Check Out These Really Cool American Made Holiday Gifts

"Cheers" star John Ratzenberger explains how buying American saves jobs on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis 12.22.2014
8:23 | 12/22/14

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Transcript for Check Out These Really Cool American Made Holiday Gifts
Hello and welcome to real bad as I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and on our radar today the holidays are in full swing but seventeen million of us are waiting until the very last minute Christmas Eve. To finish the shopping but here's an idea. We are real but is really like if everyone buys those gifts made in America it will create millions of American jobs it's something to think about the next time you go shopping. And what is start with a familiar face was dedicated much of his career to giving back the American manufacturing industry. If you grew up watching TV odds are you grew up watching John Ratzenberger he was cliff on cheers Hamm the piggy bank and Tory story. And the only actor in history's whom appear in every single Pixar movie. Break it this. But John's true passion is far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood before acting he was a carpenter and a deck hands. And he has not forgotten those years John believes it's the season. To not only give back but to give back to those who work so very hard in this country and he joins us now on real is that so nice have you with us John thank you Merry Christmas welcome Merry Christmas Steve Riggio. Main America has made America's story is now featuring this fox people here at ABC news no made in America it's been all right Garrett has a mark has been on the show yes. I'm David nearest show on world news tonight and now you have this fox available. Right here you can people an opportunity to make a phone call water boxes one for men one for women one for children. And we'll send it to you loved ones for Christmas Wilson of the people you don't like basically hit. It was an address. It was an address and we'll send it out. At and why is this such an important issue to you how did you get attached this issue in the first place a big fan of America I'd love this country and I lived overseas for ten years and I got to understand that the real strength of America. Is what keeps the world. Free and grown the VIPs it's our strength but the strength. Our muscle is manufacturing. And manufacturing is who yards it's the studies to pop by if you will. And I grew up in manufacturing town and I understand. The importance of it and would we lose it your taxes go up everybody things together. A T shirt street goes cheaper from China. Well the T shirt factory that goes out of business it used to pay taxes for your police fire departments schools etc. Now that money comes out of your pocket name so that teachers actually but I was more expensive than through those cheaper and some people have to understand. This is ours threats we have to become self reliant again America's always been is so freeway country. But we've let manufacturing overseas. And we don't supporter on manufacturing. We're not going to be so from art. We're gonna have to days to the tune that some other countries things floors. Because if they're making the products for us ultimately we are at their disposal whenever they decide to do with prices becomes our issue because if you bring up a really interesting point here which is. The manufacturing base in this country. It you can't just bring that up overnight the way that it works is that takes a long time to build. And a lot of it has been destroyed over the years as people have turned to cheaper what appears to be cheaper goods overseas. Right and again it's that cheaper it's more expensive we have to start thinking that in those short term. As CEO and quarterly profits we have to think of the long term like a farmer. You plant the seeds in use you nurturing you cultivated then you harvested you don't harvested the next day. Manufacturing is the same thing in this see that needs printing is reinstate shop classes in schools all across the country. Let kids even they can go to college and be. Brain surgeons and philosophers. But give them at least the fundamentals of the rude immense. Of working with their hands hammers saws metal wood whatever it is so when they get out of high school. They at least have the ability to read a ruler and built a doghouse. Of fix their old bicycle. And that is the basis of all manufacturing. It's kids tinkering and being able to fashion something. What is very and perplexing to me is why it is ultimately that so many people. Know what you're talking about. But don't ultimately make the choice to buy made America what do you think is the number one thing that keeps people is it just the price and availability. It's and it's it's also people in a hurry and how many people stop and look at the bottom of an item to see where it was made. And that it's him well are in but I got to get the kids and it alone get this and its convenient. So we made Maine who. About American made goods convenient for people to buy that's what this is all about their that there are four brick and mortar stores of the Buffalo, New York area. So if you live up there there's he's got 7000 items. And every story. I have heard in the past and this is not associated with what your selling right here but. I've heard in the past that there is. There was in the past an ability for a company to pay 2000 dollars slap a made in America label on their product but it wasn't really made in America right so as a consumer how do you know whether the guarantees that it. It depends because I was good carpenter want to have my life I can spot a hammer this made America. As opposed to what made in China from a hundred feet away how do you spot just because of the wade the late kicks off with a medal. I'm and I can tell now that American made him it's AS swing for an instance. That's an heirloom that's something you'll use your cell using your grandson or use that we hinted that generations. You quit equivalent of the Chinese ever before we go through 3040 hammers. For the the life for that one American meat hammer because they use cheaper Al Lloyd's the smelting process is different it's not as Peter it's not as clean. But also we are environmentally people don't understand that if you're really concerned about the environment he shouldn't we buying anything that's out American me. Because we manufacture clean we have rules in this country we can't put things in the year into the water. Other countries do at camp has been effect. 13 of all of California's air pollution comes from China. 13 13 so if you're concerned about the environment and buying goods from China you're actually contributing to the very pollution you protest against. What do quick real this rapid fire with you are you gay and evil right and best memory from cheers laughing so hard that George when night fell off bar stools at. In the middle of the show within audience of the cameras rolled fantastic what's the weirdest thing that happened on sat. The show I was directing a directive quite a few of the west five years and and what he wasn't there and who have members of the former Aziz it was a reformist that a few hours they have got a call that he was in Guam assert that. Surfing usurping and that's suddenly get nice gig where you can you know have a challenge yet the upper body here and there and how can he be angry. Hear anybody who's still asleep is a well what's relax alarm clock. But somewhere in the week and he got his head and the mangled servant in Guam favorite picks are ways. Paula that have to be. You think it's. Or PT flee. OK you hit it. You're on Dancing With The Stars I was a few years back yet you still remember this isn't the moves out not at all do you ever break act adds moves at weddings and parties. I would dance at all although I used to love bone to the problem. All that those guys who just for that reason you get to put a tuxedo in this like dancing. If you never got into acting what other steps with your life at taken I wish when I was younger. Was to be a tugboat captain last question the number one reason that people should buy me that America. Because this is the only America we had to make you happy holidays to enjoy to. And thank you for joining us for real biz we want to hear from you what are you shopping for this holiday season. Like us tweet us at Rebecca Jarvis and comment below and from the studios in New York City. I'm Rebecca Jarvis happy holidays have a great.

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