Emancipated: Pregnant Texas Teen Who Sued Parents

What made a 16-year-old girl go to court to essentially divorce herself from her parents?
8:37 | 06/14/13

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Transcript for Emancipated: Pregnant Texas Teen Who Sued Parents
Reporter: It's a family feud as big as texas, two teens in love. Their parents in hate. Their lawyers in court. And the media in a tizzy! Told the allegations were false. Reporter: At the center of it all, 16-year-old reagan. Hers was a typical childhood in houston's ranch country horseback riding, volleyball. But things started going south when her parents, jeff and Was that hard on you? It was hard on me because, you know, I was so used to seeing them, you know, in the same house. Reporter: During the tush lengt -- turbulence, reagan met her boyfriend. She was just sweet, kind, just, everything I want. He was just very sweet, a gentleman. Reporter: And the next thing you know, you're dating. Dating was soon more than holding hands and cuddling. How quickly did it become sexual? Probably not until we started dating for like three or four months. Reporter: Were you worried at all about possibly getting pregnant? I was worried, but I mean, i was on birth control. And I quit taking it. And then the moment I quit taking it is whenever -- Reporter: You got pregnant. Uh-huh. Reporter: A positive pregnancy test said it all. What was your reaction when you found out she was pregnant? Shocked. Wasn't expecting to be sixteen and having a baby, that's for sure. Reporter: Did you have any opinion about babies and abortion and teen pregnancy? Well, I'd always watch like, "teen mom" and stuff. I feel the same way. Reporter: I saw, you know, those moms that are out there. They can do it with their babies. Reporter: At first they kept the pregnancy a secret, then fessed up to reagan's mom and dad. Reporter: Were you upset? It's just kind of like a wow moment. I was going to support the kids. I mean, which i, whatever they decided. Jamie offered to break the news to reagan's mom whose reaction was quite different. Like, we'll take care of this. You know, I'm going to take care of business. Reporter: And what did you mean, take care of business? Basically terminate the pregnancy. Reporter: Two moms, two radically different views. Jamie was herself a teen mom. I mean, I'm definitely not endorsing it, I mean, it requires a lot of dedication and hard work and sacrifice. But it can be done. Reporter: There were accusations that you had talked about trying to slip her some kind of an abortion pill. It was more of a joking, you think I could, type thing. Let somebody else be in the same position and see what they would say. Reporter: Emotions between the two families hit a boiling point when jeff learned his only child was pregnant. What did you think should happen? It's a mistake, done by kids that obviously don't know what they're doing. We'd sit down and have conversations with her, and yes, they were, they were heated conversations, and I did let her have it. I did absolutely let her have it. Reporter: Did you feel you were being pressured? Well, my dad stepped in with my mom and said, "i don't care, you're going to get an abortion," and "it's my way or the highway," you know, that kind of attitude. Reporter: Do you respect her decision? Honestly, no. I don't respect her decision. Reporter: Things go so ugly that police have been called to the burnside's house as recently as four weeks ago. 911 location of your emergency? We just have a harassment -- verbally harassing -- it's my dad. He says he didn't harass anyone and that the police report was not filed. Reporter: Did you threaten her in any way? At any point in time, that girl has never been threatened. We wanted to fully understand that she knew what the future, uh, held for her. Reporter: For reagan the future definitely included a baby at any cost. She asked us to please help her. And, you know, I said, "i don't know what I can do, but I'll figure out something." Reporter: Jamie and joey went into action and found attorneys with the texas center for defense of life ready to go to court. A lawsuit would have never been filed if her parents were willing to do the right thing in our opinion. Which is to allow her to have the child. Reporter: During this meeting the attorneys arranged a clandestine plan. Reagan slipped into a restaurant with a near the and signed for a temporary restraining order. Eventually reagan would legally free herself from her parents, the courts call it emancipation. Why not talk it out and try to sort it out? Why go to court? It was never going to end. Reporter: They found out from a news report. He said our daughter is suing us. And I'm like, oh my gosh. She was somewhat nonplussed. And she said, "yeah." Said you took away cell phone, refusals -- gave it noo coercion to have an abortion. That is inrakt. The way it was laid out, was wrong. We weren't trying to force her or coerce her, at thisge of the game, at this point, we were working to to make a plan for life. The teen father-zplsh pregnancy -- Reporter: Theecame a national media sensation. You have the determination to be a good father? I said I hope that you're proud that you just sued your parents. I just want to let you know, those attorneys are not going to be there for you, you know? I said they got what they wanted. Reporter: Denise and jeff did deny trying to force their daughter to do anything. Saying reagan has been manipulated by media hungry lawyer yers. Still they signed a court order. Jeff was clearly unhappy about it. Basically had our child ripped away from us through the court system. Parental rights just been -- just done. You're done today. Reporter: At nearly five months pregnant we found reagan shopping for baby clothes. She wasn't working and evan had lost his after school job at a local grocery store. How do you plan to support yourself or care for your baby? We're going to try to be very money wise. We've actually save d about $300, $400. Reporter: That won't get you too far. No. I mean it's going to be hard. Perfect. Reporter: Weeks later, decked out in cowboy xweer, the teenagers formally tied the knot. We're gathered today to celebrate this woman in holy matrimony. Reporter: Reagan's parents were not invited. It ripped my heart out. I never, ever, ever thought i could feel that way in my life. It's one of the things that parents look forward to is watching them get married. And be there with them through all of the big events of their lives. Late this week went back to texas to catch up and discovered that another big event had just happened. Reagan and evan had a falling out with evan's parents so they are living with reagan's mom. The very mom she sued. They're all happily awaiting the baby, due this september.

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{"id":19408484,"title":"Emancipated: Pregnant Texas Teen Who Sued Parents","duration":"8:37","description":"What made a 16-year-old girl go to court to essentially divorce herself from her parents?","url":"/2020/video/teens-drunk-parents-jail-19408484","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}