Woman abandoned at birth learns her biological mom hid multiple pregnancies: Part 4

Andrea Klug-Napier's biological dad, Dwight, said he didn't know his wife, Cindy, had given birth to either her or her long-lost sister.
5:59 | 07/14/18

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Transcript for Woman abandoned at birth learns her biological mom hid multiple pregnancies: Part 4
I believe. ??? O Motorcyc, great rates for great rides. Never even kn they had. Super nervous, I kind of have a sthache. Reporter: And someoneelse, THR biologic D Oh, boy. Rorter: With their mother gone, theyope their father holds the key to theirming question. Why would a mom dad forsake their two ughters, but N their sons? Hi. How's it going ood. Hi. I'm Aaron. Andrea. Hi. To meet Y. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Reporter:er brotheraron answers the door and then the sisters come face to fact their er Dwight. Have some flowers. Thank you. Reporter: The fy finding THR footing as Denn another brotjoins them. So yowere meeting your biological father and your two brothers you never had ea existed? Can't evederibe the feeling. It wasrazy.the article theadn E newspaper, nurses described as upt and attractive. At's what says. Dwight jt immediaty arted talking to us and telling us everything THA knew Abou our mother. We just wante to see every picturhat was ever taken of her. In this picture of her, minds big time. Yeah, yeah. Reporter:rdo went by the ne of Cindy, was only 16. Anight, just 17, wey married. She later wo aer programmer. Then he told you about the day she died. Yeah. It was 20 below here, weather was bad. The city was shut down. And she told me she had the flu. Told us that she had been ill. Was unconscious. Iled 911. Reporter: And what happened? Well, they come and took her the hospital and went to the hospital and they pronounced her dead all the Dr said was that she was really tor up inside N't till ient home a it was couple of later -- I went to the bedroom doors were Ed. Yoknow, I we in there and there was a -- there was a baby sitting on bed.ll-term baby Reporter: A unimaginable discovery. The death of a baby boy he hadn't known he feed. I thought I knew her, I thought everything wasat. Reporter: But what about annd Heather? Incredibly, Dwight says he had no idea his wife gave birth to them either. And that's the story. Yeah. T was pretty brutal. I thought at first I'm for sure gonna see something in Dwight thamaybe he now and he's hidin from us. But, immediately when we sat down, he sed talking. I knew that there was absolutely no way that W us. She hid erything from him. You know, all those pregnancies ho idea Abo Most people would look at this and sow could this be? Could your wife give birth and you have no idea? Itill question it myself today, wonng miss it? Reporter: He says when Cindy was pregnant with their S aan Dennis, she barely showed. Her stomach wasn't big at all. It was just Ed like she Ed a littlweight around the face. Reporter: You are LIV togeer in the house, you're -- sleeping together in the same bed. You must have seen her disrobe. I thought it weight gape or something. Reporter: You never recall heoking pregnt? No, not er. Reporter: How is it possible Abt it? I've worked with families, people always question Hou no one kw? Hocould you hide a nine-month pregnant belly? But women do it all the time. Reporter: The sisters still reeling from it all visit their mom's gravto say goodbye. Still confounded by why she hid ose pregnaies. The answer may lie in a strange notation on Cindy's death certificate. "Unattended birth associated with psychotic denial." Rter: Had you heaf that before? I have seen it in other ca that's not tery unusual in foundling cases, where somebody denies they're pregnant until it's too late and they haven't made any Sor arrangements. It's proon the reason that some lebandoned rather than legally adopted. Denial of pregnancy is a, is a gnized psyiatric or psychological condition. Reporter: Psychiatrist Su hatters-friedman has studied the says it's risingly common. 1 in suffer from some form. The woman may havdea she's pregnant or she may have some idea that she's pregnant ilectually T she sh her mind. Giving birth. And cenly a young woma own experiences of abandonment, could contribute todenial of egnancy. Repter: Possibly explaining CI odd behavr is simple back story ashild. As a smallld, Cindy and her sister were both given up for adoption. They WER a bus, en rte to O At the last minute, their brother pulled her sister off the bus an H Reporteeft Cindy. Cindy. Alone. Reporter: By herself. She's just a little girl, almost 3 years old, on this alone,'s sent off to some orphanage. Eporter: Must haven trautic for this child. It's abandonment again. We onlcan speculate what sort of emotionalage that may have done to Cindy very Y on in here. Reporter:till ahead, aa

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{"id":56581205,"title":"Woman abandoned at birth learns her biological mom hid multiple pregnancies: Part 4","duration":"5:59","description":"Andrea Klug-Napier's biological dad, Dwight, said he didn't know his wife, Cindy, had given birth to either her or her long-lost sister.","url":"/2020/video/woman-abandoned-birth-learns-biological-mom-hid-multiple-56581205","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}