A successful Texas doctor and businessman finds love again at a dance class: Part 1

Dr. Joseph Sonnier met his girlfriend Richelle Shetina at a dance class, and the two traveled to Paris together, just weeks before the unthinkable happened.
8:15 | 03/09/19

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Transcript for A successful Texas doctor and businessman finds love again at a dance class: Part 1
Lauded his on the high planes. When you fly an airplane you can't help but notice the crop circles all around. Flooding is the blue collar town it's also college. We get a lot of visitors from all over the world who live and die for Buddy Holly and just when it comes to any scene where music was music. It's do the. The great thing about it is if you look west on any given night the sunsets are absolutely. To dive. It's God's wonderful painting dumped on all of us for our enjoyment every. You can't see better sunsets and sun rises and thunderstorms are thing else come and AM. It's of people that rather there's no better people probably anywhere in the world and one of the people who embodies the spirit of love. Doctor Joseph's. Doctor Joe's assigned it was a successful businessmen multimillionaire. Good looking guy sharp Dresser. Likes to have a good time I think this is probably a guy that a lot of ladies England. Have their eyes on an early and he OK with that. It was a single man in his late forties group disposable income. Needs an empty house. The he's live in the single life of having fun time so wasn't about getting married I don't think he went and got married again. He never did the whole day you've seen holidays. And he was married at nineteen. He married his high school sweetheart. We moon hanging man. And we all love Becky. Fair fair fair fair my dad was the most supportive. Person in my life my moms are emotional sport and. He was the one who's going to push us. To succeed. Closest to follow our dreams. Joseph and Becky grow cup win after 27 years of marriage Becky upper left corner me. She was the only person that he would have moved into an ever dated in their food. All in local. When they got divorced it was a shock to everything he worked for his life was his. Evaporated once Hackett. We Becky remarried and old shockingly. Her second husband our murder. And then killed himself it was. Just completely. And. Unimaginable. My dad he came in after she was murdered and he became like our guy but how to handle this this tragedy. So doctor Sanjay as 48 years old single. He wants to do something new of his life he doesn't know why he wants to. Contains a chance he'd who went. I think on a lark. 28 dance class ballroom insults sudden swing things like that. And within this dance community he found his confidence again. And as an added benefit he started to meet. Beautiful single women who were also in his age range that's how he was able to start dating again he got the mode joked back like that. So how did you feel about the women that he didn't. The truth is we like most and. The son age children have a tradition when their. Elderly Texas Tech game had everything altogether. One here doctor Sanjay bring someone do mean. And all are huge for us. The first stage. And he's bring you around us. Which is that's nerve racking for some evil and we do its first stage and it really wasn't a big deal man certainly wasn't nervous. And Michelle Sistine is 852 year old single mom before Boortz. She knew how to handle herself a social situation around his sons. Were tough critics. You know and we gave her thumbs up I thought that she was a very nice lovely person might at a nursing today. I have a really good time together. Michelle and doctor Sonya a traveled. You want California. To visit doctor Sony's grand children and that seemed to make heard. I'm very happy at. Great time she came over to the house and played with my kids he couldn't go on better I. There. It seemed like a good match they got along really well he seemed to be having fun and into the starting his life and yeah. She was stunning. She kept in shape I think they had an incredible. Sexual relationship. I think that they were. Very much. Enjoying each other so he was smitten. He was who doctor sun day who he may have been a little cautious about who you know jumping into marriage right away it was constant pressure from every step of the way you following the only entrant in your mind when he was never going to be removing that's right. Some of the Sonja kids. Have said that their dad told them that you were pressuring him for marriage right and I've heard that as well. All I can say is there was never a discussion about marriage. So when they say she was pressuring dad to marry me. That's not true that's not true what I was looking for was a committed relationship with a good person. And that was hit. That was absolutely it. Doctor sunny day before it was shells fiftieth birthday. Decided to take her on a really big adventure to Paris the city of lights were you know lovers everywhere are. And I told him to sit her down. And have a direct conversation with her that terrorists is not an engagement trip. And that he's not going there to fly Marines and Houston doing million do that message to yes. It was a birthday gift for my fiftieth birthday I was just over the moon it was really a dream come true. You guys put a lock on a portage it was a love flock. Joseph wrote his name on it and I wrote my name on it. It's very romantic. What do you think about when you think about. That moment. It was it was very very special it locked and that love that we felt about. For me. That tradition is you write your names on the lives and put it on. The bridge. And you throw the key into the sand river. And that locks and the moment forever. Michelle talked about that moment in the Paris parisians as if their love would last forever. But a few weeks later. Jim thinkable. Police were first alerted to something in terribly awry having happened at doctor's son is home. Win a landscaper. And that he had for his home called 911. And. People history. To Joseph storms and like you're not evil followed me right there.

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{"duration":"8:15","description":"Dr. Joseph Sonnier met his girlfriend Richelle Shetina at a dance class, and the two traveled to Paris together, just weeks before the unthinkable happened.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"61568913","title":"A successful Texas doctor and businessman finds love again at a dance class: Part 1","url":"/2020/video/successful-texas-doctor-businessman-finds-love-dance-class-61568913"}