NBA Center Court Seat Tickets Close to $3,000

Jeff Macke of Yahoo! Finance says the prices for the Stanley Cup Finals rival at only $800.
4:29 | 06/04/14

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Transcript for NBA Center Court Seat Tickets Close to $3,000
You lose. It's Wednesday June 4 the business markets in New -- are open in today's big number is 2727. Dollars. How much it will cost you to -- Centre court tomorrow night for game one of the NBA finals between the heat and the spurs. That according to what ticket prices are going for on stub hub hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. Jeff -- of Yahoo! finance is also here to talk not just about the NBA in ticket prices but also of the NHL. Are right Jeff he apparently were doing a little research on stub -- looking for tickets of course what did you find as we compare the NBA finals. With also the Stanley Cup finals. The -- adds I'm a native Minnesotan and as I've had been trying to make the case for hockey and -- document we've got to face off tonight. Los Angeles Kings against New York Rangers and only cost 801 dollars I can go to sit Centre right bargain with my son it's a relative steal and I understand the NBA is that it ABC product has such as the dominant product it's incredible brand. But it's hockey it's incredible and with all due respect of the people in south central Texas it should never cost more than four times as much to go to an event. In San Antonio in June as a -- ago someplace that's only 27 miles away from Disney World c'mon people let's have a little hockey title -- As you mention -- NBC -- scary in the Stanley Cup ABC carries the NBA finals what is your prediction. On the ratings for this they line up. -- -- -- -- -- Ugly -- may be actually -- tells that a cable record for the NHL playoffs on NBC sports network. Three -- -- four point one before these semi finals that took place two nights ago. It was a huge number and yet it was 13 the ratings average for last year's match -- between San Antonio in the Miami Heat again. San Antonio -- we've got a rematch of two relatively small market teams vs Los Angeles and New York. For the contract now this all the context of course after the NBA just sold. They just be clippers for two billion dollars. The NB ATV deal comes up in two years folks are expecting that that television contract could be worth almost two billion dollars a year for the lead. Vs the 930 million a year that the leagues making are ready the NBA just swaps in its own popularity. In viewership and advertising dollars it's incredible mismatch. -- these -- certainly making up big business and popularity with tickets. According to Forbes most valuable NHL team -- the Toronto Maple Leafs at one point five. Billion dollars all talking about -- here followed by the Rangers. And the Montreal's. Canadians now the clippers are obviously as you -- the most valuable -- -- -- with Steve -- spending two billion the by the franchise. What teams are also hot looking ahead. Well there is no market this -- thing really threw everyone all into a Tizzy because. Forbes magazine ad ad actually estimate of the clippers -- only worth about 530001000. January. And so that value went out and quadrupled. And all they did to get back to quadruple was that they have the Donald Sterling fiasco they actually -- the clippers to the ground and still sold for two billion. What did it egos involved want to get these these. Titans of industry bidding for assets that are trophy assets you can't even really tell what the market as -- no idea -- the lakers would sell for they came on the open market. But it would be multiples of what the clippers are selling for and the truth is about the respect of the Toronto maple leaves you could probably buy an NHL team for a bag of -- -- -- working Zamboni. Definitely -- commodity where emotions make a play as well as the winds any predictions that he is first and what hockey. Things Rangers. Is it adds is that -- he had his first I don't know I just want people who watch hockey I mean -- excited king James LeBron he's awesome they're exporting two million a year. And it's that's a fabulous story it's terrific. The Rangers are led by Martin saint -- to me. Was Bob died on mothers day week and all the guys down as Ghana scoring streak ever -- -- he's five feet eight inches tall. He scrappy -- everything it's right about hockey come -- -- is get a chance just give -- a chance to the end they'll still be there we can watch hockey tonight go ahead -- -- watching hockey. -- -- -- Yahoo! finance thank you for joining us. You of course can keep up with the latest headlines right here on You've been watching the big number I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23987936,"title":"NBA Center Court Seat Tickets Close to $3,000","duration":"4:29","description":"Jeff Macke of Yahoo! Finance says the prices for the Stanley Cup Finals rival at only $800.","url":"/Business/video/big-number-nba-center-court-seat-tickets-close-23987936","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}