Why Is Alison Sweeney Leaving 'Days of Our Lives'?

Alison Sweeney talks "Days of Our Lives" and her new book "Scared Scriptless."
10:34 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for Why Is Alison Sweeney Leaving 'Days of Our Lives'?
There will be a huge void in daytime television after Sammy Brady AKA Alison Sweeney. Leaves days of our lives after 21. Years -- fans fret not because there is still planning -- -- to go around he's out with a book. Called scared script was -- happy to have you in studio today thanks I -- talk but the book -- a minute but first -- -- years. Yeah I know why now I guess just. Have really come to a point my husband and I talked about it for a couple years actually decided that. -- really time for me to make a change in the kids are getting older I -- I wanna be home with them a little bit more and see what else is out there audition and take on new challenges. Right more iron sent a lot of things I wanna try and -- you ever come close to this point four. -- I mean now I I and now I and feeling this is the first time that I was ready to walk away. And -- -- -- I love my job and love me and your fans the Levy since the age of sixteen everyone has watched you grow up yet become. A favorite sister a daughter a mother -- in this fan wrote on FaceBook which I think kind of sums up the sentiment. That you'll be missed by. Because it's NSA in the introduction -- -- here we go -- play -- the fact the matter is more than two decades I'm not putting any Jenny and I. -- -- that's a huge father Rebecca K wrote this on FaceBook saying this woman. Has made me laugh out loud cry out about -- hate her and love her wish -- -- rather the character Sammy was my friend. The alliance those that she's leaving I wish nothing but the best to her and her family thank you Alison for all the joy you've given us. Movement in -- 101 from translate that I don't know. Hypocrite it's really hard -- do hope that they continue to follow me right and left the door opening days I hope I come back for celebrations. I told K Ingrid day -- be happy you know Graham -- Claimed chatter in the background of the -- went through in I made my home in the group and I love it. The self taught to me that about scared script was which I apologize because the covers -- a little bit because I -- I -- over the weekend when I was in Michigan some reading this are going to love this is well let me read our -- it shows that -- made a bond we've made we've made a commitment together. The fact is is that this is -- because of great book -- -- it's a good beach reading material but it's just it's it's a fun book -- the fact that you can see. It probably reflects a lot of what your own personal experiences were like in de -- television yet that Canada and the inspiration for -- -- -- Yeah I think my inspiration -- -- was leaking from you know all the crews have worked ways in the days and -- the crew is apparently it hurt my family and it was sort of just turning. The spotlight on man and being with their life their romances their career conditions violate -- You know that it that the -- is really. Made of all -- part of the prop guys not doing their -- the show doesn't work you know and it's every single element. Is just as important as the other end and I think that was one thing that made it fun to write that the people like a behind the scenes look at Hollywood and we're used to it -- what we do. Many interesting to people to. Not just be told what Hollywood is like what -- stages like -- to feel like they're in there they're doing the work with now. Well and that's what's fun especially gets the points that page at 131 and not gonna give will be an investment it's like -- you start to get at this point. You're building up his great character relationship with -- and I significant other and then all of a sudden things -- much like daytime television -- -- I mean you've obviously had experience and be able to understand the -- to be able to tell the story and then turn it on its head quickly. Yes the ad in one of the first things that prompted me to write my own fiction list that I got frustrated I I loved I loved is alive and loudly and that there have been times -- -- that I. Well the story was not going in the direction I would like -- ago. And -- a big believer in happy -- so honest about it that's very challenging you know get a lot of so I. I read I would sit there on that thinking like -- that were me I would -- explains in the Netherlands home and they just started doing that -- -- writing. Seen as a way I would want them to go in the night -- coming up with characters that I wanted to write about in. And here we -- -- two novels to Galveston and graduate of an exciting -- they're wondering what. -- no rest for the we're either up or so give me an example that we can you think at a time in days history where the plot line went this is -- exactly where I want to get our. -- The legions of fans out -- -- hello yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think maybe it. Lake there was -- story -- in many years ago where we got involved and there isn't it crazy circuit and the next you know like. There's -- tighter on in this. This really. Happened and there's a writer normally use it now let out camping in the way and I had this -- -- like that I am camping trip. Tiger on and so I mean is -- by acting. Common sense may relive that again that's that's half the -- despite the turnout for you to and a regular -- -- exactly where it gets waste into art yet. So what do you think about -- steerage triplets into. Either a movie. Fortunately having these conversations and I would love at first but the star attraction and gets her listeners -- In the same Hollywood you know how does that saying