Woman calls 911 saying daughter ingested pills and was unresponsive: Part 4

Bree Wallace was concerned her sister Ashley hadn't come out of her room one morning, went to check on her and found her unresponsive. Stacey Castor called 911.
8:33 | 02/09/19

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Transcript for Woman calls 911 saying daughter ingested pills and was unresponsive: Part 4
?????? ?????? September 2007, the detectives get an order for exhumation of husband number one, Michael Wallace. Michael Wallace's body would be exhumed and autopsied and I was standing there saying, boy, I hope if he was killed, this comes out. I hope there's something there. So suddenly you have this dramatic scene playing out in the cemetery. They are digging up the body of Michael Wallace, who is buried right next to the second husband, David castor. And they're exhuming the body because they want to know, will it reveal anything more about how he might have died? A few days later, I was walking through the criminal investigation division when I received a phone call from medical examiner and he said, "Hey, we just got done with the autopsy. I have the results for you and" -- He said, "Guess what I found? He's loaded with crystals." When you are poisoned with antifreeze, crystals form in your organs and they don't ever go away. And that was one of the reasons why we exhumed him, was so that we could find out if those crystals were still there. So when you do an autopsy on someone who ingested antifreeze, you can see the slides of the various organs. It looks like a gold vein in a western mine somewhere. You see these little, beautiful crystals popping up at you. Those telltale crystals. The same crystals, when you look side-by-side with David castor, from the antifreeze. So that was, like, a big, yeah, we got her. Awesome. I knew at that point we had a double homicide and Stacey castor probably killed both her husbands. And really, it's that moment that this investigation breaks wide open. That's when we said, we need to bring her in for a second interview. Detective Spinelli and I drove out to speak to Stacey. He explained to her that, you know, we hadn't closed out the investigation yet. I told her that we needed to close the case out one way or the other, and I needed to have some questions answered. She seemed nervous. She was pacing and she just was surprised that we were there. She thought this was Aler and done with. She made mention that it was like him coming from the grave, like, his hand wasching out from the grave. I remember even shooting a look at detective Spinelli, 'cause I thought it Wust an odd thing for someone to say. Your husband has died of a suicide. Why would he be controlling you in any way? At our sheriff's headquarters building we have four interview rooms. Spinelli set up one of the rooms. Brought Stacey into that room. I said, "Stacey, there were two glasses sitting on the nightstand. You say you poured him some cranberry juice at one point, right?" She said, "Yes." I said, "I'm gonna show you a picture of those two glasses." I asked Stacey, "Do you remember which glass it was that you poured the cranberry juice in?" And she looked at it and said, "Well, when I poured the antifree -- I" -- and then she stopped and said, "I mean -- I mean, the cranberry juice." It was, like, she realizes what she's just said. She actually had a freudian slip. She said, "When I was pouring the antifree -- I mean, the cranberry juice." She said it all right there. And I looked at her and said, "But you said antifree" -- and she said, "You know, I don't like this. You're trying to frame me. You're trying to pin this on me and I'm done." And she stopped the interview. And she just said that's it. I'm done. I want an attorney. As I picked up my folder to put the picture back in it, and it just so happened that the top picture was a picture of the Turkey baster, Stacey peered at the folder and said, "What -- what is that?" And I said, "What?" And she said, "That picture, what is that picture of a Turkey baster? Why is that there?" And I said, "Don't worry about it. The interview's over." After police have questioned Stacey castor, she actually went to her daughters and said, "Girls, the cops think I killed David." I was like, "That can't be right. You couldn't have murdered him, 'cause they issued a death certificate saying that he died of suicide." And she said? She said, "I know. I didn't do this." It was apparent that Stacey was extremely nervous after my interview with her. We decided the next best step would be to obtain a wiretap on Stacey's phones. And it scares the living Out of me, because I didn't do this. Stacey in that week making a lot of calls. She was in distress. "They think I did this." They put up cameras outside her house so they can tell her comings and goings. They have a camera at the cemetery to see if Stacey's ever visiting their gravesites. She hears that her first husband's body has been exhumed. Wants to go see it for herself. So she goes to the burial site, sees that it's true. His body's been exhumed. She called someone up on the phone and was quite upset that we had exhumed Michael's body. I don't believe for one second that they found antifreeze in Michael's body. I don't believe it. I recall Stacey saying something along the lines of, "They did it. They actually did it. They exhumed him. They did it. Why'd they do that?" She tells me, "They exhumed your father's body, and I didn't believe it." So I went out and checked. I started crying. I got upset. Like, he was resting peacefully, and they just dug him up. Why would they dig up daddy? I thought it was inhumane and I didn't like it whatsoever. Ashley has just graduated from high school, and she is just entering college when she gets this news. I was at school, my first day of college. I'm all excited. Two investigators show up and deliver her the news that her father didn't die of a heart attack. He died of antifreeze poisoning. I was like, "Then you're, you're lying." Because I knew that my dad had a heart attack. That's how it was. He had a heart attack. I left and went and called my mom. Hello? Mommy, they came to my freakin' school. They came to your school? Are you okay? I'm gonna be okay, but I'm really freakin' out right now. She is in disbelief, first of all, that her father didn't die of that heart attack. That he was murdered. They come to her school and they've revealed this to her. And you can hear it in her voice as she's talking to her mother. I don't understand. How'd they know I was even gonna be here? Oh, my god. That Came to your school. And you can hear it in her mother's voice too, this disbelief that they've come to the school, and that they've told her daughter this. And then Stacey castor, the mom, has this suggestion. "You know what? This is all too heavy. Why don't we drink? Why don't we have a drink?" It's just been a rough week. It's been really horrible for us with everything going on. Let's just drink. Had she ever done that before? Not once. And she says -- We've had a rough week. Let's just get drunk. And you thought? I was like, cool! You know? What kinda teenager wouldn't think that was awesome? Your parents just gave you permission to drink. Sweet! Stacey mixes this, you know, probably 12-ounce plastic cup. Ashley, you know, caught up in the moment, "This is so cool. This is neat. I want to make my mom happy." She drinks it and becomes, you know, lethargic and eventually passes out and winds up in her bedroom. She wakes up. She's got LE hangover, goes back to school, comes and mom again says, "Let's drink, but this time let's get really drunk." And this time, Ashley says, "Mom, it's not even noon yet." And she says, "Oh, you know, it'll be noon by the time we're drinking." But this wasn't just a second day of mother and daughter drinking. This was actually the scene that would now lead to the second phone call to 911 from Stacey castor about an emergency playing out in her home. Another family member, near death. This time her daughter, Ashley. I need an ambulance to Wetzel road. She's having trouble. I think, it sounds like there's something in her throat. Ashley? Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

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{"duration":"8:33","description":"Bree Wallace was concerned her sister Ashley hadn't come out of her room one morning, went to check on her and found her unresponsive. Stacey Castor called 911.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"60951341","title":"Woman calls 911 saying daughter ingested pills and was unresponsive: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/woman-calls-911-daughter-ingested-pills-unresponsive-part-60951341"}