Why this Olympic hopeful traded in his running shoes to serve his country

Sam Chelanga, who is from Kenya and later became an American citizen, left the track and field world and reported for basic training.
6:42 | 09/26/18

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Transcript for Why this Olympic hopeful traded in his running shoes to serve his country
I dot want to be a ruer itust my life story. My running just aboe trying to get, maybe help somebody, but I tht, I W to B apart omething bigger for Al lng his home in rural Kenya was a inful decisionif verytough.my mom passe away. Then my dad wasck. I started to try to fiays to T by. I tho C GE my famil championong distae runne Andy Frid Paul turgat him a lifeline. A chance tolow in H footsteps. I've never run and M en good. In Nairobi for more than a year. Sam's hard was rewarded with a collegechip and a Ano America. He would eventually land a liberty university in lynchburg, Virginia. My lifek off libey. And I started gettingter in running. Second place, Sam chalenga. Will a lot better. Ha I srted winning ncaanationals. Ga. The me 5,000-meterchampion I certainly believe Sam's the bethlete eve to have come several nional titles. Moving right into the center ere is Sam alenga. He's run the fastest 10,000-meter run by any collegiate athlete in the history of tnited STEs look at ts incredible performance that chalen S to deliver. Dek so ea. The sunas bke through a natnal champion. I felt like he had a Chae to be an olyn. I wanted toto the olympics for ud states. Order too so he would have to for.s. Citihip. But beforee wouldind areen card, he found ve. With hisuture wifema iet my wife at libe we were on T cross-coury team. H had his eyes on me, I vious. Was real nice Iw up in love with afri. It'ss my heart was building toove with Sam.?????? after igraduated, that's field worl rlizedt Sam signinwith Nike was a big . As olymps is always the goal. L with NIK was an endorsem they Pai me a salary and paid for eg to trail In 2015,rossed aerent type of finish line. He T the appral, he can ome a. Citizen. T allre and exit and we went down to the courthouse and got tee Sam Orn in. The olpiame up ied. E finished sixth. He bamelt for the 2016 Rio olymp Tokyo 2020 that was next goal for Sam. But a olympic uniform wasn't thonly uniform Sam was dreamibout Wein isaid,ou know, to go to , but if I 'T do the nning, I wld go to the my. Really want to to T army. I was like,at? No. Hello?there's noay I'm going lose my husbd. I love Samuel so much, lik can't even -- I can't even descbe it to you how mh I ve him. It's a lot. I love him so much. I think was azy. Serg! Had L blank stares. Leaving H fy and olympic hopes be, Sam followed his calling to ser eported T bas training at ft. J in south Carolina. I think there a fie world, they're going to see it as kind crazy move. To give upmu You can say, towing away his olympicdream, I felt in my heart, I'm more passiona about people, itcareers. Although Sam may not look much old than the average . GE isust amber. If you want to dothing, just take the shot and do it.I know O H saidhe in 2001, I W like, W, I old. He'slike, you havkid? And th freak out ever. Somef the challenge F M waset used to ooting. Nothing at basic training comes easy. Just like running. It's not so be fun. Wee in training, we're in mmer camp. I would say the O hard part is, I miss family. All right, buddy. Oldest sonissesim a lot, but I think in the long run, tat whole point O sacrifice. , To seeyou. You say I look different? Yes. It's amazing, just to hear his voice. This is so ame to talk to U. Mary th and the kids have temporarily moved with H rents while Sam is away, as she is expng their third ild. My paren career helpful. E having grandparents around. I few weeks, Sam C basic train and the family will reunite. Heegins officer school in Georgia next month. It's nottas anything it's just, the. System worked really well to nurture my talent. I'm going treate most impact in the armynd if I ever justch one person, T The all-new Lexus es...

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"Sam Chelanga, who is from Kenya and later became an American citizen, left the track and field world and reported for basic training.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"58085440","title":"Why this Olympic hopeful traded in his running shoes to serve his country","url":"/2020/video/olympic-hopeful-traded-running-shoes-serve-country-58085440"}