Alleged Justin Bieber Murder Plot: Phone Calls Released

Police say New Mexico inmate is mastermind behind plot to kidnap, kill and castrate pop star.
2:08 | 02/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged Justin Bieber Murder Plot: Phone Calls Released
Details of that murder plot to kill pop star Justin Bieber of the alleged plan was to kidnap and kill beaver. While it was here for a performance in New York City and for the first time. -- -- hearing that chilling audiotapes of the co conspirators the investigators' Sarah Wallace is in the newsroom with. Moore Sarah plus a day does phone calls that originated from a New Mexico prison are graphic and bizarre. They di -- how the co conspirators intended to mutilate and then killed a star and his bodyguard the calls which did originate from prison were monitored fell and the proper authorities flagged. So beaver was never really in any danger. -- over the -- and wouldn't. -- Not like the way I lowered -- -- the way our lord of the electorate -- -- littlest. Police say that first -- is in maintain a -- speaking to hit man tanner were weighing in Vermont. He's -- -- -- thing he gave him. It didn't matter this and then he's never go take care. Take care -- authorities say it means to monitor and castrate make a pop star Justin Bieber and his bodyguard. The two were in New York City last November for the -- sold out concert at Madison Square Garden. -- -- written what I police say that -- who was doing time for the murder and rape of a fifteen year old girl concocted the plan to killed a singer. Martin reportedly directed a former jailhouse friend mark -- key and his nephew were Wayne using d.'s code words. Its original proposal Bernard and -- The people meaning Justin Bieber. Barton also instructed the hit man had a suffocate their victim with -- masterminds signature Paisley scarf. -- -- -- I didn't find wants really -- -- -- about Microsoft -- have been the target but I don't really important and that's certain to seal the deal. But before the two men could travel from Vermont to New York to quote sealed the deal they were caught by Border Patrol after taking a wrong turn into Canada. The two alleged hit men now face multiple charges -- is already serving a life sentence the -- does. He apparently was obsessed with -- and upset that the singer didn't respond to numerous letters.

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{"id":18540986,"title":"Alleged Justin Bieber Murder Plot: Phone Calls Released","duration":"2:08","description":"Police say New Mexico inmate is mastermind behind plot to kidnap, kill and castrate pop star.","url":"/Entertainment/video/alleged-justin-bieber-murder-plot-phone-calls-released-18540986","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}