Going cash-free is making more sense for consumers, businesses

Navigating everyday life without cash is a growing trend that comes with benefits.
1:47 | 11/14/18

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Transcript for Going cash-free is making more sense for consumers, businesses
What's in your wallet while spur more people these days apparently it's not cash ABC's Karen Travers shows us the growing trend. It's never been easier to go to cash free builder restaurant. To cab send money to a friend just push of a button. Peer to appear payment services are exploding tens of millions of Americans use them every year and it's growing very fast. Experts say going parents freak and be a Smart financial move. He always able to track my receipts and my expenditure is really easily atomic credit cards. I mean literally cent percent I know one on spending and I'm not losing change every single day. And it's not just consumers who are shifting away from paper money businesses are also jumping on this trend. Barbecuing Paris three in August they said that lessons 7% of their customers were using paper money. Our country says they're much more efficient now serving customers not there which means a better dining experience. Put your Barbeque is part of a growing trend here in the nation's capital sweet green a popular fast casual Sally Jean doesn't accept cash. Get sandwich shop another place that only takes credit cards safety is another big reason restaurants say they're going cash free. No cash means nothing for seats to run off when. Experts warn about the people who may be left behind so called un banked consumers a 2015. Schedule survey the most recent. Found that 7% of American households had no checking or savings accounts. More than twice as high for African Americans and Latinos there are efforts to trying address this issue legislation's been introduced in Washington Chicago and Philadelphia. That would ban restaurants and businesses from going cash free errant drivers ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"1:47","description":"Navigating everyday life without cash is a growing trend that comes with benefits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"59194631","title":"Going cash-free is making more sense for consumers, businesses","url":"/Business/video/cash-free-making-sense-consumers-businesses-59194631"}