Alexander Skarsgård talks 'Kill Team,' Meryl Streep and his famous father

The actor talks to Peter Travers about his role in the new drama "The Kill Team."
19:14 | 10/25/19

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Transcript for Alexander Skarsgård talks 'Kill Team,' Meryl Streep and his famous father
They kill team. On movie have some serious intent I thought to kill him first when that was a documentary so this is basically a tree story that has been sent mind changed now. Yeah yeah that's all I saw the documentary as well it's it isn't ultimately a whistle blower story about a soldier and was. On. Is very disturbed by what his unit is due in at an Afghanistan. Gain. He's complicit in it as well which makes it very difficult on Monday and Krause a filmmaker reached out and said he was working on a narrative feature about the same subject matter about the saints guys. On. I was. A different wanted to meet in the south the document was so lynch thing and I love and whose pay is. A fascinating guy very on intelligent his Tico on. On the dynamic of the group and why he wanted to make narrative feature of it was. On appealing to me and it was a fascinating role it's very disturbing it's very dark. It's not be party typical villain it's not. You don't fall of those probes if it if fill the line. Disagree complexity to the character that I was excited says. To work on to explore and he was very generous as a director and he really wanted actors to come in and on with with thoughts and ideas in in in nine to have fun whether characters. As fun as you can have an on a dark subject. I think we're just described him a little this sergeant he's. Its interest thing because what you're saying is making somebody complex who could have been played as a villain. But yet he's not he's a human being with these laws these major flaw. And so we kind of on his side. In the county we see his gentle. Boy he's not somebody who's really scream at anybody you know what they do but what he's asking them to do is basically repel. Yes and it was important says. Hartford to east to win them over. On. Before asking them to do. Think that they might be uncomfortable doing. Which it could harm civilians which is I don't wanna go to deeper into what happening via that's what happened in life. Exactly what happened was. In terms of rules of engagement he has an agreement he believes that there's another wave that's more that will protect him and his men. On and in ten ever won outside the perimeter of the base is basically an enemy. If they're not holding a gun. They are complicit in what there that that the bad guys are doing and done through an accomplice. Any once a target basically a line. Because he believes that they view him and his soldiers as target cell. On. There's a line in the recess will he kill one of them he saved ten or ours in east Tony that's wrong then and that's how he morally justifies what he's doing. So he obviously doesn't think that he's doing something horrific. On he really believes in it. On and the way to convince the soldiers to not intimidate them I I eat like that it's not doing it by force. On he shows up because the the previous sergeant died stepping on an IED. And these soldiers are young. It's their first deployment they. They're scared. And then he show saw up. With tons of experience. He is confident. In the admire him for him just to look at them or knowledge then would mean the world. Mean he is charming and nice aim on their side of secede when they smoke some pot he catches it and doing that and they're terrified like wolves are sergeant now's do and he's like. There were about it like oh don't don't smoke that gays and cream and primo stuff. So they like him he's one of the guys which is his way. In a way manipulating them to make sure that very manipulative yet to casinos that by doing that they will follow him blindly. Can we stop and look at the scene yeah from the kill king we're just that kind of things happening are. Want to make a difference. That's not a rhetorical question who wants to make a difference and a they make you deal. You give me a royalty. I guarantee that each and every morning you'll have a chance to be a warrior. To actually do something here. To be a part of history. Sitting reading about it and some. I like that wolf and that theme looking like do I believe this guy yeah hope. Because even want to be here oh yeah and beginning it is seen Matt's character is reading a book on history selling geeks walks up. To give this little little speech. He clock said he's going here here for and a history. And that's why once ended and and he knows that all these guys young guys wanna do they wanna be heroes they wanna be. Like he says. Does your opportunity to be apart of histories than just reading about it and some book. On so this is his way of just tickling that little bit to get them excited just like trust me you know follow me and you get to be do great things. I think what this movie is about and what it's saying. And what's manipulative about it is just very time it's there's a bargain. Yeah and it's how authority. Masks itself from time. And how it creates that thing where you want to please it yeah. Or you can also say if you don't please it. It's gonna be trouble for. Absolutely and how easy it is to surrender your morality. To. Authority than that the milligram experiment in