First Look Inside Restored Iconic New York Landmark

The New York Public Library reopened the Rose Main Reading Room after two years of renovation. Take a look inside!
12:33 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for First Look Inside Restored Iconic New York Landmark
I'm coming here live in the New York Public Library I'm standing and then newly reopened. Rand rose breathing room. At last year's no one's been allowed in here and he just had. Big grand reopening ceremonies. And so they cut the ribbon ever and it's paying stated in the U say it. And I'm him to speak with the president library Tony Martin's. Who was very excited to announce that this is one of the major projects he scene. And the president and Tony. You know this sounds so thank you are a New York native. I have boarded breath. You grew up physically inward branch library about. Under blocks north of and you've been the president of ivory since 2011. Pet so what does reopening this grand room needs. Well look we serve anyone from anywhere in the world and certainly every news. Com and ask for auctioning apartments and ease these prices plunged. To their all safely preserved and available here. As well as throughout the rest of the system but the core of the reasons like. Here together with the library warming aren't numbered Sobel on 34 street but. Most people do humanities missiles work that I'm here. They want to use our collective. Beautiful space in this room is the most incredible room and you. It is the most incredible thing about it is just it's heart. It's it's pollutants. The study here is art collection and use our computers. Get advice from the librarians. This is a public library this room is the heart of the greatest library in the world for the greatest of these. So boring new hands on any point Amsterdam that Louis Atkins I was up on the scaffold. Second the second that's the only checking out the mural in the room extort. That one it was wild and there was a 52 foot scaffold around this room and the room. It's project expands and Wi dissent while we're up here let's do everything we need to do it makes it safe. The beautiful and that it last for generations. So we don't have to go back up but I did get to go up and touched seal. How heavier one of these roads that like the one netted pollen in Houston actually see the one that ballots on display out in the in the hallway and a head case. And I think it was about 45 problems it's. Plaster it looks like wood but it's all last certain it's all over a hundred years old it was reinforced by burlap. Burlap turns to dogs after a hundred years old that was the problems we had to reinforce everything. And that's we've and now they're all reinforced with everybody it's been reading reports and all attic it's exactly where it meets today. For at least another hundred years right. The idea that fantastic. So I'm looking at speed with which to be engineered. I think Aaron hammer Byrd was a diet that helped us get is Aaron re created. So avenue SEC this base is massive it spans the length of two city blocks which is almost an entire football field. So it was a massive restoration not all of the rooms that had retreated but some of them more from them at the original so. Best thing about it is that you really can't tell the difference in the new in the a year we're Keebler for the first time in doing it basement a lot of New Yorkers are very sad that the State's closed. So in this room haven't you don't think that it had their hair is donated. That happened names actually on what really nice way memory in the days and just to give you guys idea. Here is the look at that beautiful feeling you can see the different sides are is that. So imagine one of those falling at 2 in the morning think that is known was sitting in any of these. Historic iconic. Wood tables where sellers and authors come here every single day is actually one of the feud between fact and standing near using my. Speaking voice without being told by so let's come this way and if we can fine. And you feed and New Year's help us. If I come through here. Here is my leave and here. I have fire. At her head 'cause after a fifth can you tell him that about let's into the phase where you can see where the rose that was that I actually had fallen. Six I'm knows that from the southeast corner. They lay down their little bit of a cut and how much is one of those wet. Read about six. And when you realize about it on and you thought RAI need to address all of these threats that well in the first thing they went through your mind. Well I think the person went through online we'll. How many do we. With the save one off situation. Working. The whole field am became load very quick. Thought process. Collaborative. The vetting process Holland and architecture where you sit down and strategize and game. We just because one location we need to look at. A quarter of the room happening all of you know long time and what are the ramifications. Just looking at one of those that would if there's another one of the car into the room that you haven't looked back some of the situation. If you are looking at only part of the room. Fail we need to fix the hole. We do one thing at that time what happens if you prepare thank. Group for the next period. Be dismantled effort at camp and then realized oldest something else that is. People like this process who obstruct an investigation. Process very elaborate. He did then go back. That timing and we'll talk. We've filled with cap and act. We get along investigate we're deep in the construction start another thing we hadn't. Look like what. Many of those that those studies. So every single one of those rooms that medium large small are all reinforced by steel cables program. So the idea is that they will not be coming down anytime soon. Are. And can you an idea of one of the things that you are most excited about what this project. I think it was. The preservation of road. Even though we need to be with cables around all of those. And 74 roads that got people. And 400 and some look billions. Even though we do things like that. Number one we cannot change the loading. Those kids of those we'll them so meaning of Mitchell anchor we can still. Primary and and believe. Operating. Performance and it only gets worse with the hate them CE. To the tonight you secondary sport truly it up and but furthermore. So many cracks in the ceiling. You realize after a thorough analysis. Of the plan. How pretzels. Kick in their direction realizes really was an Expansion Pack they practices. Needed continue. That we had nearly 101000 in your tracks and we've repaired. Nearly a third. Two thirds of the crack in the ceiling was there before we got there still. Hadn't done anything to them to allow the sealant and. So structurally that is the safest way to let people that we felt very. It. And how they think so much I'm saying deceived eve. But very few people walked me over there. Went. Having anything yet. But it's. Area. There is the good guy. I think I think we'll get an idea. What this book's name is all about. So for those that don't know this is a brand new seat of the art conveyance system. And that is also described the early as the book train. So there's 24 of these red cars. That will go all the way below. Two floors into the storage facility below Bryant Park. And these each hold thirty pounds of material so if you come over here. And you request it but. It'll take about five minutes from the time processed for one of these to head down into the basement. And come back up with a group. But let's see. If we can speak with Carrey. Scary. How it can. A little bit about the book. It's. The yet. There's. Netbook. Exactly. This basis that. 0991. Which is now at. Like what what. It's system. The list and years. He from Germany. I believe we are the first my very. While. My. Like. Nine. Down. The I'm that those that. It's from. Your car. That there. By. That. And. A little bit of a difference there. Four points north and currently the only thing. One oh well. What part. Let me. The vote you know where to go. And he. And the whole goal this is to help us. Just as quickly as. We'll update. Condit put all of the time that he's been here over trying to minimize that time that Hillary. So have we had our first official request yet come through the book thing I guess it'll take a matter of few minutes from the public gets sent right he. With authority being received so there. Profits. What's yours well you know. Here but they.

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{"duration":"12:33","description":"The New York Public Library reopened the Rose Main Reading Room after two years of renovation. Take a look inside! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"42603505","title":"First Look Inside Restored Iconic New York Landmark ","url":"/Business/video/inside-restored-iconic-york-landmark-42603505"}