All eyes on Wall Street after stocks suffer worst drop of year

Ismael Wrixen, CEO of FE International, discusses the Dow Jones Industrial Average's largest decline in 2019 and Inc.'s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing businesses in the United States.
4:27 | 08/15/19

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Transcript for All eyes on Wall Street after stocks suffer worst drop of year
And we move over to the New York Stock Exchange where they Dow Jones Industrial Average posted its largest. 800 points yesterday and perhaps a warning sign. About the risk of a coming recession but even with stock market woes there are many companies that are doing well in this current economy. In fact ink dot com just released its annual guy of the 5000 fastest growing privately held companies. In the US and I'm joined by is male Rick's in. The CEO of FC international to break it down. Glad you're with us because I guess the question is how are these 55000. Companies doing so well. Yet at a very different very very well thanks for having me out because all of these companies have. Grown very organic him at times I had been struck companies. Very often tough fly under the radar of the stock markets serving other SNB site or an icing his of these companies over the years and and the ink itself Phoenix takes an average of both the lost three years of revenue so very much mixing of those companies of slowly and organically grown at the time. And that of seat being. Yet awarded with the united that gruesome and recognition about you know this been recently released. Absolutely so we talked about me you know the stock market drops so how are they faring and this current global economy. Yet it hasn't necessarily trickle down sort of fall yet just because a lot of the companies they were so many privately held companies. Tends all the rest and diesel may be kind of bees you eight consumer focused. Obvious that a setting a lot of companies that would actually be you know on the stock exchange which are very lost his perspective on what's going on Carney site. We have a necessary nicest she's trickle down stuff not to say it may not come in the future below these companies. A going to be served very well by the fact that they've grown organic feed him a grim without you with our greatest dance. And grow into kind of reinvesting profits it's hindsight that they do stance axis kind of weather these markets for at least the next six to twelve months Ahmanson's a war we'd expect to see. It's interesting because. I looked at the list as checking out this list and I looked at the first 200 companies in idol it's really only recognized one of them. But of course all eyes are going to number one because the questions how did they become number one had a free star get there. Yes crystals quite interesting story actually I'm sick there she started out doing something a little different to what they're doing today so they cut interest rates at a time they very much -- out just making calendars you find you know hundred more in your office and opening. Yet axle narrative that's by the time it disunity emboldens. In it would as a write false growing very large it capitalizing optimization company bet that's very indicative of animals of the companies you humanness humane don't necessarily have thought of them and not household names yet. We've we've sunny coddle the company's. Become household names like Microsoft exactly intuitive but who feature on the list in the policy but you may in the future here a lot of these companies just to the spot there are the going to be a quiet but bigger companies. Two to consolidate in the market or potentially you're just continue growing as it happens and file. It's so interesting and the other thing is that your company is actually releasing a new report yet so you say we outlaw oh of the vehicles atomic allies around 21. Al it's been a thousand small businesses. A cut and an activity and every year we release and you report going into Haiti Yemen and the tech sector of the emanate. And it may fourteenth aside from the get what he sends a read the mainstream media a more would very much finding is that the activity between nineteen so far is meeting activity and when he eighteen between seventy and was supposed very much reckless he has. How can we expect concedes it to continue this yeah I mean we've just seen most of our peers and we welcome just announced that. Filing this week as well and what I think you know sales forces is kind of continuing to consolidate. Dave here is buying life streams are you these companies it was funny launcher a refocusing on thinking well over the next twelve months 24 months we gonna need to provide. Much mortal customers to retain inspection the modesty taken into the pit site. Acquisitions is one very very good way of doing and you enjoy all of this be Alison coming out there and yet sitting there all of this information it is exciting seeing it wasn't platforms and released companies that you do very well that legacy of fly under the rate also is cute it is sunny for officers to Wear an aunt and a week we're actually on the list. This year as well a law of the clients that we work with. I mean it's it's on to see him recognized or it gives them talk it's the companies that may they may want to record in the future as well site yet Jim re very very exciting to see you the company's of them. It's our right is smile Rick saying that from FE internationalist CEO thank you so much for being with us may we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Ismael Wrixen, CEO of FE International, discusses the Dow Jones Industrial Average's largest decline in 2019 and Inc.'s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing businesses in the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"64995829","title":"All eyes on Wall Street after stocks suffer worst drop of year","url":"/Business/video/eyes-wall-street-stocks-suffer-worst-drop-year-64995829"}