'The Big Number': Amazon Debuts $99 Streaming Device

The online retail giant enters the streaming market with Amazon Fire TV.
3:00 | 04/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Big Number': Amazon Debuts $99 Streaming Device
Okay. It's Thursday April 3 the markets in New York City -- open in today's big number 89 dollars. That's how much Amazon's fire -- fuel cost of the online recent. Steps into the home TV and streaming video market. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen for more on the economics of -- all I want to bring in -- -- from Yahoo! finance. Long rumored Lauren Amazon's TV play is now a reality. It doesn't danger consumers won't look to the place where they -- shoes and other items to place to the place where they stream video. Yeah I know about -- because these days Amazon has its hand in everything different video contents -- will. Then items you just mentioning to diapers to toilet paper to you. Selling in the competitors in this space and also advisor or call the number of people have Amazon Kindle so this -- not anything for Amazon to be going into the hardware market. And selling something that could help bring back customers for the things -- provide such as books that it sells on the Ken doll and show -- and videos. That it sells on Amazon because they've really ventured into video producing their own -- and an -- huge library. At noon knees and and other contents for Amazon prime members and -- Let's do things consumers like this one stop shop you know of course Amazon -- a bit late into the game what specifically are they -- -- that makes this the must have set top box. So what. OK so basically all of this set top boxes in -- State's offer the basics daylight it is stream Netflix and Hulu plus and -- -- really he at. Contents and date date -- viewers want. A couple of the things Amazon is offering that others do not. What can you can actually just say what you wanna watch and according to Amazon it works pretty well sometimes -- as voice. Command type of things don't always play out that well but Amazon is promising that this one will work and not something that the others. We're not crumbs out yeah that's -- -- exactly won't you know they faces are sometimes confusing so to the voice command actually appealed to me because I would rather do that and navigate that interfaces that sometimes are not worth navigating they take too long. And any other thing that they're offering is at at 301999. -- -- means kind of command backing teller. And you can -- Indian games on Amazon for freer for a small cost. This kid attract the casual -- now it here and really being addicted PS for -- -- easier not and it go to Amazon to play video games -- this might appeal to families. Or as I said someone just casually plays video games another a couple of things that things Amazon's offering. So Amazon jumping into the water of course apple TV has been up and running for quite awhile and -- -- -- rumbles from apple -- response about this. What is not to react and that's a really good -- to see if people are really worried about what had happened apple you know the reality is apple TV's done pretty well according -- figure it sold a billion dollars worth of apple TDs last year. One of the differences between apple TV and percent of its competitor is is it on apple TV you actually can't get an Amazon. Is standing ELU do you have access to apple iTunes store which other set top boxes do not offer said that's one of the differing -- differentiating factors. Rather about apple TV -- And Google and chrome as well what do upsides and downsides for consumers on all of these systems -- it really just a matter of preference. -- still -- -- for Google. -- -- for example. That is really going on price it's only 35 -- apple TV is 99 dollars Amazon fire has a competitive price 99 dollars similar to apple. Our same as apple and then -- who has different options high and is 99 the lowing it's fifty dollars so. Comcast really is dominant on pricing you want to relate low price point device that allows you to stream. That's what you're gonna get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it's not as comprehensive or as user friendly or as quick and fantastic it's the other options out there but it is cheap. And that is certainly. Plus on that the price point gap talk about a couple of other things now another tech note Microsoft took a shot at apple theory yesterday announced seen. Court a new personal assistant. Gas at a distance is that fit your area and Rob Lowe -- -- -- yeah. Know how much theory actually ever really took off I think it was one of those -- that people were super excited about and I don't know how many people do you ever CD talking to Syria on -- iPhone. I don't know I don't know Illini see a lot I yeah exactly so -- -- the acrid kind of different. Yes -- got a little bit different because -- -- response to some questions with witty response isn't she tells a few jokes that she's in. Doug says that Microsoft sassy -- rivals so maybe a little more assassin just. Putting into the market something that Microsoft was lacking apple -- Oscar. It'll be on the Windows Phone eight point one which the company will start selling. In the coming months ended once it's out of market it will seal -- more. And how important -- feature do you think about personal assistant is that voice -- talking back to you. I don't is that important yet I mean that's just what I I surmise from. Just kind of seeing how people in adopted this kind of technologies you know we're a long way away from that kind of artificial intelligence that was in the movie her -- what we still -- very basic and it seems a little bit almost gimmicky bank and -- we'll see it seems that more people are getting -- -- maybe it'll improve and more people will take timid and it'll become very important sounds good Lauren -- from Yahoo! thanks for joining us once again. Thank you so much you of course can keep up with the latest headlines right here on abcnews.com. You've been watching the big number I'm Michelle Franzen New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The online retail giant enters the streaming market with Amazon Fire TV.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"23178017","title":"'The Big Number': Amazon Debuts $99 Streaming Device","url":"/Business/video/big-number-amazon-debuts-99-streaming-device-23178017"}