Apple CEO: 'We Pay All the Taxes We Owe'

Timothy Cook calls for simplification of U.S. tax code in his Senate testimony.
1:35 | 05/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Apple CEO: 'We Pay All the Taxes We Owe'
I am not an unfair person. That's not who we yours accompany Apple's chief executive Timothy Cook this morning. Defending the global technology powerhouse from accusations -- -- tens of billions of dollars from US tax collectors. Apple CEO was adamant it's the tax code that needs fixing and not what he called. Apple sensible corporate behavior we pay all the taxes we -- Every single dollar. Not so according to congressional investigators. Issued a report yesterday he healing complex web -- -- -- around the world. Three very important -- and Ireland that they say apple used to avoid paying their full share of taxes. While no one accuses apple breaking any laws senators charged that they had used connections -- -- their tax burden you shifted. That golden goose apple had at least one defender at the hearing senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. I think that the congress should be on trial here for creating a buzz is all our. And Byzantine tax code that runs into the tens of thousands of pages. For creating a tax code that simply doesn't compete with the rest of the world -- a great company that no company. No company should be able to determine how much it's gonna pay in taxes comedy profits they're gonna keep on -- What apple wants is a simplification of the tax code and a lowering of the tax rate. As it stands apple pointed out that it's already the largest corporate taxpayer and America having doled out six billion dollars last year. Susan -- me ABC news Washington.

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{"id":19228063,"title":"Apple CEO: 'We Pay All the Taxes We Owe'","duration":"1:35","description":"Timothy Cook calls for simplification of U.S. tax code in his Senate testimony.","url":"/Business/video/apple-ceo-tim-cook-we-pay-taxes-owe-19228063","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}