Hackers Can Steal Your Social Security Number From Photos Online

Wickr founder explains how to protect yourself when your Internet pictures invite identity theft.
6:16 | 07/17/14

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Transcript for Hackers Can Steal Your Social Security Number From Photos Online
Get right to -- from snapped -- who turned down Facebook's three billion dollar offer. To what -- who accepted Facebook's nineteen billion dollar buyout L have one thing in common they wanna be the go to mobile messaging app that keeps your information -- here. And my next -- beat both snapped -- and what -- to win the editor's choice for best overall messaging app. -- Seles co-founder and CEO -- she's so concerned about privacy she's even wearing sunglasses during this interview. To keep her identity -- it's so nice to have you with us sneak out her backpack and you Wear sunglasses and every interview on TV. -- so there's no pictures of me -- -- or face buck without my sunglasses so my eyes are carrot that's why helping him to stay that way forever and what's the thinking behind this why why keep yourself. Disguised I think it's kind of like the club. On your cards just want an easier way. For people to take -- piece of information about you there as a researcher a couple of years again that was able to take picture from a high security. Camera. And determine -- -- dot com your face up and your Social Security number. Your Social Security number I mean I think a lot of people wouldn't like a lot of that but -- -- the -- issue is the Social Security number. Part of this is facial recognition technology right as more and more. Consumer based applications now have the potential. Q based based on the pictures that you're putting up on the Internet to determine who you are determined who you are an -- -- -- your birthplace. And your birth location and it's pretty easy to steal your financial identity and that's really hard to clean up. And I can cost an average family 5000 dollars in terms of time that they don't. We have seen obviously more and more data breaches as well we've seen more and more families having to go through just that but. Previously nobody was really thinking about this when FaceBook first came to be. 101215. Years ago. On the Internet people -- very willingly putting price formation up -- because it just seems so vast and nobody had the potential or at least as far as we knew. Nobody had the potential to mine all of that -- Unlike Scott act then I've boycotted FaceBook my entire life. I'm one of the key people actually reads privacy policies. But -- look at the privacy policy at sky what's that snapped -- FaceBook -- Graham Twitter. You grants. You -- -- grants. For license -- -- you contact your conversations. You're locations to that company to buy and sell. And misuse and abuse really is also what's happening here so what is wicker how does that work settle out -- kind of like what happened snapped tap that worth more money I like to -- -- -- -- We came not from not -- a bunch of crypt antiques and where the first group. Security experts that sad we -- we think everyone in the world deserves top secret crypt encryption -- issues. Because the data brokers are actually way more aggressive. Than governments that's -- the government -- -- -- technology companies because they are the masters of surveillance. There's people spend all day collecting every little piece of information they can about -- and putting on -- Every time. For people who aren't necessarily familiar with the term data broker every time you go on any web site. Whether it's and I'm just throwing some names -- but it applies to everybody whether it's Amazon -- Home Depot. New York Times abcnews.com. All of these web sites have what's known as data brokers which are. Essentially these -- -- that are watching everything you do from every click to every and trends whether you turn the page before clicking on an item that you might and eventually purchased. They're all looking at your habits in creating this online profile that someday made -- ultimately be the thing that they determine whether to sell you something whether Celek to at a certain. Price or lose their database -- had. And I think at that makes it really hard for consumers because it seems like resistance -- possible here right I mean what you do. And I think it's just really important to not get up and just tried to you be conscious of your digital footprint. And think about what you're leaving out there every day and make some places you know things I don't think you need to let that be about everyday conversations that your mother. Didn't write and potter Haitians -- their kids and pictures that kids are sharing online and these kind of thing I -- -- -- -- -- It's it's a scary thing because you young people -- When I was younger I'm not so sure that I would've had the appreciation for what something following me for the rest of my life on the Internet an innocuous little comment would have ultimately that's true but at the same time kids more than anyone. Get a surveillance to 811 -- -- told him there. Their parents and the and the Aegean issue even more -- exactly adults. I was talking to Mark Cuban recently about his new -- cyber dust which essentially is a disappearing text messaging app at this point. And I asked him who is ultimately going to wash the Internet. -- -- if there's somebody out there -- summit ST maybe it's what -- wants to do. Who's gonna wipe the Internet in the same way that we -- a phone before we turn it over for public consumption. -- -- -- without a shredder so we. So long time ago in society kids were dying because -- spoiled milk and we came together society decided -- expiration. I think that all personal information needs expiration date and -- should be a requirement. For markets. And that's really making its future won't buy it well I look forward to speaking with you in the future I know he'll be -- your sunglasses and -- sell that co-founder CEO of -- -- got a couple things here for yes let's say OK so one of the things I teach kids how to -- not -- Turn on the inner facing camera in -- on your Smartphone laptop or computer cities are removable stickers. -- -- -- but he -- something -- if you can put it on top of the -- facing camera yes great and take it on and off and then I wanted to show -- this to you actually just use on this as part of -- -- had found. And I just always keep the plot and has the dead and -- -- I had found so that way no one can turn on my -- can listen conversations. I'm ironically sexy very low tech solutions here little things -- -- well thank you so much -- The best messaging happen. Editor's choice thank you fantastic --

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"Wickr founder explains how to protect yourself when your Internet pictures invite identity theft. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"24604186","title":"Hackers Can Steal Your Social Security Number From Photos Online ","url":"/Business/video/hackers-steal-social-security-number-photos-online-24604186"}