Teen's allegation of rape against football star divides Alabama town: Part 4

Cameron Harrison was charged with first degree rape, released on bond, held on house arrest and later pleaded not guilty.
5:53 | 06/03/17

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Transcript for Teen's allegation of rape against football star divides Alabama town: Part 4
This is not something I would expect from Cameron Harrison in any way, shape or form. She didn't do anything wrong and she is being punished more than he is. Reporter: The drama between Spanish fort Alabama high school students, Savannah, and football player, Cameron Harrison, divided the town. Cassie Fambro wrote for the local news site al.com. There was just such a stark divide. There was the people who believed Savannah and there was the people who thought that this was a witch hunt. That Cameron Harrison was unfairly portrayed as a criminal rapist. About two dozen Spanish fort high school students defending him. He's innocent. Reporter: But while Cameron's supporters were loud and proud, he was tight-lipped. Never speaking in public or to the police. No comment. Reporter: But he did speak to this woman, private investigator, Alicia Mcwhorter. Hired by Cameron's mom to gather Intel. What was his state of mind like? What was he like? He was in a state of hyperawareness that he was under a microscope. And he needed to get the truth out. Reporter: She says Cameron recounts a familiar tale of booze, beer pong and all-out blowout. But new details emerge when he claims after Savannah was carried up the stairs, he ended up in the bathroom with her. And that's when a familiar face enters. Kennedy, that girl who came to the party with Savannah. Cameron states that Kennedy grabbed his face and kissed him, and then Savannah grabbed his face and kissed him, and then they moved into the bedroom. At some point Kennedy gets up and leaves the room. Kennedy denies that she, Cameron, and Savannah were kissing each other at the same time. Cameron says it happened, Kennedy states it didn't. We're at an impasse on that. Reporter: And Cameron says he and Savannah are still not alone in that bedroom. There are others. And she tells them to leave. Cameron told me that the alleged victim said, "Get the 'F' out" and told another person, "I'm going to 'F' him." Reporter: Granted, this investigator is being paid by Cameron's family. But listen to what others said. But listen to what two others told detective Vannoy. They heard the victim say "'F' me, cam." Reporter: But remember, the booze was flowing and memories, hazy. Did you have consensual sex with Cameron Harrison? No. If I was in the condition in I'm right now, I would not have sex with Cameron. Reporter: And what about that controversial statement Cameron allegedly made to her father. Cameron clearly stated to me that he did not say that. Reporter: How do you know what to believe? I can tell you that, that Cameron's story was believable. And I do believe that the young woman consumed alcohol that may or may not have impeded her ability to remember exactly everything that happened. Reporter: So in your mind she could have given consent but simply not remembered it? Yes. I believe that. I do not believe she was passed out. No one saw her passed out. Reporter: "Not passed out" is key because the charge against Cameron is that Savannah couldn't consent because she was either physically helpless or mentally incapacitated. The question all comes back to, what was she capable of doing at that moment? Reporter: Savannah says she becomes the victim of cyber bullying. And not just from classmates but from their parents too. It's hard enough, kids my age, doing these things, but when it's an adult, that just hits a new nerve to me. Reporter: And then one night she's awoken to a loud bang. A large cement chunk of just rock, brick, about this big, shattered her window. The D.A. Says the latest potentially dangerous attack crossed the line. Reporter: And then Savannah says one by one, many of her friends publically turned their back on her. I think their social life was more important to them than, you know, supporting me. Reporter: With their daughter isolated and outcast, Savannah's parents offered to move schools. I said, no, you're not going to run me out. Reporter: You wanted to stay at your school. I wanted to stay. To prove a point. I'm going to be strong, I'm going to show them. I didn't make it through, like, first period. Reporter: Why not? Everyone was staring at me like I was the devil, like, just giving me a look of disgust. Reporter: Savannah toughs it out for six months before the family decides to the sell their home and move out of Spanish fort. I deserve to feel happy again. It's not, you know, that they got to me, it's just that I deserve a fresh start. Reporter: Now it's Savannah's turn to strike back, not even waiting for a trial. Armed with her cell phone, she decides to go public. Blogging about her reality and how society has it backwards when it comes to sexual assault. We teach don't get raped instead of don't rape. Does anybody else not see a problem with this? Reporter: Why did you decide to start blogging? I wanted to have a voice. If you see a girl who's clearly been drinking and to the point of passing out, you help her. Reporter: Next, the case is headed for court. Both sides brace for battle. We don't expect to lose this case. Cameron Harrison also has the right to be publically exonerated. And publically vindicated for a false allegation. You cannot rape an unconscious girl. It doesn't matter if you are a high school athlete star. You cannot do this. Reporter: But could Savannah's own words come back to haunt her? There was a blatant text saying, you did not rape me. Reporter: They say Snapchats disappear. Not this one.

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{"id":47802712,"title":"Teen's allegation of rape against football star divides Alabama town: Part 4","duration":"5:53","description":"Cameron Harrison was charged with first degree rape, released on bond, held on house arrest and later pleaded not guilty.","url":"/2020/video/teens-allegation-rape-football-star-divides-alabama-town-47802712","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}