'Suicide note' makes it appear woman is confessing to killing dad, stepfather: Part 5

Oddly, the note is completely typewritten, including Ashley's name at the bottom.
5:05 | 02/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Suicide note' makes it appear woman is confessing to killing dad, stepfather: Part 5
?????? ?????? I need an ambulance! What's the problem? My daughter has taken some pills. It sounds like there's something in her throat. Can you imagine the scene in the castor household? Pure bedlam. Chaos. For the second time in two years you've got Stacey castor distraught and hysterica a 911 call. Ashley? Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Bree wakes up in the morning. She goes into Ashley's room, and she finds her on the bed, unresponsive. She wasn't talking. She looked petrified. Her eyes are wide open, but she's not seeing anything. Ashley is in distress. Ashley was laying there, even though she wasn't like responding or anything, she looked scared. Did you think that you were losing her? I did. Bree became hysterical and woke Stacey up. She came flying out of her room in, into Ashley's room. I W with panic that, you know, oh my god, this is my baby. What's going on? You know, is she okay? One of the hardest things I've ever seen in my life was seeing her laying there like that. I was in complete shock and panic. I called 911. How old is your daughter? 20. Is she conscious? Yes, she's -- yes. She's making noise. Is she breathing normally? No, an entire bottle of vodka! Ashley? Is that her? Oh, she's throwing up! She's throwing up! Stacey relayed to the 911 dispatcher that Ashley had consumed alcohol and quite a few doses of medications. Whatever has happened to Ashley involves a bottle of of prescription pills. While Stacey is on 911, bree sees a piece of paper in Ashley's room and starts to read it. She hands it to her mother. I said, "You have to read this," and she said, "What do I have to read?" Anshe took it from me and she was like, "Oh my god." She left a letter. She left a letter? She left a note. Oh my god, this is not ening! She really wanted the 911 call taker to know that there was a suicide note. And it said, "I'm sorry that, that I had to do this but now everyone will know the truth and they won't blame you. They'll blame me." You thought that that this was a suicide note. Uh-huh. You're thinking Ashley tried to kill herself. Yeah. When I arrived at the house, the ambulance was parked out front. There was a stretcher coming out of the residence. My sergeant came over to me and handed me a typed written letter. As I'm reading the note, I'm realizing that it's a confession and a suicide note all in one. "Mommy, remember I love you more than anything, and I did it for you and for us. Please forgive me, mommy. Please don't hate me. Remember I love you." At the end you can see her name, Ashley. Here's the thing about the letter. The letter was typewritten, 750 words. Even the signature is typed. There's no handwritten component whatsoever. In this note Ashley says, "Mommy, police think it's you but it was really me." "I killed my dad. I killed my stepdad, and under the pressure of all this I'm now killing myself. I'm so sorry that I've done all this." She repeatedly calls Stacey castor, "Mommy." And that is such a term of endearment. I think everybody was wondering, is it possible that a child could've committed two perfect crimes and gotten away with killing her father and her stepfather? So we really didn't know what we had at that point. Ashley was dying. She was raced to the hospital. They wheel Ashley in. She's catatonic. They're monitoring her vitals. Her heart rate is going through the roof. Her heart was beating 170, 190 times a MI was very erratic. When her vitals plummeted, the hospital was afraid she would take a bad turn and possibly die. She had a cornucopia of drugs in her system. I was told later she was 15 minutes from death. If she had not been found and if her heart did the same thing at home that it did here, she would have expired at home. There were police all over the place and they wouldn't let me in the room with her. I got to see her briefly. What was the last thing you said to your daughter? I told her that I loved her was the last thing I got to say to her. She says the last thing she got to say to her daughter was, "I love quite the sendoff, right? It didn't work out that way.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"Oddly, the note is completely typewritten, including Ashley's name at the bottom. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"60951340","title":"'Suicide note' makes it appear woman is confessing to killing dad, stepfather: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/suicide-note-makes-woman-confessing-killing-dad-stepfather-60951340"}