6 Big Customer Service Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

Queen of reviews Angie Hicks reveals the best way to deal with negative reviews.
6:30 | 08/05/14

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Transcript for 6 Big Customer Service Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid
Well lavender -- hated especially if you're a young company restaurant bar hairdresser getting that negative feedback online hurts it does a little bit but wait before you lose your cool because you wanna listen up. Are your reaction can make or break your business and I want to bring in the queen -- reviews. -- -- she is founder of Andy's list the go to consumer website for company reviews. They've got over one and a half million paying subscribers it's so nice to have you with -- Angie welcome. The more. So we teased this at the beginning of the show there was this story that a hotel in upstate New York is now. Coming under fire because they have this 500 dollar fine policy that if somebody. Rights and that review they are going to actually. Buying that for that that review there's been a lot of negative. Negative reaction a lot of back -- and then the company came out and and came out and said that no this was just a joke but. Nonetheless it's a lot of negative reviews out -- absolutely the most terrible and welcoming environment I have ever experienced. The staff was not friendly almost as though they are doing you a favor by helping you. So -- We've got these reviews up what do you think and this. -- approach are finding your customers are reviewing -- just the wrong approach and you're certainly not addressing the real situation and honestly. You're -- yourself for the ability to get -- back. I always suck on it and -- in this business expert for nearly twenty years. Everybody's gonna get it -- Now and then but it really is -- -- -- the beginning how do you handle the situation is really get to tell a lot about your company. Because really gonna say hey what happened to something doesn't go right because that's when you really know what the companies made out. Shore and it what are the best companies that the ones that give you the feedback that and his list is working for -- the online reviews are working for them they're responding well. To the negative reviews weren't really doing specifically Angie for the all the companies out there the small businesses out there were paying attention to -- as what can they do better. Really actually so doing well the one they're actively involved in reading and learning from the reviews they're receiving. You know don't be afraid of reviews there -- great feedback mechanism and you honestly they can really help you adjust your business. -- my best advice is if you get feedback and it's actually something you've done wrong apologize for it and fix the problem. Also. Whenever you -- -- think sometimes people's gut reaction is to respond right off the -- I. Highly discourage that now have a -- copy. About it. And didn't come back and respond to -- sometimes your first response might not the response you actually want out there and attached to your name. So it -- -- remember not to please everybody all the time but you want to be thoughtful and respectful of the customer. And need to remember that you know your reviews are accumulation of a number of years so one review is not going to make the difference. But -- that response is definitely gonna make the -- One of the -- tactics that we've seen news lately is something you call -- consumer gag order and we've heard it described as a waiver what is it and why do you oppose them so strongly. It is. The consumer's right to free speech and young -- against anything that will do that. So what's happening here you're seeing companies that -- -- -- -- a Trenton on Alaska or companies are. Writing in other contracts just does this hotel it that you're not allowed to speak about -- -- with the provider. And yet this really comes down the -- what are you trying to hide year. You know what are they trying they don't trust you to keep an honest review it makes you wonder what's going on with the company if -- -- upgrade that are negative review might come means that the odds are probably pretty hot so. Best advice for Vermont is don't use the company makes your -- -- Don't use the company they. And anytime it -- becomes -- accompanied it is. That is using the gag orders or waivers will actually put it on their accounts of the consumers know that that's occurring that they. India where. In the in the interests of transparency which is what and -- is all about. What what would you say Angie are your top six online reputation management mistakes. The first thing you know it is a read -- repeat it don't ignore it and you'd be active participant in your -- On earth on -- fully and fix the things that you know that you can fix. And apologized that you've made a mistake that a long way for folks also give yourself time before you respond. Don't be don't be too quick to respond because if you are here a lot of times organization something you know you don't want to say. And including situations -- putting into place protection against her views. Is a sign that there something wrong with the company -- don't you don't know these waivers and please don't -- these gag orders and place. And -- finally you know committed to the point of having -- to a consumer. Yet that's usually not about the project there's a lot of other options yet talked to the consumer talked to them -- find out what's wrong. But don't take a -- position in these that you -- because all too long enough -- -- And also turns it is there is a turn -- other consumers who might consider using your company. What do you make -- Angie I mean you mentioned not suing them. And for the most part this is not happening are not lawsuits but there are a handful of lawsuits out there. The business basically says hey consumer you lied this did not actually happen and you've ruined my business is there at all -- place. For settling -- disputes. With the legal system. Playing there are situations that go to the illegals is not saying -- -- -- -- -- -- encourage -- looked at every possibility for going now -- -- remember as a consumer. You you have a right to give your honest opinion if you're giving your -- honest experienced. You know you're protected in that regard so I want to encourage consumers to remember that. And don't feel intimidated by a company bids that's threatening that they're going to see you because you know in the end -- your position is protected by. You're honest. Angie thank you so much we really appreciate you being with us on real -- and -- Here.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Queen of reviews Angie Hicks reveals the best way to deal with negative reviews.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"24848233","title":"6 Big Customer Service Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid","url":"/Business/video/big-customer-service-mistakes-business-avoid-24848233"}