The Battle of the Wines: Will Boxed Take Over Bottled This Summer?

Steffan Bankier CEO of Public House Wine says more people are opting for boxed wine over bottled.
4:48 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for The Battle of the Wines: Will Boxed Take Over Bottled This Summer?
-- from drinking in the correlate to drinking the line this summer everyone is buzzing about boxed wine and if you don't believe me just a grocery store. And count the number of boxed wines now on store shelves the reason is simple. Easy access. I what do bringing co-founder and CEO public house -- stepped on being here with tapping into this new trend it's a nice have you step I'm very much happen to be here and he brought along some samples did. But some wind to share. To be -- troop arrivals right now -- -- wrong cavernous something known both from Chile. The cool thing about this cavernous ambulance having a -- is that it is the first and only -- appointment comes cops Xbox easy. Easy but no thought of -- yet. Miller had thought of it because I think that this category doesn't get lot of love. Because I think in the past we consider that the lower quality product. People thought I was down market they associate boxed -- what that box that sits in the refrigerator all summer long and you know somebody walks up with a cup fills up their -- -- goes about their -- exactly who you're changing that. We're change entirely. There's a lot of benefits -- box one of the very few people know about like. What is -- three liter box comes with four bottles worth of warning here and that's where -- -- way to much more efficient way. There's no waste with a glass typically a bottle of -- is 40% glass 60% wine is 90% -- 10% -- It comes with the cops and stays fresh for among -- -- which is fantastic from go to have a glass of my. Longer than a bottle of wine we keep exactly. And why would you come up with this I mean when you stand the world of opportunities and different start -- some things you could be doing -- clearly an entrepreneurial person. Why this. The very good question sometimes ask -- -- through. I was working and advertising with big alcohol brands of the big wondering that I loved wine the way drank wasn't the same when my parents say for example. And being in the category realize there was no for an that existed from my generation from the -- category so I decided there was a huge opportunity here. And better than toil away creating ads for larger brands and model who -- for myself -- do it yourself. -- get the -- sets from Chile -- -- So this one is actually imported potentially huge bags similar what's in the box because it's a more efficient way of keeping one. The department of -- -- -- packaged. With our drug -- -- and sent to the warehouse and from there we just make the sales and you know -- Right -- -- -- -- stores here in liquor stores throughout the northeastern. Area we're actually just in New York premiere in New York you've made -- very -- -- -- -- and focus all of -- from in New York we actually. Also opened up in Tennessee of the test market really consider that a white and it really. It's a great market there's a lot of sort of younger up and -- people it's not too pretentious it's not too competitive some people's faith in next Allston this kind of cool factor there. And without any marketing support is doing really well so -- happy to see that and the price point how did you first of all what are the prices obvious you. Each one he's about 35 dollars reached 35 dollars which you're saying yeah 44 bottles per box. How come up with that price point that must've been a difficult choice. It was there's a premium category evolving in the box one category and their priced anywhere from 25 to fifty dollars. We felt that our one is better than most of them are what's all of them from a little biased. In thirty to 35 was a sweet spot because you're buying wine that is of a certain quality of -- twelve dollars per -- quality. But it's not such an expensive purchase that there's a huge -- sticker price you're basically getting. Four bottles. Twelve dollar wind for little under ten dollars which I think it's perfect -- So was it was partially about -- was about getting people to adopt to it to actually have that willingness to try it in the first place. You're focused on -- -- you have this Tennessee Ingle was well. What's the goal. Well the goal is to really establish our brand as the brand for the progressive are pretentious consumer that is very social and doesn't really care about a lot of the Hassell associate with a category and the goal is to become synonymous with anytime you're with your friends drinking wine we wanna be the one that -- an experience for you. Would you want to get bought out by a -- vineyard for example I mean could that be the end game for you. I would hope -- -- vineyard. You know getting bought out -- always good and bad in there. I think that eventually for this to become the brand that we hope it'll become we should get bought out to tap into some distribution. But we really want to controls as long as possible that's one of the reasons we stayed in New York really really create a passionate following. Among New Yorkers. Step thank you so much it's called public -- -- you -- -- on public house my dot com get. Find out where it sold in New York -- -- -- and Tennessee and Tennessee cheers thank you so much the -- appreciate it.

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{"id":24074216,"title":"The Battle of the Wines: Will Boxed Take Over Bottled This Summer? ","duration":"4:48","description":"Steffan Bankier CEO of Public House Wine says more people are opting for boxed wine over bottled.","url":"/Business/video/battle-wines-boxed-bottled-summer-24074216","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}