The Best Tablet You Can Buy for Your Baby to Clearing up Sochi's Social Media Myths

Rebecca Jarvis Talks the hottest topics trending this week 2.13.2014.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for The Best Tablet You Can Buy for Your Baby to Clearing up Sochi's Social Media Myths
Hello and welcome to real bits I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in a snowy New York City here's what's happening right now no more sticky fingers. From your kids on your expensive iPad -- was created tablets for -- plus. Who wants to -- up food shopping in this snowstorm. A fresh diet delivered right to your door. And lots of rumors swirling on social media about -- we're gonna break down what's true and what's -- with someone who should know. He's the Olympic medalist Tim morehouse -- to get right to it does this look familiar. Now there's. Yeah. -- -- your kid dropped the iPad that would be a couple hundred dollars out the window you've probably seen. That -- a dozen times so our next guest the CEO of boo -- but. It gave them an idea that -- tablet for tots no wonder who was named the most promising company in America. By -- and we're joined now by the brains behind the operation from Los Angeles Jim Mitchell he's the CEO who. -- you're lucky to be joining us from LA although it is early there. It it is colder there than it is in Sochi but certainly warmer than it is in New York City this morning. Well it's a pleasure -- thank you for having me and so how did you come up with this idea Jeb. Well yeah I mean you said it earlier were all parents and we get really tired of giving our children the iPad and having me -- break it -- would come back as you said was sticky stuff fall over there. Apps missing. And we really didn't have a choice right we had either at the time the iPad. We had these toys that number one our kids one and number two they would only last for a few weeks. So that's why we created this this new. You know new device which is really a tablet that strong enough for an adult are powerful enough for -- -- But is really made for kids has parental controls. This pre loaded with great content education. And all kinds of things really to surprise and delight kids on a daily basis. You know full disclosure I personally have dropped my iPad before so it's sort of -- that -- -- questioned the why -- if you can do it for -- the way you're doing it why not make it something that works for adults. Well you know there's a lot of players out in the market that are making tablets for adults what we really focus on is. Creating great experiences for kids I mean it's an area. So many kids are using tablets and devices if you go -- restaurant you probably see kids everywhere using iphones and so forth. And so there's there's this huge that the demand is this there. And by really partnering up with some of the giants in the industry so that the folks that make our tablet of the same people that make the iPad a company called Foxconn. And with partnering with folks like DreamWorks. Thinking great amazing contents and education and all that. We think that there's that just a great opportunity to focus on an area that we are really passionate about which -- kids and families. Why do -- not -- what does that even mean. Well nodding means butterfly in Korean and so first we love the name. As catchy and -- do is -- and and -- is really it's a whole transformational piece you know we. We believe as I mentioned earlier as parents that these tablets should not just be for playing but also for. Kids to learn so we have a whole educational platform on there. Which has the core curriculum for all fifty states in a fun way. For kids to play. And in fact with our new tablet that's coming out the dream -- we're partnering with DreamWorks. And is you can imagine Jeffrey Katzenberg wants -- the next generation of artists and animators in and storytellers. So or even using. The animators who created -- and and and cut income fu panda and and the like. The teach kids how to create how to draw on how to tell stories. So this device is really become more than just a gaming device for kids that we don't want them to drop or we can let them drop it's become a really. A tool for kids to be more creative more passionate and and -- -- learned it and grow on. We should point out Disney is the parent company ABC news that's important for people that know. When it comes to the problems that you're looking at of the future at the things that you'd like to address what do you see as the biggest business opportunities. For things that just don't make sense that could be more child friendly. Well you know first of all there's parental controls and and and that's key to our our device right letting parents. Be comfortable giving the tablet take a -- from the time they open up the box. And play with -- for as long as they want. So I I think that's one that we we really focus on and the other one is continuing to provide experiences to grow with the child. Because as you know I have I have a daughter -- seven and a daughter who's ten and they both like different things but they can both views are not be tablet. Right so making sure that we can provide those experiences. They grow with the child to provide learning education as well as fun games. And frankly can help them. To -- help busted teach them good you know good behavior and so forth. Absolutely we'll Jim Mitchell of -- thank you so much for joining us. Enjoy the rest of your day hopefully your trip home is -- less slushy than everybody in the northeast part of the country will be today. Well thank you very much and try to stay warm out there okay wealthier thanks so -- -- Thanks -- toys to food it might not feel like spring is almost here with this wicked winter storm hitting the East Coast. But now is definitely -- time that you could start thinking about spring and