Starbucks CEO and Future CEO Talk New Business Direction

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and future CEO Kevin Johnson join Rebecca Jarvis to talk the future of Starbucks business.
12:11 | 12/07/16

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Transcript for Starbucks CEO and Future CEO Talk New Business Direction
I am Rebecca Jarvis EC news chief business technology and economics correspondent. And I do you live from New York City with the current CEO of Starbucks. Our bill and the futures CEO of Starbucks. Having jobs every scene you. You currently work with a company you know this is as you know president. Howard couple weeks ago where maybe it was about a week ago. This surprise announcement came today has been a big name big day for announcement as well talk about. A number of new store openings here tell me a little bit about what's happening in the future are. Well I'll start there we hatter investors were conference today. The golden hour. And in that plan he outlined that we will open 121000 Starbucks of the next five years. 37000. We also. Outlined our strategy to grow same store sales within hours. Doing around beverage in the nation's food in the nation. So we outlined it. We plan the next. He also talked about and you groceries. Here end user experience with start. I come to that second one of the questions that was telling people on Twitter that I asked you today what the question a lot of people last ones. 121000 consumers. Eight there's so many. They. I think they have a problem Starbucks that they look at quarter. Think we say we serve eighty to ninety million customers and we. There's billions of people on the planet so there's more. Decide when it comes to building a new Starbucks location but it makes sense to go. Well couple things we out. After. Has a realistic he wouldn't markets. We also use technology. Negated with this trial matters. And and make a decision we're for the store. Once we make that decision and spending bill that storm track. In the village surveys that say if your nearest Starbucks or at Starbucks near your home. Your home value tactic. Which. There groceries the reserve. About the plan there because you're opening a thousand words heats up next but I hear him out where he stores. And it hit me. Different experience from the Starbucks customers will that look. Well I don't ask power. Businesses. When things. This is an eight aces today. So over the last few years open. Let the media call CEO. Of Starbucks for the willing long. I was about 20000 square foot facility. Speaking. Literally. Com. That experience has given us. Bill groceries. In any means. A year but in addition to. Elements in the street and opening new store for. About twice the size stones were personal hello this. It is a hockey forward premium experience. With fresh food. And salute and every day car cocktails and a cap you couldn't. Good so we've got a radar can make me think bill being pulled her premium brand inside and corporate. And we've seen examples of that she. Yet recently. But three people and Alan. Reserve him. Racist fighting them here so I'm more happy in the reserves our you know what's the difference between the right there regulars are. I'm glad you asked that hit the Wall Street Journal has been quoting. Every single day we'll golf right. Com. I know he's not true okay EB. There are six. Experience is buried its. But we will have traditional instruments group served scores. We'll look pretty deep. And grocery. Blows. They wouldn't. Person's life. Important his experiences. And that obviously that means for your business' basement wearing an offense and we're for their money. Well yeah. What yes yes indeed you are. The app is a huge part of your strategy going see your background. Microsoft hurt in the technology background the apple changed the people that change. There will be no matter what earth products. Well it's first important. We've done has extended. And stores here. Customer. On our. I didn't head. And how close I'm. We're waiting. It's also. Beautiful. We're. So customers. Store. Look for these. They're going to just watch. This information so I order a grinding out. What when he came. Hansen me and how every minute you know what I think that my ancient mystery shop will. It's better. That way every. About the future irrigation pond in. Operating Howard spent. So central Q especially in the more recent years you mention. Immediately experience. Org and me the one where you pay for almost two weeks there will be up. Ari what he's going to me there in news. For years and years to come this week we got an inspiring example that Amazon is when you obviously can't find gutless period they're cutting the cashier out. If that's something Starbucks future would you ever constantly back and many residents cast. I can't possibly. The reason I say that it. Tire problems. Than it answered that quite simply what is ahead I was guessing if you go to the nation's. This fire under. This is. The number one reason. What do you think. Then about the number of business is there I didn't viewing section in the Amazon is just one. There are driver of this car is right around the corner over has talked about working with driver cars. What do you think about the future and I think. It's so central to being a customer service business. That you have a human be interacting with customers. I think Starbucks is going to benefit significantly. As a result. Demanding customers. Morse seek out places. So it'll be your differentiator that Eric and I guess I think mayor Kathy didn't differentiate or ready because we are her placement in. Destiny elevated it. Let me see customers had. There are times where he might say I want. Drive one usable and that's a customer there are other times they wanted to sit down. Sure all he. And so what we've done is we've created. Store formats. We spell. How are you and I did a few weeks that weren't you action you're not expecting the outcome he told me be very surprised. You don't from Weiss president he's our president collapse. You also the day before the election would add a note all your Starbucks partners all the employees at Starbucks. Urging them to walk in someone else issues. In. I wonder what you think about that now given the outcome. And how divided this country feels right now. No we knew we attended. Moderating. And hired me. Disease celebration. His message to America the very tough. About passion about empathy. And I think. Country obviously very. And I think we as Americans. Realize. That there are differences we. Paper's red states. In a country desperately needs. Elected officials as well. Do you think he can do. What certainly hoping its. Interest of everyone. There is a new business roundtable we just learned that. Jamie Dimon CEO Jean Martin will be running that that's something that Starbucks is going to Chris him. We were not asked for just days. Helped the business community. And I know Howard a little bit about her future you will be taking on the executive chairmanship role in April is when it the title change officially happens. We also have talked previously about whether or not a run for public office is in your future. You only say that I'm running start ups that's what I'm thinking. What about now. Still say we think it hit him deeply. Rivers. Rules. But a world. Irate. And one has questions. I don't think we had Rick Perry yeah every day. As executives. Still waking up to recruit every day. You know I can you please. Hey Mike I was vindicated my sleeping patterns and I do look at these numbers I think that's probably hitting team these. A period. It can't happen. Every. Early risers up there. Some would. Yeah exactly how great Howard's been out there every night and you know well case you'll. So we can look for. And I think he's here and it so much for. He's.

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{"id":44045890,"title":"Starbucks CEO and Future CEO Talk New Business Direction ","duration":"12:11","description":"Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and future CEO Kevin Johnson join Rebecca Jarvis to talk the future of Starbucks business. ","url":"/Business/video/starbucks-ceo-future-ceo-talk-business-direction-44045890","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}