Soldier miraculously survives being hit by a rocket propelled grenade: Part 5

Private Channing Moss had been impaled with a 3-foot rocket designed to explode on impact, killing anyone within 30 feet.
6:29 | 09/14/17

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Transcript for Soldier miraculously survives being hit by a rocket propelled grenade: Part 5
A sunny spring day in east. Eastern Afghanistan. The soldiers of alpha company head out on patrol. Private Channing moss is on board Manning had gotten in a humvee. This is the Taliban country. So things originals all clash Sargent Eric Nguyen is in boss' humvee. The convoy enters a narrow stream beds surrounded by higher ground. Things here pop. Men who were under attack we've got ambushed. Bullets and turned to rocket propelled grenades rockets the size of baseball bats. With high explosives on one end and tail fins on the other traveling as fast as a bullet. Back is what is now raining down on alpha company. Nassau first rocking it that a truck in front of the trail of smoke fire and did you hear experiment donors. Vineyard. Boom. The convoy is in trouble a pickup truck is burning to Afghan soldiers are dead two others seriously wounded and escaped. Is critical. Point did the kill zone. They want us canal for missile. Wild innings and. Three rocket propelled grenades hit the humvee has still like one huge blow. One punches through the windshield by gossip round of massive truck. And I want to go return fire hand. I smell some smoke live miles world. Order him to tone truly gone to work or shop. And that's why I noticed moshing is its health and sticking out shy I was scared so screaming. Even a battle hardened soldier would have been shaken at the site of mosque inhaled with a three foot rocket. Designed to explode on impact killing anyone within thirty feet. I look them straight is announcement. Now eyewitness. Calls for help have reached the chopper pilots added nearby met at that base. The bird comment some cosmic tap out. Then moss hears the sound of help from above. The rescue chopper is finally arrived for the first time the crew seized moms and those rocket fans it is adamant in this very here. Was there are. Wish after the rocket defender's stick and over here army policy states they are not supposed to transport and mosque is a human bomb. But if they leave him he will most certainly die. So today they throw out the rules and try and save the life he's possibly bleeding to death internally it presents job. We had to get out of that situation and get to a hospital where they could do surgery. They all know the risks death injury may be even court martial but they also know they are taking mosque very gently. RPG and wall. In this corner of the war against Afghanistan the front line army field hospital is at best makeshift with limited medical resources bringing in a human bomb is strictly forbidden but none of that matters now. Doctor Ellis and we're staying. We're trying to we're going try to save his life in a rare medical pairings surgeons major Kevin heard and major John Breaux are joined by explosives. Expert Sargent Dan brown and I said okay we're on the same page from did you ever for a moment thank you don't sleep. This guy is a lie to you this first day as I have been I didn't use holy cal put it. These few other choice birds I was like he's still live in the doctors like yeah once in the OR they discover what has been buried inside of loss for more than an hour. Exposed in this X ray doctors and brown are relieved by what they don't see. The deadliest part of the RPG the main explosive charge is not in mind so I was like OK here's this a good thing. I stated. The war has not there they like yes it will not always what he is and mosques as a smaller explosive the primary used to detonating the grenade and he ended it goes off it'll kill mosque and maiming anyone nearby Tim means we won't die we'll just loser it. AMD catalyst in this you know we're surges right as late. I knew that if we didn't just get this thing out cues can in time whether it. Took singers often we had to get this thing and the surgeon and the sergeant forge a bond. Both realizing they are in unchartered territory they would have to rely on instinct for this one. I would rather have certain brown than fifty other surgeons. In that room of them movements he was the right kind. Tell me everytime I look he'd leave I felt like my security blanket Conway. And here are this stunning images documenting the actual surgery. In an active medical brilliance and bravery and the good doctor's. Reached inside mosques steady this still lethal rocket inches from the soldiers beating hearts there three more answers. Using a hacksaw. Sergeant brown gently saws off the Finns. And eases the rocket out. With a detonator aimed at his own body. There every morning and what history was that if it had detonated. Than it was detonated twist lakers'. There we go through. Reflect reflect. Turn brown took it and it carefully walked out he walked down into the Smart pace. Once outside brown takes the rocket to above third and detonates it. Was allowed us to sound in my whole life and just. Relief parent losses life. Because. I sat on a couple of pallets outside the decision took my best stuff that I started shaking thing you. I do your thing kid to helping lift and I was just very very intense for me after the fact. I was given a second chance. To whom much is given much is expected song a lot of speculative me. He was American and he was a soldier he was a brother and he was one of us in there were pinned there was nothing to stop us. Doom we knew we had to get.

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{"id":49833587,"title":"Soldier miraculously survives being hit by a rocket propelled grenade: Part 5","duration":"6:29","description":"Private Channing Moss had been impaled with a 3-foot rocket designed to explode on impact, killing anyone within 30 feet.","url":"/2020/video/soldier-miraculously-survives-hit-rocket-propelled-grenade-part-49833587","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}