Sponge Soaks Up 'Shark Tank' Success

Scrub Daddy's sponge sales skyrocket from $100K to $18M after "Shark Tank."
3:00 | 03/20/14

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Transcript for Sponge Soaks Up 'Shark Tank' Success
If you're a fan of shark -- I certainly am are you always wondering what happens after the sharks agreed to help your company. Well right now we're gonna meet Aaron -- he -- shark tank Laurie premier. To back his company scrapped daddy in the makes -- it's a nice to have you with us Aaron thank you so -- for how to -- it's an honor so it's an honor to be here as I'm sure it was an honor to be a shark tank. It's a miracle to be accepted on that show they've got probably forty to 50000 applicants a year I don't know how they chose. You don't find us but they did I even sent us an email and then that's how they found us. You sends an email email. And what happens to -- on the show it's on Friday night what happens the second here on the show -- getting of people visiting your website what happened more than ninety. The show aired there was probably 30000. Hits to our website instantly most web sites crashed the night of the show. We knew that in advance so we boosted up our our server to make sure that we are prepared. And from that point you know it airs all over the world right so instantly you have a name brand and you need to be ready and prepared when that happens and we. We tried to be ready for that that he boosted the -- what other things to -- due to prepare we brought in a whole bunch of inventory which is very risky but we really believe the plot is -- we believe in the product we believe in the show -- the power of the show so we did bring in enough inventory that we felt if this many people were watching the show. We kind did as a numbers game you know this maples who watched this percentage might buy let's be in a position to supply it really didn't work out well. -- -- -- interesting things about -- take a lot of people don't realize this but the sharks themselves. Are the investors I mean they say -- the investors on the show but weeks sometimes assume TV -- -- made for TV but Laurie really put her money into your company. Well I can tell you unequivocally the show is as real as it gets the sharks are not privy like the producers are the producers know everything about you and the sharks. But when I walked into that room it was the first time I ever met them or -- them -- they even heard anything about my business and they actually do invest with their own money. And -- wrote me a check and she -- -- a shareholder in my company so how involved is she as a shareholder -- Laurie it turns out Noory -- like kindred spirits and an inventor she's an inventor and just much less qualified her she's got a 114 patents or so and I've got about ten. We both -- on QVC we have that in common. She is. Actually a personal family friend now she comes to a lot of my holiday dinners -- the Christmas yellow kettle at the thought what -- election Monica Monica yeah like she's been to several of my family events and we got than a regular basis. -- -- a workaholic and she is available to me sometimes in our tactics are at 2 in the morning so what happens when you Laurie have a disagreement about a part of the business who -- well it's not that who wins you know Laurie one time we did have a pretty big disagreement about. It was about the direction you know she wanted to do we're been in for Marshall and I really wasn't comfortable about what with the in commercial. And we worked it out and want it she said to me afterwards and I'll never forget this when the most important things about a partnership. Between people is that you overcome that controversy and you move by quickly. And you get back to business it doesn't become some that you harbor and that you continue to you know -- occupies her time and ends of you don't have being destructive to the business. So the night here on the show you get 30000 hits on your website how much has your business what was your business the night of the show and how much is -- grown to today. Well we were in five supermarkets before the show aired and we had done about a 100000 dollars in total sales and those are mostly on QVC. So after the show we were approached by Bed, Bath & Beyond and we're now and every Bed, Bath & Beyond across the country. They're selling -- upwards of 20000 units a week. And our sales have hit eighteen million dollars since the show that since the show actually air. What would be different view the holy Grail of -- daddy -- you say you're in Bed, Bath & Beyond his. We're else do you want to be and what do you want your company. Well we're trying to build a name brand we don't -- -- be a one trick pony on the show Mark Cuban actually said to me well you're just a one product company and I immediately rejected that said no we're gonna have all different -- because I'm an inventor. And I'm gonna keep this going and you're looking here at the breath of our product line now we had the original -- diagnosis the orange one. And so many people -- -- us now for colors for food allergies for it to -- in the kitchen and to keep you know once funds separate and different -- -- the house you can use -- the bathroom you know what he's -- -- in the kitchen arts and then we decided you know the worst thing about sponges and they stink. They smell bad after just a couple uses and we thought wouldn't it be interesting if this -- always smelled good so we just -- the new lemon -- -- And it has Mary Lemony very lemon and so -- -- responsible -- that it smells great. So the whole -- crosses we're gonna build a name brand company and we're gonna grow this into it will worldwide recognized brand with all new different. Books what's your number what number would you sell this company for. It holiday -- go sit on a beach somewhere I'm not Cyril. Ever do that it turns out that I have a drive that you know punch for -- have -- inventors have. -- never gonna retire. You could sell this company and go to another. Yeah the investor and that's something else I love this month and I loved this this company and others but I love this -- it makes me happy. I think you know this could be something I'd like to keep in the family you know my son my daughter low scrub that -- there a year -- And not -- my son in the factory help me out and I think this could be a future for him and -- -- -- a -- hold onto it for awhile. You know there's always an exit strategy any Smart does person is looking for where you gonna go would be Yaris. I mean if obviously if you know the number was right and that and that company was buying it had the same vision as me in in making this a worldwide brand name. Then I would I would be instant the Wall Street Journal did an article recently and they said that 3M you know obviously owns the world market share -- have the -- 500 million dollars a year and sponges just sold United States so. You know between one of those larger companies may be three -- Colgate I'm who knows. We would entertain it. But I'm not sure I could retire. Our -- -- -- in terms of the -- lumps from shark tank and street keep in touch with some of them. How many are actually successful activation of this shows like this there's a lot of successful people get in sometimes there's good casting. Yeah I agree you know the thing about the show is it doesn't matter if you're successful or not in getting -- -- sometimes because the exposure that the show gives you worldwide. Instantly makes -- -- recognized brand it's what you do with that after that happens that really makes you successful or not. The -- -- the friends that I have -- on the show mostly to deals with -- and here and they've been highly successful. Your -- parties well I'm actually very defense of the guys from drops stopped we do a lot of QVC shows to -- -- see them all the time. QVC. One credit one report about what that's like this for people who don't know QVC behind the scenes -- -- crazy place. Oh my god like the first woman ever went on QVC I was elected deer caught in the headlines at the show is. Is 100% live -- you know when you mess up it's been fun of probably make millions of -- experience you know luckily I happen -- prepared and prepared and and it. -- say one funny experience that's cute little that he necklace plans and your mate and I'm doing this scrubbing demonstration. And the the wheels -- is hitting my Mike. And the producers. Aaron it's getting your -- to him and I can't stop on the middle of security so the host reaches that divide you know and my -- -- and like scrubbing with a the camera's not on me and you know this woman both of their handlers are much of it. Those those kind of a stressful moment Clinton QBC knows how to do this organized chaos better than anyone. And you know they just move -- the camera around to different areas of -- -- you know the parts that. Part are going so well. But QVC is like 321 Euro on live you'd better be ready. And I've done. About 85 shows at this point so I feel comfortable and I go there like I'm coming upon -- that. Well congratulations to work so glad you are ready for real events today but it's an honor to be here thank you so much for -- -- -- thanks for coming in -- and Eric -- of -- daddy.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Scrub Daddy's sponge sales skyrocket from $100K to $18M after \"Shark Tank.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"22986365","title":"Sponge Soaks Up 'Shark Tank' Success","url":"/Business/video/sponge-soaks-shark-tank-success-22986365"}