Signs of an unhealthy relationship and what you should do about it

Parents of Emma Walker, the teen killed by her ex-boyfriend, and Katie Hood, One Love Foundation CEO, describe what to do if someone is in an unhealthy relationship.
6:38 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for Signs of an unhealthy relationship and what you should do about it
You think this. I can't I didn't know what can you and so. That's really the only think I can think of she claimed he loved shirt but it wasn't. A healthy more just. Ownership. Of her if. We hope then it'll open the doors over the path with communication. We teenagers and their parents prepared to saint sent thing on your friends are saying the same thing. Let's just listen it's not just breezes. It's. It's emotional and controlling. That if your boyfriend or her friend just telling you can't do there what to where he got hang out with her who talked to said it's not okay. I think when they become quiet withdrawn. To fix contained. Young love but it's. Charged. And don't be afraid to tell your parents can forgive their parents for teenagers want confident. Him gone through similar situations. So many to list of parents need not be afraid to talk to him. Nobody wants to think that day who knows someone who is in an abusive relationship where that they themselves are in an abusive relationship and at the stats show. That one and three women and one in seven man will be in an abusive relationship and lifetime. Boone. Teen dating violence can be emotional abuse psychological abuse. And sexual abuse physical abuse. It's all of them in the context of your relationship with your significant other always say this Annie young person I'm talking now. Every abusive relationship starts out as the past relationship you've ever the first phase in of of an abusive relationship is actually being adored. And it's being held up like that flight you're the most perfect person I can ever be wet. So why does that matter because when it gets bad when there's bad moments there's a desire to get back to where it started and that's actually it's cool that people use or abusive. It's sad just I'm so sorry for what happened I just wanted to be like it was at the beginning the second sign is actually started to be isolated from Air France. And your family. And that's really where the pattern of controlled weekends when I think about abusive relationships. I think this need for control is really at the center of mrs. need to really control another person. And this possessive nests First Amendment is why and when someone breaks and the risk is never hired because you've broken. At control. On again off again it's very frequent these are volatile relationships. This. Controlling pattern so to speak. I hate you I don't even near me. And then it could live without you. And what that does for the victim is listen extremely confused they don't know what to do they don't know which side of the person's trust I think the truth is you have to pay attention to patterns. There's always going to be a period of this being like. Exhilarating. And incredibly positive there's going to be a period of being pulled away. When's your kids and an unhealthy relationship it's incredibly hard. To be heard. This is why I think it's very important for parents to start talking now possibly earlier it's really important for parents to articulate a message of I am always here for you. I love you. Whatever you need and here it's also really important to not condemn the individual person. You need to break up with this person they are bad news Christmas and that the language you can tilt. It's really important say when icu. Not doing things used to love me fat. You know I wanna see you doing things you I wanna see you hang with the people that have always been supportive ill for friends what we try to do let's just say. You need the most important thing. Is that you stick with that if you stick with them and they know you're there regardless and you just say whenever you're ready I'm here for you. Over and over and over again that's really the best thing you can do for a friend who increasingly isolated from everybody else. And so it's not easy I we do you also say that if a friend has concerns that there. Friend isn't physical danger and it's got its brand that you have to go out you have to look at helped authorities in many cases some friends have seen some things others have seen others but nobody put together the whole puzzle. So the more friends are talking to each other that matter one of our main goals is really to make sure. That every young person in this country has a language understanding what they see Africa because again we believe that if they understand what they're saying they will want to help their friends. And they want to get the help they need if it happens to beat them abusive. What do you want illness lasting legacy to be. Fannie and silly. And outgoing. And be yourself that you wanted to include everyone and I think just people they kind of another. And we had married us from our community that. It's amaze. The support her. In doing the things you know like her scholarship that are just. Nesting week we've asked for people's search staff else. And then mean that is so special they say this table face and that's smile on her personality and I think they want to do things to help. Make her dreams and her. Legacy live on.

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{"duration":"6:38","description":"Parents of Emma Walker, the teen killed by her ex-boyfriend, and Katie Hood, One Love Foundation CEO, describe what to do if someone is in an unhealthy relationship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"57779216","title":"Signs of an unhealthy relationship and what you should do about it","url":"/2020/video/signs-unhealthy-relationship-57779216"}