Unlocking the Mystery of Jade Mountain

Find out why this resort was named No. 1 in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas.
7:10 | 10/29/14

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Transcript for Unlocking the Mystery of Jade Mountain
Perhaps one of the most stunning pieces of architecture on the planet. Designed to capture the lavish miss of Earth's fresh air crystal blue waters is the only resort in Saint Lucia with iconic views of the PD and grow. The rooms at this hotel are tax free there's no phone no television. Forcing him unwind and be at one with nature this year travel and leisure named jade mountain the top resort in the Caribbean Bermuda and the Bahamas. And I sat down with jade mountain co owner and executive director killing Carolyn picture bats going. Welcome Caroline. Right now is to be here so you your husband are really the ultimate entrepreneur hours and you took a huge risk early on tell me about. Well I think not only entrepreneurs but probably pioneers having discovered a spot in the Caribbean. Over thirty years ago when none nick my husband found. Little place called on shots and in so for us in Kenosha. And without having any knowledge of how hotel should be run decided to. Become a battalion out there having in fact been an architect followed. His previous years I think this is a dream actually a lot of people they visit a beautiful place. And they see it and they think what what does gave up that life the one that I live every day. And I moved to paradise. And I start a hotel. Accidentally and thankful for those that actually have. Take notes that. You never really plummeted sort of paid fines fuel I think when they came to seduce in the early seventies it did not expect that he would stay in Saint Lucia. But. The island the says so. Amazing the landscape and I mean as a listen thinks the ritual when this year alone lovely. And he decided to invest with two apartments at that point in in this moment talent trust me and made its into a world renowned hotel in a few years and then used his architecture background. To build out jade mountain indeed. And that happened a bit later and be opened shaped mountain and the ending of 2006. And which it mountain that had reached the station is not what he really wanted to give some new show not only a new hotel but. Almost like a landmark and since that lung markets facing LP told mountains dug blunt mark hacked to really be goods. It has been so beautiful as the solution especially exotic the hotel and resort has been named the top hotel and resort in the entire Caribbean including the Bahamas. What is the reason for that what what are some of the great things about what you have to offer. It is in my opinion that logical culmination of an amazing location. Great architecture an amazing suite where you just don't want to ever step out again we want to be in your speed up my of the few B one and one without. And of course last but not least to the great with sort team that that really makes every guest Phoenix especially I think that it's a great part of this well. And you also don't do something that I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate you you keep it pretty much tech free. They keep the bristle at tech for a absolutely. I must submit Wi-Fi slipped and and cell phones still work of god gets really insist that cellphones but it is. We would like elegance to coincidentally or not blame it on his gunships and just be on plucked truly and not. And enjoy what is in front of them which is an amazing few that makes you perhaps rethink. What your you know harp is a life should be a rethink your reality absolutely. And held about that your somewhere where you don't get south congress and eight I'm sure it can happen at the so you you're now offering if it's scoop but I think. Yes that's part of shots and they should not insist the property and on behalf off let's give a diving since the early eighties we actually. In away April it scuba diving to the island of sin Jewish. It was not known then that the island was so fortunate in having fantastic coral reefs. And so we started a small diving operation and apple went diving ever since. When it comes to choosing a location in paradise I think for a lot of people. They see the pictures on the Internet they looked beautiful but people are always skeptical because sometimes you you show up at it it doesn't. Look the way that it looks in the pictures. What's your number one piece of advice to people who are booking vacations over the Internet that's an interesting question. I'm in for us I'm always happy when its nine sister us you know you gave us more than we expected to the pictures do not do it justice which is allowed to say when UCL picked is that not ugly yet and I Ben there and I seen an and the pictures are beautiful but it it's. Very different to be looking out on the photos maybe it's a good thing to check them out because a truly beautiful place looks beautiful even when Condit shots are taken. Right so go to those at sites like have determined by their count that kind of say yet how does that change your business knowing that there is an online world of online reviews. And any seeking comment saying anything. You know it's it's a challenge Fuller tells I think because sometimes we feel perhaps put on the spot. In not always a fan way right bets on the other side if you don't run. A professional hotel. And if you strive everyday to to give your guess the best possible customer experience than Caylee you have this under control and your number one piece of advice to people who are looking to book vacations honeymoons in paradise when's the best time here to buck. The Karen bin in my opinion it's a place that you can miss it here around. I feel that sound. The bad rap with sometimes get about how hurricanes in the summer season dust mainly access plus that live in the Caribbean I was actually thinking this morning that New York seemed to happen but at six both of the Caribbean. So you don't say to visitors and that come to New York stay away from the organism is isn't and I would give the same applies to travelers. For the Caribbean it's a great place full of both. Well avoid a year we don't have you know trumped them not to keep changing temperatures. Generally of course the winter season is the that the Hyde a month season because it's cold every welts. But come any time. Coming here are your only other candidate yeah and how to get the best deal. You know nowadays it is really make sense to look around on the Internet but there's also nothing violence is fighting to a hotel and ask them directly what's bout you know the best deal you can also put this period and usually they would in fact tell. Such a person what what is available thank you so much for joining us on campus but it was a pledge thank you.

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"Find out why this resort was named No. 1 in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"26553866","title":"Unlocking the Mystery of Jade Mountain","url":"/Business/video/unlocking-mystery-jade-mountain-26553866"}