Woman's husband at first believed to have committed suicide with antifreeze: Part 1

Stacey Castor's husband David Castor was found dead in a bedroom at their home with a bottle of antifreeze underneath the bed and a glass of green liquid on the nightstand.
9:01 | 02/09/19

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Transcript for Woman's husband at first believed to have committed suicide with antifreeze: Part 1
What was Stacey like as a child? Very inquisitive. Not afraid of anything. Always asking questions. Always asking why? Yes. She was only allowed three whys in a day S I know I was very stubborn and headstrong even as a kid. So my mom had her work cut out. And because was never an answer. She'd tell you, "That's not an answer, mom. Why?" Because I wanted to know why and "Because I said so," that's not an answer. Do you find yourself asking why even today? Oh, absolutely. Especially today. Because I don't understand how my life became what it is today. Police communications, can I help you? Hi, Nicole. My name is Stacey castor. My husband didn't show up to work this morning, I don't know what's going on. I'm just getting a little concerned because I haven't talked to him since 5:00 in the morning on Sunday when he locked me out of the bedroom. This whole story begins with a call to 911, August 22nd, 2005. It's a call involving a husband and on that phone is a frantic wife. Her name is Stacey castor. And she tells the operator at the other end of the line that her husband has not come out of his bedroom, really, all weekend long. Stacey castor, was stating that her husband, David castor, had locked himself in the bedroom. Over the course of the weekend, he had been drinking. He wasn't acting right. Has he ever mentioned hurting himself or harming himself or -- Well, Friday night when we were arguing, he told me to get out. Take my kids and get out. I could leave and then five minutes later, he said if I left he would make me sorry. I would be sf I ever left him. She called 911 to have deputies respond to see what was going on. Detective dom Spinelli was the lead investigator on this. When I arrived, I recalled Stacey being outside. She was pretty visibly upset. One of the things Stacey was concerned about was that David had a shotgun uns bed, and she was worried that he might have committed suicide. Deputy Willoughby entered the residence and the bedroom door was locked. I bang on the door. Don't get any response. I kicked the door in. Walked into the bedroom and I observed David lying on his stomach across the bed. It was really an incredible scene. They find David castor, the husband, on the bed. No clothes on, and he's dead. Stacey castor had said oat phone that she was worried about what her husband might have done to himself. She asked me if he's okay. All I said was he's not." The paramedics go in the room, they come back out and at this point, she's screaming, "Have him come back. He's not dead. He's not dead." Stacey was just crying a lot. I mean distraught and physically upset and you could see that she was struggling with her emotions. The whole thing is very tragic, very. When police first answer that 911 call and find David castor naked, dead in his bedroom, their first question is who was David castor? David was very conscientious, very work driven, very into outdoors. He had snowmobiles and four-wheelers and a boat. David was support and strength and security to me. David castor was Stacey castor's second husband. Her knight in shining armor. Has his own business, a heating and air conditioning company. Stacey castor was the typical racuse, New York, woman. Like so many of us. She has two daughters, Ashley and bree who are teenagers, from a previous marriage. And he was married once before too, and has a grown son, David Jr. For both David and Stacey, this was their second chance at happiness. R friends were really oting for them. Stacey felt like a princess. Stacey felt this was a fairy tale. You know she was loved. She was treated like a lady. You fell in love with him. Yes. And you decided to get married. Yes. And how did the girls feel about that? They weren't happy Abt it. Why weren't they happy? They didn't want their father replaced. At first, we really didn't like him. He said he didn't want to be our father and he didn't any part of being a father. He already had his kids and he didn't want more. So there was tension. There was, but half the time it was brought on by him. David was difficult with the kids. He expected them to do everything that he said without question. And being my children, they questioned everything. But David and I had a very good relationship. There wasn't fighting? There's no such thing as a perfect , and we had our -- our share O that we dealt with. And obviously being a blended family, it made that much more to have to deal with. August 2005, David wanted to go on vacation with Stacey alone to celebrate their anniversary. He allosed the shop the last two weeks of August and, and took vacation. He wanted to go -- on a pretty extensive trip and he kind of waited till the last minute to decide that. And Ashley, obviously, wouldn't be able to go because she was working and couldn't take the time off of work and I didn't want to leave bree home alone for two weeks. And, yes, there, there was an argument about that. And it got pretty bad. Stacey said they had had a seven-hour argument in the garage. According to Stacey, David got upset, took a bottle of southern comfort, went into the bedroom and locked himself in, and reportedly got drunk. Wouldn't come out. I encouraged her to come over because she was just, you know, so distraught the entire weekend. She made the assumption, she told me, that he was either sleeping it off because he'd been inebriated the whole weekend, or was simply sleeping. She kept going over there to check on him. She said she'd put her ear up to the door. She said she heard him snoring. So she knew he was in there sleeping. But he wasn't sleeping, he was actually in the process of dying that weekend. On the nightstand next to the bed was a short glass half-full of a green liquid. Another glass that had some remnants of some juice, an apricot brandy bottle. There was a cranberry juice bottle there too. And then, underneath the bed there was a bottle of antifreeze that was on its side, with the top off. I remember standing in the kitchen and speaking with one of the members of the sheriff's office. Had observed a Turkey baster lying in the garbage can. And I noticed that it's got droplets inside it. So I pick it up and I pull the rubber ball off it and I smell it and I can smell alcohol in it. I know he's been drinking. I know alcohol is involved. I hat antifreeze is involved. People have committed suicide in the past by drinking antifreeze. It's not a pleasant way to go. They thought that this idea, this notion of a suicidewas really quite pla it's what the fold them, Stacey castor. Stacey had told me that David had been D because he had recently lost his father and that possibly his drinking and ide that weekend was as a result of him being depressed about his father's death. So at this point you have Stacey castor who is a grieving widow seemingly trying to be strong and carry on for the sake of her two daughters. She gets on the phone, and she's like, "I have to tell you something." And I was like, "What?" And she's like, "David killed himself." And I was like, "WHA why would he kill himself?" Like, I didn't know, really, that he rting like that. This case could very well havesed, and ended, and could have thought that David castor killed himself. This was a suicide. But for people who knew David castor, suicide?

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{"duration":"9:01","description":"Stacey Castor's husband David Castor was found dead in a bedroom at their home with a bottle of antifreeze underneath the bed and a glass of green liquid on the nightstand.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"60951348","title":"Woman's husband at first believed to have committed suicide with antifreeze: Part 1","url":"/2020/video/womans-husband-believed-committed-suicide-antifreeze-part-60951348"}