Story emerges on person of interest in case of woman left in vacant lot: Part 7

Months after the attack, private detective Ken Brennan finally has a name: Michael Lee Jones. But he needs help from the police to track him down.
4:59 | 04/06/19

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Transcript for Story emerges on person of interest in case of woman left in vacant lot: Part 7
From Miami to Louisiana, this case was taking private investigator Ken Brennan on a multistate manhunt. As long as I had a gasping breath on this case, I was gonna make sure that I saw it to the end. This guy is exactly what you want. Obsessed, taking it personally, and unwilling to give up, even if that involves some wacky theories that other people would say no way, no how. Brennan's got a contact in New Orleans. And incredibly they're actually able to find the name of the suspect. But that name isn't the break he was hoping for. They come back and tell me the guy's name is Mike Jones. I go, "You gotta be kidding me." Mike Jones, what is there 10 million of them? Mike Jones. Mike Jones, that's the guy's name. I said, geez, you know -- That's as generic as you can get? Yeah, I mean, the guy's name was, like, Miguel gorbachev or something, you know, it would be a hell of a lot easier to track down. But a guy named Mike Jones is pretty tough. The name Mike Jones, there's nothing worse than that, in terms of trying to figure out who it is. At least they've got a middle name. And that's Lee. So now they have Michael Lee Jones. And now they have to do more detective work. The combination of having the middle name leads them to potentially identifying and locating this person. What I did was I took that information, I went back to the hotel registry, and lo and behold, what do I find out? That there was a Michael Lee Jones Jr. That did stay at the airport regency hotel. That's a pretty big moment. Yeah, well, that's an ah-ha moment where you say, hey listen, at least I know I was on the right track. And they notated on his card that he did work for center plate. The Mike Jones that I was looking for was the same Mike Jones that was in Miami at the Miami boat show on that day. And now I just gotta find out where the hell is he. Brennan is on a pretty good winning streak at this point. Now, it turns out Michael Jones no longer works for centerplate. But Brennan is gonna roll the dice once more. One thing you have to do as an investigator is follow employment. And so now you have a suspect that works in food concessions. So the idea is, "Well, let's see if we can find him." I said the likelihood is that even though he doesn't work for center plate anymore that he's probably going to work for one of their competitors, doing the same line of work. So, I asked the guy from center plate, I said, "Listen, give me a list of your, like, ten top competitors in this business." This guy is not giving up. He makes a master list of all the catering companies in the country and calls them one by one asking if they have a Michael Jones working for them. And he gets varying levels of cooperation from various companies. At the bottom of the list is a company called ovations. It's based in Tampa. I made an appointment to go and see him in person. I talked to the C.O.O. Of the company. I said, "Listen, do you have a Michael Lee Jones working for you?" He says, "Listen," he says, "I can't, can't help you with that." He says, "I can't give you any information about my employees. I'd require a subpoena to be able to release that." They want a subpoena. What does that tell you? So what it tells me, that the guy works there. You know, why else ask for a subpoena? You know, I talked to, you know, 35 other companies, and nobody had an objection to telling me that. No, no Michael Lee Jones worked there. Brennan's now gotta turn to detective Alan Foote. He's the Miami Dade detective who originally handled the case and let Brennan just run with it. How urgent was it for you to get that subpoena right away? I wanted it right away. I obtain a subpoena for this guys' records, Michael Lee Jones' records. And as soon as I received the information, I faxed the information to Ken. It was very important, and fortunately he was able to obtain the subpoena for me and and get it faxed over to the company of ovation, to the C.O.O. Over there while I was still present. Ovations finally releases the information. And it's just as Brennan suspected. He's working for them. And he's working, now at a minor league baseball rk in Frederick, Maryland. It sometimes can make it really frustrating for investigators as the offenders just pass through that location. And so as a result, it makes them sometimes difficult to catch. So, I said, listen, you know, we gotta get some DNA from this guy. Either from voluntarily or without his knowledge. 'Cause, I have a DNA profile from the victim and we have to match it to somebody. It's the moment Ken Brennan has been waiting for. At long last he's about to come face-to-face with that mystery man with the suitcase.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"Months after the attack, private detective Ken Brennan finally has a name: Michael Lee Jones. But he needs help from the police to track him down. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"62208255","title":"Story emerges on person of interest in case of woman left in vacant lot: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/story-emerges-person-interest-case-woman-left-vacant-62208255"}