Scott Eby describes to FBI how he killed Riley Fox: Part 10

Eby told the FBI that after he killed Riley, he went home and attempted suicide. He said he expected authorities to find him sooner because shoes with his name had been left near the crime scene.
6:14 | 05/08/21

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Transcript for Scott Eby describes to FBI how he killed Riley Fox: Part 10
I love you. One of the things Melissa fox always said was that she hoped that when they found Riley's real killer, that it would provide closure for the family. But what it did was, it opened a whole new chapter of pain when they realized what had happened to their little girl. I needed to know what happened to her and what she went through, but now I'm -- now it's kind of like torture. Now it's like I'm torturing myself with those details. When you walked in there to grab her and that she was on the couch? Yes. She have a blanket or anything over her? How was she kind of situated? You know, I can't recall exactly. She was laying on -- if you're facing the couch, she's laying on this end of the couch. As Eby keeps talking, he tells how he put Riley fox in the trunk of his car and took her to Forsythe woods. And his account reveals even more mistakes in the investigation. Eventually we found out she was sexually assaulted in that bathroom that was on that property. To our knowledge, that had never been processed for evidence. He had been wearing a bandana to cover his face, and it came down and Riley saw him. She's looking directly at my face and stuff, and I realize that my mask is no longer on my face, and then I really panicked. He made that leap from sexually assaulting her to this warped idea in his head that he needed to take her life at that point. I can't fathom how somebody can do that. And this is evidently the last thing that she says to him. "I want my daddy. I want my daddy." The man who was accused of killing her was the man she was crying out to in her last moments. He decided to take her and drown her in the nearby river. And Scott Eby admits to leaving clues at the scene of that horrific crime. His shoes, his size 12 sneakers. One of the things that they found, and didn't realize the critical importance of it, was a pair of shoes. They were white, all white high tops. I think they were riddells. I threw the shoes into the river because I had left shoe prints on the -- on the muddy bank. And, um, I, uh, I got rid of the shoes. Which was stupid, you know. And you'll remember right back to the very beginning, the shoe, inside it, the letters e-b-y. It wasn't super clear, but you could see what looked like an "E," a "B," and a "Y," on the inside of the tongue that it was handwritten. His last name. To tell you the truth, I expected somebody to be coming talking to me a long time ago because it had my last name printed on the tongue of the shoe. The only thing I ever heard about a shoe, they wanted to know what size shoe Kevin wore, and their sizes didn't match the size of that shoe, and we didn't hear again about a shoe because it didn't fit their crime. That was something that was never followed up on. Very much like the burglary at the house across the street. And so when we found out about that as reporters, we were like, oh, my god. It was just like, are you kidding me? You've now learned that there was a suicide call at this man's And Wilmington police were at his house. One of the things in looking back at this case all these years later, it's incredible when you realize that Scott Eby, who killed Riley fox, he had an encounter with Wilmington police officers just hours later that same day. A pill bottle of oxycodone. Swallowed them hoping to kill myself. Scott Eby said he attempted suicide the day that he killed her, later that day. The next thing I remember, a police officer was knocking on my door. I actually ended up vomiting right there in front of him and stuff. The very day of the murder, Wilmington police, not the will county sheriff's office, visited Scotty Eby's home because they had been told by a friend of his that he had threatened to commit suicide. I asked him, I was, like, what's up with that little girl and stuff? Did they find her? So the day Riley fox disappears, they're called to his house. Correct. On a suicide attempt. Right. And had they run his name through a system, they would have seen a criminal history? Yes. And he has all the red flags that they should have picked up on, from the burglary convictions to the suicide attempts to the inquiries about Riley. I mean, he did everything but set a siren off at his house -- I'm the guy. I can forgive a mistake. People are human. I get that. But they almost completely ruined our chances of ever knowing what happened to our daughter. And so I hate them for that. For almost six years, you thought this was going to be like a celebration day and it feels quite the opposite. He stole something very important from the world. She is gone. And there's not this amazing girl here anymore, but there's disgusting people like him here. And that's disappointing. So, you have to remember, Kevin and Melissa fox are now about to be face-to-face with the man who killed their daughter and who was going to allow the daughter's father to be sent away and face the death penalty himself. I'm sad that that was the last face she

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"Eby told the FBI that after he killed Riley, he went home and attempted suicide. He said he expected authorities to find him sooner because shoes with his name had been left near the crime scene. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"77566502","title":"Scott Eby describes to FBI how he killed Riley Fox: Part 10","url":"/2020/video/scott-eby-describes-fbi-killed-riley-fox-part-77566502"}