. And the information we're getting of what we're potentially dealing with. Yeah. Everybody's screaming, screaming at us to shoot him. Reporter: Did you have your guns up on him? I had my gun aimed at him, and I got his attention by waving my free hand. He looked, and he immediately surrendered. Reporter: Barry was booked on charges of malicious mischief, burglary and assault with a bulldozer -- which by the way sits in a chain-link jail of its own -- seized as evidence but a tad too big for the sheriff's weapons lockup. I think this was my first ever bulldozer-as-weapon-of-choice case. Reporter: For more than a year, he shuffled between jail and a psychological facility. With time served, and time off for good behavior, he will be off next month. And guess who's none too happy about that -- I'll tell you. Our justice stinks. Reporter: These days, Dan Davis has the look of a man whose dog just died. In fact, Ernie passed away a few months back. Mary is housebound with health problems. My wife is 76 years old. I'll be 76 in September and here that butthead is getting his meals cooked, his beds made, his clothes washed. Reporter: The bulldozed buildings have been replaced and the wreckage of last year removed, but the Davis home had to be rebuilt from the foundation up. And it's still not ready for them to move in. We feel that we've been incarcerated longer than that man has for the sentence that he got for the damage he done to us. I think the system's kinda screwy. I think he should be struggling. We should be sitting on the gravy train like he is. Reporter: Still, a restraining order will keep Barry from returning to his home for at least ten years. Most of the old equipment and antiques are gone except for this logging skidder, a hulking reminder of what one angry man and one big dozer can do. And it's quick, and it's loud, and it's noisy. And every time his brother started it up over there, it scared the crap out of me. Reporter: As for the final tally of damages, it runs like this. Pickup truck -- $40,000. Tractor -- $16,000. Boat -- $8000. Various homes and buildings -- $300,000. Images of Barry's neighborhood block party -- priceless.

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{"id":25046964,"title":"Neighbors Panic Over Man's Bulldozer Rampage","duration":"6:41","description":"While Barry Swegle might soon be released from prison, Dan Davis says his new home is still not move-in ready.","url":"/2020/video/neighbors-panic-mans-bulldozer-rampage-25046964","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}