summer. -- -- -- in those clothes eating healthy obviously a big part of it but cooking. Can definitely be a hassle we want to bring -- only -- when he is founder and chairman of fresh diet the company that delivers fresh foods your doorstep also is all me. Managed to make -- away from the storm in Miami this morning so you're enjoying things there -- trust. How how -- -- your business is national though. How is it as a small business competing with all of these national companies in the -- space. -- definitely not easy you know compared to the big players like -- future system any -- -- are very hurt. And we're eating with it marketing dollar and don't have so it's not easy but thanks you. -- -- -- generation we let them with social media and public relations were able to get our. Brand out there and our team out there and really gotten me come -- in this up very saturated industry. Right -- and I think it it's of less and for anybody who is thinking about starting a business. In a space where there are existing players and big ones at that. What do you think is the most important thing that you did as a company to get your name out to grow the business when you have the Weight Watchers the Jenny Craig's of the world out there competing with you. Think for us it was creating a superior product and really giving people. And something. Healthy but as well as -- may act. And deliver fresh you know the big players out there are not. At all up to -- to what we deliver we're delivering fresh food every single day we're giving our customers a lot of choices to pick from on line. I suppose you really a generic frozen arched a staple product that shipped to you medium month at a time getting each -- from the -- for us. It was really about creating a much superior product and giving our customers that choice -- -- obviously it's more expensive. But the with price -- A lot better experience so for -- that was -- We do have we have -- product here adds that it smells really guided. -- your story they'll -- you put so much on the line to make this happen you mortgaged your home as many small businesses that do they have to mortgage their home in order to get that start up capital. In terms of the unknowns a day like today is a perfect example the weather. How does that impact your door to door service. Yeah and it definitely impacts us we've been delivering in the north east we deliver from a Brooklyn kitchen to Boston Washington DC Philadelphia to New York tristate area. And we've been doing that since about 2008 and it's been pretty easy for us but this year has been really active -- for the -- time -- missed delivery days. I'm because obviously you know what's going on a -- and -- -- usual basis. We have a really good technology system core -- infrastructure green logistic structure that allows us you know. May postal but -- we do the deliveries ourselves or not really counting on a third party if and that goes a far away so we have to delay production. Or delayed deliveries it's all in our hands and that really out a constant winter storms. Or -- for example he went anti last year and -- easy so at some practice. One last question about that the meal plan so if if someone wanted to do this three meals a day this this isn't cheap. What kind of price plan would you put together. There. -- so where at about 35 dollar a -- price. And that's -- Lee. What we're trying to focus on we want to continue growing as we have been so. We're gonna focus on bringing up ice went down -- be rolling out some other value lines or I'm eat -- to compete with the bigger players but right now get three meals two snacks. It's about 35 dollars a -- delivered to your door and that's with delivery. Am I MIA reading between the lines here but there's going to be bars and -- says one of these days. Yeah I mean in the future we had an amazing infrastructure so whether it's partnering with outside people that are looking for great infrastructure international franchising organic or in organic growth other -- I mean we. Are looking at it also works cited what the future holds. Crash diet is -- me thank you so much we really appreciate you joining us. Thanks -- happening. And we are now one week into the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics lots of rumors. Flooding social media so we ask the proud Tim morehouse he's an Olympic medalist in fencing an Olympic commentator. To clarify what is fact and fiction. Hear how the -- All right great if everybody glad to automated Internet -- -- -- -- home in the -- but I was it was Olympic feat getting here now wasn't it was an Olympic feat. Yes so -- -- what was happening on the field but there's always lot of fun things happening off and -- Sochi games there is no shortage of viral stories and really Anderson rumors that are out there are some heard about Greg Oden itself many himself many of them some of -- some of the best ones -- -- and I think. Most of them are false and fortunately okay there is one that. About who in his shirtless picture -- hotel rooms that -- real that is -- unfortunately not real action would have loved that I'd done a surgeon added I'm sure it was who -- in my room. There was one of course that ever remembers the malfunction opening ceremonies of the fifth the -- that there was the story was actually all over my FaceBook and social -- honest to god had been killed. The guy who didn't get the fifth ring right like there's one guy to mess that up -- and he was killed. That was unfortunately that was Little Falls without one spread like wild fire look there is this account in that one of the articles there was this account from one of the cops on the scene. And the accounts -- something like you know he was covered in bruises and knife marks but. He could've maybe just fallen -- -- night for some it was something along those lines so it seemed. Unlikely but that