Female Soldiers Get Their Due: Pentagon Lifts Ban

Females make up 15 percent of the U.S. armed forces. Sgt. Scarlett Martinez is part of that group.
3:00 | 01/24/13

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Transcript for Female Soldiers Get Their Due: Pentagon Lifts Ban
Among these mountains there's a war going on the war for the hearts and minds of Afghanistan. Only this when -- -- place thousands of miles away from the -- country. In the -- of the Mojave Desert California. And here like in Afghanistan. Female soldiers are taking on an important new role in that effort. They just let him know that I need -- circular orbit over here at the national training center in Fort Irwin California a select group of nineteen women. Known as the female engagement team -- fed. Is undergoing the last stage of training before heading to Afghanistan early next year with the South Carolina army National Guard. -- Their task to be the point of contact with Afghan women because for cultural reasons they're not allowed -- -- with men outside of their family. And in the processes. They get crucial information in the army's counter intelligence efforts -- -- They're rebuilding. Is there anyone in your village that's -- This is the first time the South Carolina army National Guard an all male infantry battalion. Has -- feeling engagement team attached to -- unit. But this is not the first time that female engagement teens have been used during this war. -- first implemented with the Marines in Iraq in 2003. And based on their gains all forces were instructed to create their own teens in 2009. That sometimes the men they CEO says you know -- -- the females part in the infantry now but. For them it's their starting to realize that -- an asset to them. -- -- -- because it allows the army to communicate with Afghanistan's other half of the population. Women. And these key to -- a female soldiers is prompting the US military. To re evaluate its own policy which has officially ban the women from combat since 1993. The -- is -- -- American females are on the front lines. The American public snow this. They're on the front lines and they're doing the same thing. Fighting to save more equally as their American male soldiers. Federal penal slogans like Scarlett is not only minutes of learning the skills and other information from Afghan women. It -- infantry company they belong to comes under fire may have to respond in the same stamina and then. And they learn those skills here at the national training and. The box as it's known among soldiers is -- thousand square mile compound almost the size of Rhode Island. With thirteen villages scattered throughout replicating this sounds smells and look -- Afghan villages. How close is the national training center -- accident conditions. That you find once you -- -- -- The terrain. Is almost as it -- almost -- while the same as in Afghanistan here's our soldiers that training. The deal in the environment of Afghanistan similar to see the size of -- -- many small villages in Afghanistan. In dealing with the Afghan populace there would do not speak their language and have a culture different arms. The training here at national training center is very titled -- and establishing the Fed's Latino engagement team in the company level. I'm prior to this point speaking on kids and teens were trained separately -- everyone together we trained as a very. So here at national training center they're learning being cohesive as a female engagement team but they're also -- to -- cohesive. As part of their company. And surges scar that my -- knows the army routine well. This is her third deployment but it's her first with a female engagement team and her first as a mother. Her three year old daughter and my -- back at home with their parents in Floyd and a. Yes how you feeling. It's it's difficult sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to get something better in the future and that's what I'm -- for me and my daughter but it's very difficult. And for Scarlett that sacrifice means the possibility of -- enough money for a down payment for a house. But it's also a chance to be a part of the world that has been off limits to women in the military and British. Relief female soldiers are air support role to this gives us an opportunity to actually link up can -- -- an infantry units. They go on these missions image -- women. Women's rights groups and lawmakers argue that the current combat exclusion policy prevents female soldiers. Who now make up 15% of the US armed forces. From advancing up the chain of command as combat experience is necessary for certain positions. The Department of Defense is currently reviewing the women's -- exclusive policy it is expected to deliver a report later in the year. Is -- time. In the US government to officially out loud female soldiers to fight in the front line female soldiers have proven themselves. To understand the complexities of battle. And -- the toughness and physical fortitude to be able to fight side by side -- their male counterpart. I would support the females on the front line. In Fort Irwin California. -- such a pretty it still. Univision news.

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{"id":18303074,"title":"Female Soldiers Get Their Due: Pentagon Lifts Ban","duration":"3:00","description":"Females make up 15 percent of the U.S. armed forces. Sgt. Scarlett Martinez is part of that group.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/pentangon-lifts-ban-women-combat-18303074","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}