3-year-old Riley Fox disappears mysteriously from her family home: Part 1

Friends of Riley’s parents described her as a “little princess” who would “light up a room.” She had been sleeping in the family’s living room the night before her parents learned she’d disappeared.
7:11 | 05/08/21

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Transcript for 3-year-old Riley Fox disappears mysteriously from her family home: Part 1
still beats My first day as a jailbird. For one, I should not be here at all. I am very disappointed in myself. I could hear people saying, we got the baby Riley killer, kind of singing it. And that is when it all had begun, the journey through the second nightmare of my life. I was the furthest person to do this to Riley, yet here I am. A wonderful family. They were living the dream, and it all just shattered. Will you do a dance? Yeah. All right. Dance it off. Dance it off, baby. Whoo! Kevin fox is your all-American guy. A good union job as a painter. Melissa and Kevin went to high school together. They met after a volleyball game, and she asked him out for a date. We went to homecoming together. And we went to prom together. They were high school sweethearts. He's on the basketball team. She's a cheerleader. We were still dating when god made plans for us, and we had Tyler. And then we got married when he was 3. And had Riley a year after that. He was just such a loving, doting father. I feel like that's what I was put on this Earth to do, honestly. That's my joy in life. Riley. He had an especially close relationship with Riley. The two of them were inseparable. Watch where you're going. I can't. What? She had this perfect black hair and perfect little, round face. She'd just light up a room. Go real fast. She was like a little pocket rocket. Run, run, run, run, run! Riley was a lot like Melissa. She was a spunky, sassy little girl. Hey, where are you going? Find my mommy. She could be a little princess. She loved to have her nails painted. She was funny. She was silly. She was just a sweetheart. Did you go fishing last night? Yes, I did. She wasn't afraid to get dirty and play. When I think of Riley, I picture her on Kevin's shoulders. She was always a daddy's girl. Dad! Hi! Hi! I love you. I love you. She would just make your heart melt. Her hugs. Her smile. A really great portrait of the family emerged at the wedding of Kevin's brother. Riley stole the show in a little snow white princess dress. She had her hair whipped up into this confection of curls. There was a real long aisle, and she was supposed to take a right hand turn, and she kept on going up the stairs. She just wanted to be up in Kevin's arms. She didn't really care about throwing the flowers. One of the most moving images from that wedding was this photo of the family together. Kevin and Melissa, Tyler and Riley. This beautiful young family. And what became heartbreaking about is that it was the last photo of them ever as a family together. The weekend of June 5th is a turning point in the lives of the fox family. Mom goes out of town on a breast cancer walk. Got up early Saturday and started the walk. It was a beautiful day. It was hard. It was long, but we had a really good time together. We were just excited. We had matching shirts and shorts, and we got ribbons for our hair. Kevin and my brother Tony were going to go to a concert that night, Saturday night, and my mom had the kids. We went down to Belmont music fest, had some beers. Stayed there for a while. Right afterwards, we went to a burrito place. And then went back to Wilmington. I know that you were partying somewhat. I mean, how -- how big of an issue was alcohol that night? Oh, it wasn't a big issue at all. I had some beers. I was definitely not wasted. Kev was super adamant about picking the kids up at my mom's, but it was pretty late. I remember looking at the back of the car, and that was the last time I saw Riley. 1:00 A.M. He picks the kids up, brgs them home. It's late, so he puts them down in the living room. Because their beds weren't made, he places Tyler in a chair with an ottoman, and he puts Riley on the couch. Watched TV. I went outside and got my smokes. Had a cigarette on the porch. He remembers looking around and not seeing anyone out on the streets. It was just dead quiet. And then I went to bed myself. You went to bed. The kids were sleeping in the living room. Yes. And what's the next thing that you remember? Uh, Tyler waking me up and said that Riley was gone. At 8:00 A.M., Tyler came into Kevin's room. He shook my -- my leg and said, dad, Riley is gone. And it really didn't sink in at first. He gets up. He starts looking frantically all over the house. He thinks that she may be hiding somewhere. He looks in closets. He runs outside. And he callshe neighbor's house. It was a complete mystery. Nobody had any explanation for where she could have gone, where she would be. So then I -- started panicking. He decides to call the Wilmington police department. After about 30 or 40 minutes, he calls to say that he cant find his child. Wilmington police department. Yeah, uh, I was wondering if you can send an officer over here. My name's Kevin fox. I woke up this morning and my daughter's nowhere -- nowhere to How old is she? 3. You're kidding me. No. So you cannot find your 3-year-old daughter? No. For a 3-year-old to go missing in Wilmington was a big deal. This doesn't happen there. The worse news any parent It send chills through me.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"Friends of Riley’s parents described her as a “little princess” who would “light up a room.” She had been sleeping in the family’s living room the night before her parents learned she’d disappeared. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"77566739","title":"3-year-old Riley Fox disappears mysteriously from her family home: Part 1","url":"/2020/video/year-riley-fox-disappears-mysteriously-family-home-part-77566739"}