Peter Thomas Roth: How to get on QVC

Peter Thomas Roth, CEO, founder and formulator of Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care, talks QVC and how to sell your product on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis.'
4:39 | 10/28/17

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Transcript for Peter Thomas Roth: How to get on QVC
Or allow it to sell it and que me say. They. That's a good question. If if you know this if they knew the secret every won't be successful. There isn't a secret. Is just code that effective even you can pick acted people acutely viewing leakage or because there are. Huge amount to a new easing brands that needs Ingraham and that is to work right for no reason. Law and then there's some brands and with the wecht can play them on from MR Putin's it really matter what you look like or who you are just have to. Just. Houston's. What kind of preparation to be flagging now here like you've done it for so I'm. But when you are very first going on QVC. Where you trying to like memorize and make sure you knew every single thing about every prop. First time we call QVC because it's time to go Mercury's and 1112 years ago finally got my appointment. And he said well give you like six minutes and I boldly said. I'm attitudes experience and that wasn't truth extreme because it why. Because they needed an hour show. On my competitors were there at the time it Irish Catholic when Alex you know sliced bread you know but that's simple bill because they could have said they no doubt I'll I'll I just. You know sometimes. I knew I can do it and they agree. So bad its show on May twentieth its seventh a remember in 2006. And I'd buyer who is lovely she sort of gritty on for eight minutes. The Saturday before Israel went to go before camera the first time in might be deer in headlights like a fun way to sell I'd go there. And used to prepare. I actually didn't have ended before and after they didn't have any statistics I had like nothing. You that in yeah and we went on with on wrinkle 120 dollars on wrinkle which is my number one product and time. And I had a thousand products in 2000 for that Tuesday's yes I don't know what happens thanks sitting there standing like looking. And that you know the hodes says. And we saw that 2000 units in between and that's where you got it that's two and 40000 dollars in like wow. In six minutes you earn 40000 dollars in sales to that end units and we saw that look at some more and then Tuesday was still another to donate. Tuesday they go so what does that mean they say okay that hour's worth. 450000. And QVC is happy with it in person and it shouldn't speak for them but. He doesn't get an idea there if you do 80% we're OK if you do goal there are thrilled if you go over ago. Your vote you can come back any tax you know can do 350 will be good. And they. I need to. They think they do we still got a four products at Coosa more I think we do almost 700000. Wow. Am I so that a four items show was wild. And what's and that if you go on QVC FICO on QVC UB instead. You could write that three year. And we have to work for. You have to really come out with products that customer wants his the only good. I think for a year and if you don't have that youth in the area you probably don't. So how do you get you. What you need to due to his seat that call them incessantly Unita a product that's exciting. IE. While there Peter Barton and combative beauty. Yes you you would definitely have to call the buyer who has by the Giuliani yes obviously like you're selling book exactly because whoever's in pocketbooks. If you call that does. Introduction is that important awards you know QQBC's kind of wonderful and I think to have. They had a while ago 18100 gas. They have a lot of people. And. If you go look at QBC a lot of the rams select homegrown and then you know they don't have to be big Brandon says they're all opened you know kind of making you wanna figure out like how to argue he thought I had a product yet but I love the idea of 700000 dollars in sales and that's spent time. And it's also fun because you've direct its instant yeah. It's like Tony Vegas that having your numbers immediately and that if they don't like to do you know immediately you don't like right okay that which are. Actually be teachable and it would be devastating moment because you've literally put everything probably answer that one product but it's also useful for me. Yes but does and it's about pride. Okay does result is I saw it I see it means it's not a QVC product accused. So the QVC cuts for depth relax certain things and if not every.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Peter Thomas Roth, CEO, founder and formulator of Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care, talks QVC and how to sell your product on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"50774505","title":"Peter Thomas Roth: How to get on QVC ","url":"/Business/video/peter-thomas-roth-qvc-50774505"}