Inside the Madonna music and fashion craze of 1985

Many '80s girls want to be just like the movie star and musical sensation.
3:18 | 08/16/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside the Madonna music and fashion craze of 1985
Finally this evening Madonna. If you think we are referring to the sweet expressions by the Peter Rafael. You clearly do not have a teenage daughter Madonna is a movie star or rock video sensation. And tonight she winds up at 26 city concert to her which has been completely sold out largely to teenage girls. Many of whom might be called Madonna wannabes. And what are those US here's ABC's Betsy Aaron. Is let down. And today are not. But they want to be. They want to be thing. He's back. He talented. Being rich. And they want what Madonna long. Form content and wound. Through the typical. For the moment she packed with her record and her movie and her idiot. Relayed by the same name is three Madonna and rested it released Chacon. And she was no accident waiting to happen. It's clever calculating ambitious aggressive 25 year old Bay City, Michigan packaged herself to sell. The whole adding up to much more than the individual park. But she is the lowest common denominator of the American dream she's got at all. You know his career is his love like popular. And they want it all oh sure this is heating. Element you famous like Madonna. They're street wise funky trashy book is not new. It doesn't matter. Their brand of teaching is not new. It doesn't matter. The Mallard vidro look like it's not a victim she's courageous and Jackson got me an individual and I think Europe he. That is that she is evidence he has heard doubt she has. Sexual but she's strong and it's fun it's young it's trending it's sexy and sex sells. The naked middle of course that the lady that Julie the crucifixes. You can't sound like this audience here I don't want it now. What I beat kids really thank. I want to be a very engine but I want to be very few who looks like I'm slot. And the more youngsters learn about her less population being. When she becomes a flesh and blood person. Then it's on to the next. You see it happen Harris and her fans believe it'd be killed analyst. And so will play. Betsy Aaron ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Many '80s girls want to be just like the movie star and musical sensation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"57215352","title":"Inside the Madonna music and fashion craze of 1985","url":"/Archives/video/inside-madonna-music-fashion-craze-1985-57215352"}