government a back in the day that the suspect in the sixties they there was that famous experiment when they. On had subjects push a button to elect accuse someone in and in another room. What Vick is there was a doctor of or an actor playing a doctor conducting this experiment telling the subject to to do this. Normal. Good people. Law abiding citizens were willing to. Ultimately it's accused Seoul might visual button in another room. Because they had surrendered or morality. To but the person and it's such an authority on which is very troubling. In this movie touches on out of it were. In the beginning they feel like they're part of unit gain the unit has its own morality. And it's all moral compass. And the leader of that unit is speaks so all they have to do just follow blindly. And what happens for Friedman that's characters it starts to rub against his own morality eventually. I was also fascinated with how. And it's a courtship. In this gives undivided attention and then when someone's not quite doing what he wants and soon he'll ignore that and work on Rayburn and Medicare. And then somebody's is which will leave Friedman feeling stuck out in the cold and bring it back and yet that he's I want and a wife's lover and yeah yeah on. And you know but it it it obviously also feels quite time because it's about. A whistle blower which is quite topical right now hasn't been totally. But look at you with you you go from one thing to another without ever being this I mean. I'm watching I've watched you now on being god the troop. Now but that guy again. It's from another planet AM what fee you know I need to little levity between. Some of the dark. Project aboard the lines. The nose is a great opportunity through a lot of fun John and Kirsten Dunst and you to be back together again after melancholy. Your large foreign Trier. XP India and the primary couple again had better melancholy a separate different kind and very different act couldn't have been more excited at its I love. A lookers and she's. Obviously fantastic actress but also sell we became very close on melancholy. Lists. Thrilled when she called usage is doing the show and asked if a wanted to come in and and player husbands and get eaten by. Should I reveal it's a spoiler well I think I'm know that now I didn't I think it we see my delegation at different about her. It's op Ed you've found that very appealing immediately did you are lighting up yes. And I looked at the lately set up because it set up as the two hander and you think all right this show about this couple and on and I love when you. Italy almost tricked the audience today so they sit back and eat their popcorn think and I think I'm no watching and this is going to be the trajectory of the show. And then. The end for itself surprising hopefully for the audience and the public is. Eaten by what and an alligator and then the show is about them. Very different takes a different turn on so that guys it was lovely. Does this excess that you're having due to changes when you are on big global lies. You didn't only when the enemy you when the Golden Globes sag award every other award that they could actually mean. Did that turn your head around to Jim look in the mirror and say. It. You're fabulous. Well. That's how I start my day every daily did it for those awards. That's fun to just go to war an important. Let doing beat him up at look line from my parents. Last year after that you're fabulous go Aaron conquer the world today do it yeah it do it. But that must have been a great experience doing that theories as well. It's extraordinary. It's kind of the great. Playing with you and Meryl Streep we have one day when blessed that together in one little moment and she sits sun yet. And a third crime and you know Clinton and his heart melt it if that was. I mean he acts it's Merrill street movements on. There are a lot of extraordinary actors on below applies obviously in the great privilege of working closely with Nicole let mayor street is seen I grope. Watch her movies in those massive fan Kramer Kramer was might. Parent when my parents' favorite movies that's just thought that parenting is it will I would watch that it went out to kill it took them. About there's a great event and a horrible earth for. Let's watch I think that it was their way of saying he should be grateful that we're still together because look at this that this is what could happen this is what could but what I think is weird is that your dad's done. In mamma Mia. Here with our. Has way more scenes that you that yet relate more fun I'm. And singing and doing that the dad loved every second of it now I think it. He can't dance he can't sing pain he should not be range not wearing spandex but. Games and he thinks he's looking at it or Hispanic Zain he loves it aimed. I think it to the audience loves it is he cute view. Pointers then. In your career that he Cawley weapons I just saw not after dancing Hispanics and mama media and dividends he can't. I'm like that you've lost effortless. What you've got how many of you in your siblings are actors three yen three. Three siblings yeah yeah and were eight kids and four of us are actors. How much do you all see. So I live here in New York but I'd just gotten up might everyone else is its articles of the olive. Back where I was born on and have lived here for many years on but I were very tight family