Uber driver arrested after killing 6 around Kalamazoo: Part 7

As teen Abbie Kopf clung to life in a hospital after being shot in the head, Jason Dalton was pulled over by police and apprehended.
7:49 | 02/23/19

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Transcript for Uber driver arrested after killing 6 around Kalamazoo: Part 7
A very tense situation in Kalamazoo county. Multiple people have been shot and killed. Definitely a serial killer. We have multiple crews on the scene. Suspect could be a white male in his 50s. At this point, we know that there are multiple shootings. There are still questions, is this one person? What's the connection between these women at the cracker barrel, a father and son in a car dealership parking lot, and a young mother in the parking lot of her condominium complex? Everyone was starting to really panic. People were panicked. What is going on in Kalamazoo county? We know this is terrifying. All the police that are possible ton this tonight. Reporter: The fear and panic is not at all unreasonable. Jason Dalton is picking up passengers on their streets. We are asking the public to be vigilant. It's a Saturday night in Kalamazoo, people are out, eang to take an Uber, and as this is going on, shooting, after shooting, after incident, word starts to spread. My dad said the guy was driving a Chevy hhr and the car said Chevy equinox, we're like, "I don't know, it could be him," but I was like, I had this gut feeling I shouldn't get in the car. They didn't gr, but other passengers did. And they later said, not only did they ride with Jason Dalton, but they asked him point-blank if he was the shooter. I half jokingly said, "You're not you?" He said, no, and I said, "Are you sure?" And he said, "No, I'm just really tired." My buddy Scott actually said something to him. "Hey, this isn't the hhr, you aren't the guy, are you?" And he kind of just said, "No." There's even surveillance video that shows Jason Dalton dropping off riders at a hotel. Reporter: Law enforcement had not yet made the connection between the shooter in the dark hhr and the erratic driver in the Chevy equinox. An active shooter that was on the loose. Reporter: You're thinking, "There's gonna be another shooting." Yeah, that was our fear. White male, possibly an hhr, they said. I assigned the guys that were working for me to start monitoring the downtown district. On any given night there's hundreds of people out walking around. When I was online I went -- started checking the -- looking at the Kalamazoo news, and that's when I started reading about a shooting at the cracker barrel. It said that, so many dead, one person, one injured, and I was just hoping Mary was the one that was injured. Going to the show that night, turned out to be the last outing for this group of friends. The four women were shot and killed. I turned on that porch light and sat in that chair. Until 6:00 in the morning or whatever it is when the state policeman showed up to give me the official news. Your mother was just shot and killed. I was numb. I was still trying not to believe it. The doctor comes in, just like the movies. They come in and say, "You know, I hate to tell you this, but your aunt is dead." It was very surreal. Reporter: Abbie's surrogate grandmother barb has passed away and in the same hospital little Abbie appears to have given up on life. Her death is reported live on TV. Unfortunately, the other female, teenager, 14 years old, has passed away as well. They unhooked her from the ventilator machine and they started hauling stuff out of the room and they put a blanket up, almost to her neckt we started to say our good-byes. And I had my head on her chest and I told her that I loved her. I heard something and I told the nurse that I thought she had a heartbeat. And then at that point the nurse said holy . She was smacking buttons on the wall and people were flying back in and they had her all hooked back up again. Reporter: So it was actually in saying good-bye to her that you actually realized she was still alive. Yeah. I said, "This is mama." I said, "If you can hear me at all," I said, "Give me a sign." And she squeezed me. And at that point I knew right there she was back and that she was going to fight like hell. Reporter: It's now been eight hours of complete terror. Six people are dead, another two are clinging for their lives, but what Dalton doesn't know, police are closing in on him. You start to patrol again. Around midnight, things start to heat up. I had contacted a friend of mine, sergeant Harrison. He and I were talking. He says, "I think I found him." I heard radio traffic, advising that he is following a black hhr that just left from the baowntown. It sounded like they were coming right at me. And within minutes, I saw the black hhr coming towards me and followed by Harris. I believe he was the eighth or ninth black Chevy hhr we had stopped that night. The vehicle turned onto ransom street, at which point Harris activated his emergency lights and I pulled in alongside him and activated my emergency lights. When he came to a stop, he just sat in the vehicle. K9 Bodie and I got up behind sergeant Harrison and we got out to the side in case he fe reason decided to flee on foot. You had no idea whether or not he would start opening fire on you. Absolutely not. We just assumed it was going to be a shootout. The police were expecting the worst. I pulled right next to deputy Harris, so we were side by side. You want to yell at them? Windows down. Driver, get your hands out the window. Want to approach, how you want to do it? All right, ready? We approached the vehicle. I stayed as a cover officer, while Harris made contact with the driver. He got him out the car and he started to frisk him. Anything in your pockets at all? Gun. Gun. Over here, we got one in custody. He's caught in the Chevy hhr with a gun that killed the people at the cracker barrel and at Seelye in this pocket. We placed the handcuffs on him and I found a bullet in one of his pockets. He surrendered to them peacefully. I can't believe he didnme out shooting. He didn't fight for us or want to go -- What a . I am surprised that he didn't want to go at it with -- figure that would be suicide by cops. Spread your legs for me, sir. Put your arms back up for me. Bulletproof vest. And then we put him in a patrol car. He had body armor on? What? Jason Dalton is now headed to the interrogation room. And these detectives are ready for anything. But not this. I know this sounds unusual to

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{"duration":"7:49","description":"As teen Abbie Kopf clung to life in a hospital after being shot in the head, Jason Dalton was pulled over by police and apprehended.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"61251338","title":"Uber driver arrested after killing 6 around Kalamazoo: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/uber-driver-arrested-killing-kalamazoo-part-61251338"}