Everything Is Awesome for Lego

Lego books $1 billion in profit last year, a 15% jump.
5:06 | 02/25/15

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Okay. It's Wednesday February 25 the markets in New York are open and our big number this morning is one billion that is the amount of profit. Lego booked last year it's a 15%. Jump in income as the plastic brick toy construction maker. Continues to build on its recent success in fact it's like those tenth consecutive record breaking earnings report for 2014 hello everyone. I'm tired Hernandez in new York and here are details is retail expert Jeff MacKey and Yahoo! finance. Jackie don't even have to be it parent to see like a success if you watch the Oscars you saw some of their rabid how did everything get so off. You know this company is just really game good. And you know I'm inclined not to want to talk about this as an American success story because it's not actually based in America. But ten years ago light or wears on the cusp of bankruptcy. They told her on the got better at just building the simple bricks. They got better marketing them and they realize is that little kids for all the hype over all this tact and they want to be digital everything else. There's something very tactile about there's building stuff and that never goes away that's a human being thing it's not a matter how old your kid as. Lago tapped into that whether to lawmakers failed and as a result record profits yet again this year. So so is this number a result of long term planning over their particular hot products this year that really took like there. Well they don't break everything out because the company private at which means that a lot of people are getting very rich and you and I don't gets really scrutinized that carefully. They didn't say that they they did well not too surprisingly in a lot of the toys that were tied into that movie of course the Lego movie I think it was the creative Ahmadabad. Com Ed and it's a they sold a ton of those but they were strong across the board. Late though doesn't really get mired in whether or not individual lines are are successful. Or going to be failing leg or just keeps cranking them out new ideas new brands they're tied in to do superheroes they're tied in to them to their own movie. They've tried female scientists mergers actually something that that Mattel did with their CEO barbies. I'm then that's a nice way to kind of compare the two companies Lego tried it it didn't work the company moved on. Mattel is still whining about CEO Barbie not being a success and how that's just pass a pan as a result. Legos earning twice as much as Mattel and just flanking along Lama targets beaten up. So they keep moving and they are gonna keep hitting the theaters they're working with Warner Bros. on its movies I believe they have to coming out when he sixteen and 2017. Could you see this company taking creative hot add T taking on that creative contents by its south perhaps. I used to dealing DreamWorks are they looking to expand in that way. Trimarche should be so lucky that stock is getting beaten up this morning as it turns out Shrek not so hot. But it end so DreamWorks was a rumored acquisition target for 35 bucks a share something last summer. Now there in the teens I don't know why Lego would want to get involved in that type relationship one thing that they've done and that's to find this turn around and most business turnarounds. Is a strip away all the stuff they're not good out and they got down to the nuts and bolts of what Lego does. And Matt specifically in this case was making sixty billion Lego bricks over the last twelve months. Which is just a mind. The low wing type of number that's ten Lego bricks for every man woman and child on the entire planet. By the way big company. If they agent 500 bricks to make those take Oscars that they they act that out on Oscar night by the way. So I did they talk about their plan to continue to stay relevant I mean there there is certainly a move in this tech savvy world. You know to get kids in front of screens rather than physical toys. And ensure there is and what Legos done is really it should serve as a case study at least better business schools. In terms of how you go about staying relevant in the new tech world. While the same time conquering the world's that you RD have a strong foothold in. And sewed like go as a parent I've played the Lego videogames where chart which are delightful and fun. But not too far afield when when your character and a Lego videogame dies he explodes and all kinds different pieces mind it's reassembled it's very cute and and that's a way that let Harris Heidi and they unique physical experience with the modern necessity of having a video presents so you can sit literally and play a video game on your television while watching the Lego movie on your iPad. And casually building Harry potters kingdom lot of actual real physical Legos. Something that I actually have done as a parents not to go all Lego fan boy here. But it's just an incredible company and has an eternal tell you if you can find wholesome toys that are actually fun to play west with your kids. Is manned by a mob him and some. That's hard to stay true to yourself yet along with the times Jeff MacKey from Yahoo! finance you so much. For joining us. Again you can of course keep up with the latest headlines right here on abcnews.com you've been watching the big number I'm tired and his New York.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"Lego books $1 billion in profit last year, a 15% jump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"29212792","title":"Everything Is Awesome for Lego ","url":"/Business/video/awesome-lego-29212792"}