and I go back. Every holiday mean whenever at a long enough break to go home sweet night go back but I haven't had a place. And in supplement fifteen years. I'm actually getting I got one last year and a move and an amicable weeks so yeah some very sad about that to have an apartment. I'm still gonna live here but I'm tablet permanent basis stock only to spend more time out there and B Rama family. You can do a great American accent has been taking over you now is that any Swedish slept in my dad's wife. Is she from Ohio mountain soul she's lived in Sweden for many years but were home. It's kind of a mix of English and Swedish now so it's it's kind of a weird. An. Combination of the two. Did you ever have a problem with the American accent idea did you ever have to gate to rein yourself to get out of it. The British Jackson has been more difficult for me. At a British Jackson on Tarzan. Scene that was trick here. At that mine act mine Max my accident was already. More American and British the forum and out here we. A legend in Texas for awhile when I was eight one way they'll do it and I went. When my dad was shooting Budapest. How it's an American schools there announced thirteen so it was it was definitely. Felt more natural and more attic to slip into an American acts and then. On that a British cell line. Tarzan at the work like our coach. But has that seeped into being New York accent where in years beaten I don't think so not until Tex isn't there when you said that I don't think. Not think they don't. Know why. While. Those those in four years you know the formative years. That being when I was like it was solely on those like the first Alice exposed. The English language was when house in Texas which was an amazing experience. The cases Fredericksburg it was that proper cowboy country for an incumbent from. Stockholm ones and urban kid from downtown Stockholm in housing cowboy movie is like there were is surrounded by real cowboys on horses in. I loved every second and I even got a pair of beautiful cowboy boots. Now is still excited to come back home says topple. And is like imagining this moment day one of being back from. From from from Texas. Walking in in my cowboy boots and all the kids would be a cowboy. And then I walked in an era one start laughing at me analyst at lightweight wearing women's boots like it's. Casino and a day as an eight year old for a Euro kids in Sweden at the time like cowboy boots looked like ladies. That's basically he's no. I was a very. Disturbing moment in pain from it'll I was trying to Natalie you know expect. Imagining this big big beautiful moment where rule which is like touching them. Alex is out cowboy after three months and in for an expert. On. And instead they laughed at me in never Wear them again. Either they're like. Line and in my apartment here. On I'm on a pedestal as boots. Well let's take a couple of last questions from the world that. Aren't world of the Internet are you ready for this I don't know welcome on charming visas what do you miss most about Sweden aside from friendly when you're in the states for long periods of time. With that your dad cooking naked I remember that story from last bat with very. That's a great. That's of the day I deployments. But he's here lighted Italy they just make it so your apartment here clothing optional outcome occurred at my place here. Mon. Did you miss my pickled Herring. You can get back again if you can but it's it's thing. If you're in New York or LA yeah but if you're shooting somewhere more like them or remote. Alliance rural area it's it's it's not easy to find it land. The synthesis that this is very different from fermented Herring that's news jamming. It is of course had I don't need that that's very. Pickled not ferment that pickle offerman to huge difference with into that PR that that have. Mark. It's time for song and we end okay and I always ask for something we. Yeah because it's beautiful it's been don't think we urge you do American taxes everything else that you. What sense of melodies and beauty can you give me in the Swedish town. OK so we just. We were talking about pickled Herring yeah hand the tradition. In Sweden is to drink snob slit when he pickle Aaron and then he sings not songs of course yeah. And there are many. Fantastic stuff songs the most famous one. And it's super easy so we can sing it to. Other we can and we all know it lets yeah yes c'mon you know it's a classic theater tour de Lama and Gould whom hopeful that Ireland Ireland they. He Lan grow whom hopeful that I learned the all been so mean today halon taught on and the audience on full gained none rule. And you drink and drink it and ego for the me hope. Far better very. Courts to do and what it any of that mean nothing and it's just it's I think Ungaro. And does it mean any economies. He and I'm means the whole so his sense is is it basically. During the whole thing if you don't treat the whole thing you don't you keen. Bite it all became two half. So it's a no half measures song it's basically all the songs are mostly stories about how drunk you're gonna get or are drug Dane. I'm sure within the next year. They'll be. Alexander scars guard. Thing. The most famous enough of all time high 100 pre order mind I think 32 yes with that the what did it. Thank you thank you won't let her post.

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