Strange shooting provides investigators with another clue in Cari Farver case: Part 8

Liz Golyar claimed to police Dave Kroupa's ex shot her in the leg. Investigators knew by then this was false and it was Golyar who had been harassing Kroupa and others as "Cari Farver."
7:03 | 12/05/20

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Transcript for Strange shooting provides investigators with another clue in Cari Farver case: Part 8
On December 5, 2015, six days after Dave's gun was stolen, a call was placed to police from big lake park in council bluffs, Iowa. It was Liz golyar. She had been shot, and she was bleeding alone on the walking trail in the dark. 911, what's the address of your emergency? Uh, yeah, I've been shot in the leg. Oh. Oh, god. Oh, Jesus. Liz golyar came here to clear ad and walked out about halfway on this bridge and was approached by a female, she said. The female came up behind her and said, "How do you like Dave?" And then told her to lay on the ground and shot her in the leg. Do you know what she looked like at all? No, she was behind me. Liz was shot in the thigh. It didn't do any permanent damage. There was a lot of blood, and she was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. At the beginning, Liz said she didn't know who shot her, but she kind of changed that story and eventually said Amy flora shot her. Amy flora, Dave's ex and the mother of his two kids. To police, this story makes very little sense. When I learned that Liz golyar had been shot out here, I found it highly suspicious that the day before she felt the need to tell me that Dave Kroupa's gun had been stolen, too. And less than 24 hours later, she is shot. I mean, it's just odd to say the least. I never believed that Amy flora shot Liz golyar, ever. She had an alibi, and the evidence just didn't point to there being anyone else in the park that night. Quickly determined that most likely Liz golyar had shot herself. Amy flora was cleared nearly immediately that evening. Another one of her schemes to bring Dave back into her life and make herself look like a victim. When the shooting happened, this is finally when Dave gets it. At this point, Dave can no longer deny the truth. It's Liz, not Cari, who's been tormenting and stalking him for It was undeniable at that point. I knew it was her, and I knew it had to be my gun. It was like running into a brick wall in a race car. It would be like if gravity just failed. The first thing my mind did was start to go back to all the things that had happened over all these years. And how did I not see anything? And how could I be so naive or so stupid or so gullible? Everything you thought you knew was a lie. For Dave, the frustration at this point is overwhelming. If they don't arrest her soon, I'm going to kill her. Deputy Tony kava is actually on a mission to prove Liz is the culprit. He has the recent download of Liz golyar's phone. And all of the messages that have supposedly been sent from Cari Farver. He's spending hours of his own free time, more than 3,000 hours, trying to decipher where those messages actually came from. Liz signed up for upwards of 20 or 30 fake addresses that say they're Cari Farver, and they're different variations on Cari's name or even her real email address. Some of the very first ones came from If you didn't look very closely and you received this message, you would think it was from the real Cari Farver. His patience and his persistence pay off, and eventually he is able to trace the messages right back to Liz golyar. Every account that we look at, every impersonated message, every text message, there's always a connection back to an account that she has, to a device that she has, or to her house. Kava also discovered that part of her ruse, Liz was using an app which actually allowed her to send messages and receive them at a later time. She was able to send messages pretending to be Cari, and they would arrive while she was sitting on the couch next to Dave. From Dave's point of view, Liz couldn't have sent it, because she was sitting next to him the whole time. It gave a perfect alibi to Liz. This must have taken Liz 40 hours a week, 50 hours a week. This seemed to be a full-time occupation for her, trying to stalk people and send them messages. For doty and Avis, the mission at this point is to get more evidence to speed up the investigation. We brought her in for an interview about two weeks after she was shot. Doty tells her he's working on a missing person case. They're trying to find Cari Farver. The case is regarding a Cari Farver. Are you familiar with her? Barely even know her. Yeah, yeah. I ran into her one time. Okay, okay. Just bypassing her, going into Dave's apartment to pick up my stuff. We developed a bit of a ruse that we were going to employ on Liz. We were going to tell her that we'd found remains that we believed were Cari. We've had a pretty significant break in the case. Okay. Okay? There have some -- been some remains that have been located. Okay. The initial indication is that these remains are Cari. Okay. Is there anyone that you think would want to hurt Cari? I didn't know her long enough to know if anybody wanted to hurt her. Liz then again shifts the blame away from Cari Farver towards Amy flora. She was with him for 12 years. And she stills goes in and out of his life all the time, so -- Yeah. So you think she could've been the person that did some of that stuff to you? I'm just saying as another person who would be possessive of Dave, it would be her. When I'm sitting across from Liz, I knew most likely she was a murderer. Even though she didn't look intimidating, that was always in the back of my mind. I knew that she was responsible for whatever happened to Cari, and I knew in order for us to solve this, she was going to have to believe that I genuinely thought Amy was responsible for all of it. In my head I'm thinking if she was bold enough to go and then shoot you, okay, she could easily be bold enough to have done something to Cari. And that's where detective doty tells her that he needs her help to get Amy to confess to Cari's murder. We told Liz, if you get any type of messages from Amy that have anything to do with what happened to Cari, to let us know. That it's like gold to me if we had something like that. Okay. Because then we could start building a case. We knew she'd give us that information because she wants to see Amy out of the picture. She wants to see Amy in jail. Police are hoping Liz will incriminate herself, give up details about the murder, and possibly lead them to the body. This is a genius move by the police. The question is, is it going to work? All right. Thank you much.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Liz Golyar claimed to police Dave Kroupa's ex shot her in the leg. Investigators knew by then this was false and it was Golyar who had been harassing Kroupa and others as \"Cari Farver.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"74549212","title":"Strange shooting provides investigators with another clue in Cari Farver case: Part 8","url":"/2020/video/strange-shooting-investigators-clue-cari-farver-case-part-74549212"}