Police arrest Skylar Deleon after missing couple’s car found in Mexico: Part 6

After the Hawks’ son went to the media for help, a tip from Mexico led police to the Hawks’ car and someone who said Skylar Deleon had given it to him.
7:43 | 01/18/20

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Transcript for Police arrest Skylar Deleon after missing couple’s car found in Mexico: Part 6
Quiet please. Five seconds to Charlie. Four, three, two -- Turning to another story in California. This morning, police in the southern part of that state are asking for the public's help in a very mysterious disappearance that occurred three weeks ago. We'd been in a dead end for weeks. And we made the decision that we needed to get some media attention to the case. And that proves to be a critical turning point. A couple by the name of Thomas and Jackie hawks told a friend that they were showing their 55-foot boat to a prospective buyer. But then the couple simply vanished without a trace.da later, the boat was fou in its usual spot, but the couples' car was missing. We're splashing the license plate, the vehicle description, the picture of the hawks everywhere we could. So, it's important for the public to look out for that car because that will give us some clue as to where they went to or if in fact there is a crime involved. Sergeant Shulman, what do we know about the buyer of this boat, and is there any suspicion attached to them? Well, our detectives are conducting an investigation, and I'm not at liberty to discuss their interview. What Skylar says is, look, I bought the boat from these people, and last I saw was they were leaving the parking lot with a suitcase full of cash that I paid them. He was saying that him and his wife, they were looking at places in San Carlos. He was like, well, now I can go down there and get myself a house and get another boat down there. Once the press hit, immediately our tip line started going off. We get a call from a retired couple that lived in San ML, Mexico. And I go, put it on speaker. And this gal says -- I'm looking at this car right now. It's right there. She snapped a photograph of it and sent it to us. And here we are looking at the hawks' vehicle. Hundreds of miles in ensenada, Mexico, another piece of the puzzle has been found. This was the first break in the case, and they were pretty excited about it. That car was the missing piece we needed to solve the case. Well, are they there with the car? We're hoping -- we're thinking we're going to find them. Please be the hawks. I wanted to find them alive. At first, the family and frengds are -- friends are thinking, all right, there's a glimmer of hope. They're in Mexico. The cops make it down to ensenada right away. Mexican authorities were taking the lead, and they knock on the door of the house. The guy who owns the house comes out and starts chatting They're speaking in Spanish, but I'm making enough out of what's going on. And the guy says, no, it's not my car. It belongs to some friends of mine. And they went, oh, okay. Tom and Jackie hawks? No And in English, I heard, Skylar Deleon. And I remember Byington just kind of looks at me and just goes -- Skylar murdered these people. And I go -- And at that moment, then I just said, any possibility that the hawks were still alive died right there, unfortunately. Because, as soon as I heard that I go, no. They called me on their way up. It's like, yep, we got it on the flat bed of a truck. We got it. We caught him in a lie. It was key. It was so essential. The fact that Skylar dropped that car off, huge break. Skylar Deleon has already told police, I don't know what happened to the hawks. All they said was they were driving off to Mexico. They realized that Skylar Deleon and Jennifer, who is also described, had been down there. They had now witnesses who knew them. And they said, they gave us this car. Skylar had befriended this gentleman's son years earlier. And Skylar was an avid surfer and would go down in the surf and would stay with that family. That family had no idea who that car belonged to or the circumstances. I was about 99% sure that my parents were murdered. But I still had 1% hope. But when they found that car, that 1% was wiped out. The same day the hawks' car is found down in Mexico, Skylar Deleon is back in Newport beach talking to the police. Skylar shows up, and he brings his little daughter, Hailie, with him. I guess he's thinking, you can't arrest me if I've got a toddler with me. This is the big urgency we have right now. These people are still missing. I am -- I am fearful that they are not alive. Newport detectives wanted to interview him as much as possible, because this story was starting to fray around the edges. You're saying you have nothing to do with their disappearance? No. You -- as far as you know, they're alive? Yeah. And what you've told us so far is the truth regarding you getting money smuggled up here? Hi. Hi. Yeah. And Skylar knows immediately, I'm in trouble. Skylar became nervous, and that little girl, maybe she sensed it. I've only got. Oh, baby. We got tissues here? The baby spits up all over him, and so it interrupts the interview. Want to leave the bag, or you all right with it? No, I'm good. There goes sklyar, thinking he's a free man. But not for long. The very next day, Skylar is under arrest. Police have arrested 25-year-old Skylar Deleon on suspicion of money laundering after he bought the couple's boat. Prosecutors say the investigation continues. They have not ruled out the possibility there may be more arrests in connection with the murders of Thomas and Jackie hawks. After a brief break in court, Deleon returned teary-eyed. At the time I can remember, in court, he seemed like such a little man. And in his -- one of the first court hearings, he started crying. And at first, you kind of think, you know, do they have the right guy? The police searched Deleon's little apartment in the garage, and it's a treasure trove of evidence. They go through top to bottom this little garage turned apartment. And what do they find? One of the first things detectives find is Tom and Jackie's laptop. And the most heartbreaking part of all -- They find a video camera. "Well deserved." What's the name of the next boat? Or whatever. The film that was in it was of all the hawks' adventures out at sea, and then it abruptly ends. And suddenly the footage cuts to Skylar and Jennifer. Skylar and Jennifer were using Tom and Jackie's camcorder to record their family Thanksgiving. There's no way Tom and Jackie would have left that camera behind. I was at their house the night it was searched by Newport beach pd. And Jennifer was just flat line watching the beginning of her life as she knew it come to an end. At that point, I knew that Skylar had killed the hawks. What I didn't know was the extent of Jennifer's involvement. Did you know anything of this alleged crime?

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"After the Hawks’ son went to the media for help, a tip from Mexico led police to the Hawks’ car and someone who said Skylar Deleon had given it to him. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68365131","title":"Police arrest Skylar Deleon after missing couple’s car found in Mexico: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/police-arrest-skylar-deleon-missing-couples-car-found-68365131"}