I thought will be be there's a translation -- here and I think it's not real. People really read articles anymore I think they like headlines and pictures yeah -- and then when your source of information is your FaceBook friend now. -- that that leaves a lot of false rumors being spread around. How about Clinton's girlfriend is she actually carry the Olympic Torch she did carry -- -- Olympic Torch I'd still rules and Olympia. But she says she wasn't olympians though to be fair to Dotson who now and his rumored girlfriend she she was an Olympic champions and it -- a bronze medal so there was -- wasn't like -- you know just like a model he's been dating -- carried. The torch but it was a little suspicious for everyone Manhattan -- they didn't mention that as they are walking out a little and nepotism but. Vladimir Putin he's in Russia and -- -- -- wants. Apparently cat -- -- -- Johnny grant. Yes -- eyewitness he really stuck in the elevator so he had his of that one of the find near epic stories again this. -- got stuck in his room in his bathroom which was actually -- ambulance at a tournament. He broke through his door and tweeted and that went viral you know tens of thousands of people sharing that story and the very next day he got stuck in the elevator. It just one -- one thing after the next a funny sidebar to this is captain Kirk William Shatner. And up with a very funny Twitter conversation with and just tweeting -- -- about the doors and stuff so. You love all these great stories that are going to -- story aside all of that aside shadow I think part of Asia and although I'd say the Russians are getting a little bit offended now there is hash tags energy problems and appetite twitters that you probably actually has. Ten times more dollars and -- -- Olympics. -- accounts. They're feeling like we're a little unappreciated and some years athletes not actually started to tweet out we really appreciate all the work that. -- peninsula what is it 51 billion dollars 51 million dollars and you're getting stuck in bathrooms and elevators and now. And -- but but so far the games on the field and in Hungary and that's you know the US has been bringing home some -- that's. Which is what we also -- -- -- here. The Olympic gold medalist in -- style is it true. That something happened there with him. So yes the State Capitol customers great story no one really expect him to win the gold medal sort of came out -- -- And then he's been out of breath of fresh air and that his comments are really not what you expect -- -- Olympic champion so. His big -- was he has not worked out since September right Jim. Which but we're gonna have to go it is this came straight from him so what he does do yoga though which I think you count as a work -- my what my wife -- count I don't necessarily count of the polar but if it's it's -- script out. So and then also you know he said that the trick that really won -- the goal now was his first time ever doing this trick. Which I have a hard time moving but the guy won the gold so we're and take his word for -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes so it actually by the way -- -- like tweeted yes. -- earlier this morning she was literally it was like some frozen during that she was enjoying -- -- tank top. They're calling it a mixture of like Miami or something and now an LA out there. And and -- -- so in 2012 New York City bid for the summer games and perhaps fisherman bidding for the winter games because we are buried in snow and and so tonight us -- sixty degrees Fahrenheit this week which. By the way so prior to the Olympics I said oh my gosh it's going to be so -- in Russia. And all of these people that know actually so she doesn't get that school so this isn't like it came out of the blue. So -- is a warm part of Russia. Yes so she's a warm -- actually who can actually bought tons of us know. And -- is games pop culture is snow whatever they needed a hot. So it's really the for the athletes and little difficult at snow's been a little bit wet in the huge and slow slow -- caused some accidents -- -- seeing out there but that. I think got people -- who might be better off and so -- and what is -- it with the speed skaters. -- so that we love a good wardrobe -- -- So. The speed skater she won and then -- As he was going up next are zipping down -- student initiated forgotten that there is nothing underneath -- -- Such attack -- there is no -- there -- no exposure. But it would just that story went viral and and breaking news there was AM last year yesterday -- -- lost his pants while skiing. So that's that is that -- currently pants pattern he was jumping in name that -- -- on his underwear but they came down -- that out of course is going about right now we we love a good. It feels like. Eight in Boston so. I don't know I think I don't believe you plan that when you're going down a mountain out here and I can't not to come and he's probably got to have a million pounds that lifetime. I don't know what happened get. Get tighter -- -- snow pants from what I the moral of the story here is out wardrobe malfunctions -- ratings and viral stories though you know. If we have one right now we can probably in the south to millions of people's -- Tip they follow through my -- having -- good luck getting home that yes and I may still be here later in the day it's your friends -- and not a -- I that would I don't ski home at about slam home and I make me -- over that I can deliver the -- healthy food here -- -- -- -- doctor Roth yet definitely -- at -- really appreciate you joining us and good luck with everything and come back and CS and awesome absolutely well and -- team USA written them down more eagle USA. -- that out -- you so much for joining us for real this until next time that this is Rebecca Jarvis from snowy new.

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