that however in Hollywood knows each other right. Isn't it true every now and and there isn't that's an an element -- that the main character of scared of -- start action. Is -- -- publicist and she appears in this novel as well she is mean. Actor's publicist Billy fox and he appears in this can -- you kind of get that sense of like building community in Hollywood and all these people -- -- tether their past you end up crossing in in the third but happens even more aren't so our -- having talks about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know it sounds odd in that the phrasing is not gonna come out the most politically correct but you still have to hustle in Hollywood I mean despite. Despite your career army is still a matter -- -- -- constantly networking constantly hit yourself over and over. Yeah I mean it's Hollywood it's what have you done lately are you know and then what the next thing and what -- you gonna do next in for me actually though I love it. That's what's fun if it weren't challenging. You know I wouldn't do it -- I think it's fun to work -- I think it's fun to push myself. That's why I love I love getting have been directing it is our -- and get -- doing that and shot and other directors in. It really expanding horizons that they feel like the fun of -- is learning something new and challenging yourself in question is and if people just handed me staff. I think I would get bored -- they're really quickly I mean if you want. -- opens an early exit -- and I exhibited -- Try it but I like working. Speaking of working hard Biggest Loser what's going on with the -- -- and continue on with this because I am. -- success is. In -- great success and the fans love -- they've been missing us. This summer and I love meeting -- to say I just eat I eat healthier Baghdad I went out the day after I want to show our plastic keep happening. -- -- people every day who feel inspired by Pegasus and that's so rewarding and so exciting so restarting production again in June at the end of the month. And I think we started -- in September zone. What are your own personal story about weight loss obviously connects with a lot of the viewers and a lot of -- and a lot of people that are on the show itself. -- -- contestants a lot about how important it is to lead a healthy life into give yourself really. Positive. Inspiration. Flake instead -- beating yourself up about what you don't look like be proud of what you have achieved or look at it like. I get to work outs and I am healthy enough that I can go for -- in Central Park I can choose to eat something healthy today and I think that's really positive. I think it's a really positive message in it it's little things like I think people get nervous about extreme dieting -- at the company nothing banking and rocked for 66 or something -- but it really isn't like that it's like. You know put something healthy in the front -- Richard likable blueberries or something and and just -- -- decent set of data chips you reach for a healthy snack. And it's as simple as that if you make healthy choices throughout the day you're less likely to need the junk that you won't you won't be us hungry for. Did you. Did you ever fight any kind of an ugly battle with any kind of eating disorders with any kind of it with any kind of body you know luckily I I really didn't get into sort of the eighties and are played at bullying threats -- him it was -- was -- first sort of big storyline. But I think he really hadn't stories that a lot of growth can relate to struggle with my weight and -- teenager a lieutenant Karen I was unhappy. -- -- know what to do about it I -- I remember in the -- I hate those like fat free cookies thinking that that was Grammy I ate sugar free things thinking that was -- from and the like I fell for every trick in the backing from an advertisers' perspective. -- -- And now with Biggest Loser I've learned that it isn't about. The fat diet and it's not about the packaging it's about going into the end. You know that protein and veggie I home and buying -- beans and cooking yourself and I really focus now line. Raising my kids to be happy that this and the not to get -- for second that this statistics and that this country are staggering our kids are obese. And it's not getting better and there -- -- -- And -- recently that -- Hit a more than half our kids are healthy enough to serve in our military -- And that's problem. And I'm proud -- the -- -- is part of this which. You hear your resolution on that and do you ever look at it daytime television as being part of the problem as far as create an image. Issue for -- and -- Totally honest I mean I would think that maybe in the -- you -- -- argument that like the magazine covers are -- -- I don't think it the problem is that people are eating healthy. And that's not that's not what those magazines -- talking about -- daytime TV it's that people are sitting in front of the TV for 56 hours and it's actually not even TV anymore it's gaming. These kids are spending six hours a day on average Bryant playing computer -- you know gains of whatever right. That's -- -- -- a popular writing -- get up. Think -- can run around about right -- the Staten -- around better. You've got her -- down clearly at the routine for success Alison -- its outskirts group list. Thank you so much as a pleasure thank you.

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{"id":23981165,"title":"Why Is Alison Sweeney Leaving 'Days of Our Lives'?","duration":"10:34","description":"Alison Sweeney talks \"Days of Our Lives\" and her new book \"Scared Scriptless.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/alison-sweeney-leaving-days-lives-23981165","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}