Ari Lennox discusses her new album 'Shea Butter Baby'

Under J. Cole's record label, the breakout artist talks debut album, music and more.
22:06 | 05/07/19

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Transcript for Ari Lennox discusses her new album 'Shea Butter Baby'
It can't his alliance ABC radio and today the very special day because I have a talented amazing. Young vibrant woman missing right across from me Irene and I. Hey how are you really weakened Ned today a big day. You as it's amazing night Campbell he it is way. Yes because your how Lum in this work of art saved by and then now isn't available. That could graduation John. And me and I you know I have the opportunity through this then get into the mode. And I have to say the name eggs bonds because it was filled smooth. Oh oh. You know who and he came here my whole connection there because I just thought that was filled move. It's just it's just I really felt that no good you know I laugh about it being the monument. And Roma. I mean I just really love soul music's. Like it's his heavily influenced by a all of so many so many greats that I adore from the trees Rashean. Rose rolling east own. Frothy LCD Missy Elliott tweak. You're just gonna hear all of those elements in the an actress I am so inspired by and in and. In it and you could tell because you have asthma loaded bullies and added that it has like textured to as anybody ever that your voice of the texture Yankee again. Yeah and since then he QB I felt the texted to like if you Uga actually candidly touch your voice would have revealed to save body if you. How come and it. This like a little bit of protection you know and you know and cultural dialogue and down I think it they haven't in cocoa butter and bragging in the obviously given the nominal amount of rain on the things I am. And protection to any minute now we feel like the name of the album speaks volumes in the sense and good music and the texture to it and opening on the album kind of gal then there. First thought you lot of work. You might negate the fact that this woman years and saying oh it was. Lot of work it ain't no little bit about the process in making this album and means that the meticulous minutes of of finding responding to that your gonna that would be. Want to channel. About that process people can understand like how long with this in the making to be. Low this is being in the works sensed when he sixteen. When MAJ Cole in Wesley recording studios in California. You have the first song we record it was face time sell like from there acting that carnage is sent off his. Chains of advanced open up doors for me in the Lee and Ron Gilmore. Who come who really. Like changed in that album for. Him like greatness and Annie and Mike. They are phenomenal producers and musicians. And town. Yeah. It's sis I mean Alice like a Gypsy woman ages constantly traveling in. Working with different people to just create is still like body of work you know co genomic say no up late. TJ grumble with new pardoning. On Crist dole when it broke. Seoul insists. Can't stand like traveling in Har working hair isn't growing pains in one aquae. Realizing this is my dream you know candy that cell is a lot ups and downs blamed unjustly. I'm really hit is. Over and that since like it's foul play and I'm free. And now decide day night at second album anxiety. He would you describe how would you describe this area is now and his album is a bit like given birth and out earth I don't know what that mean really who lagged but. I'm saying do you feel like there is a relief I mean is soon. You know one puts pressure on oneself and making anything. Anything that integration. And and do you feel relieved that argue as you mentioned are you ready thinking about the exit the next process. You even have a moment to just say. Day had a happy. Lau you know honestly. Yes to gay and had the moment of like yeah a Layden now too damn dislike. Work I Gannon is a I was so worried about let whether people like this album now on though they like in unlike own obtained like Kason began Neitzel formula. I am thinking Michael had an unfortunately. I'll blow okay I just need to focus on being in the president and set because I like to just be like. Is keep working in future feature feature of but I like the president is a beautiful gift. And like it really is a blessing. I can't land thinking like okay we'll gang like this next hot. At a canopy analysts that the Libyan you know. Don't look too much pressure on yourself and does. If we're filing kind of what you are you done your detector you're doing pretty darned thing you know who talk about it let's talk about this album and bringing down because I mean first off. On and there's so many songs that I am already light already trying to put re. Of course you know you collaborated with Jay called in on now that and then he. Many salons that really speak to what a woman gold through and molded them lines in your favorite. Rao he. So I think lately I've realized. It's probably static. Because it's. Bury my Lai ache. So we like humble song like I'm basically embracing. Being in love with some Wein. No matter like the issues they come when it like it's not too. Issues are too bulky for me because your love news is gray its C. It's. It's not judgments whole instance it's beautiful so. It's I guess static as is I don't know any also is kind of like a metaphor from my anxiety. I'm telling myself like this by. All of beings idea may be going through. Own that I am in control. You know no matter what cell it's the same thing for a love like. If if they ever fill Dell for insecure like to smell like you're in control like my heart like gloves you know I can help. It's a love you so. Now. It gives them I didn't preaching you will determine if you'd like it. Can't. I hang union until it seeing. An artist analyze their music because it's. Just making it through the senate seat belt not. And I and I can almost people who obviously is such a meeting fan base an an and they'd love everything about Q. I do this story. For those who have. Are being introduced using them. A bit about your connection with dream now and a little bit about that and did you not think that you're amazing dialing that you want you. Know it well I. I thought was dead but Al is more Salt Lake. You gotta be home Lee gotta be in the mall may need outages. Proven them moment that you are. At a girl or that guy like you to Scotto at the work done at the work speak for itself cell and that moment now wasn't really when I met called wasn't thinking. About him signing me or anything like that because. I mean I just fell like it was. Am knees he. And it analyzes didn't think like he weighed. The that interested I guess at Asia's focused on making sure like the music sonic. And they in my cube sock and aren't seeing. And dull Larry King wasn't there. And I'm I'm noticing reichert king was that there may be like that's why he loses. Super super like excited talk about them juveniles like maybe like and I let. It was insane but I just never saw that like in our first meaning like called being like why Powell like you are. Also known ever on its hands Ike as he does think adjectives Lake Erie islands later. They. Lie you know aegis can't pick me up like hey. Themselves will lead doing. This week may be to come to the Selz. And Mike five with the crew I was like okay my cute cat actually recently that. Sounds like so while while saying what is this light what are we doing here. His eye while like casually legislative well you know they get out signing you announced late one relates is real castle brown eight. In this it was his beautiful and is it was humbling to lean on a mean like beating and sense. It wasn't you know I don't know it was just perfect it was humbling I didn't know I was gonna give scientists have been Dino. And some of the best moment the one that you leased the Afghan Vienna like it was this orchestrated paying your people talked to my people my month. The bride and then let this figures that mountain though. That's survive it's an Harry light. Easy agrees yeah. Com cool collected which I tell lies. Took. Won't brown and alana. All right kids and Randall. C. From BP Matsch out or. Call out these 8 AME. And Northern Virginia. I mean they didn't meet Su Fairfax County on its Appalachia elementary. When black high school almighty god must assume that since OK my brother David went damn my sister tipping you know David Salter. Oh yeah. Graduating in 1990s. And been okay. Okay okay the yeah and sleepy sultanate but we. And on how man's beautiful come to. I lived in Fairfax County for a while and mountain county so. Enhance yeah. Trinity. And it now being. You have to do you. Are you. Heritage church fellowship. With his. The district now. We must act good Hulu and I can't community. You know me and rap about putting me let me. Gamma and I. And you know it's interesting it was just checking out and the idea that every evening I was seeing. Many people com. Now. You'll RIL. The way that you. It kind of like eight hear yourself your nation and your beauty its own power. Do you find that you are like this. Oh he remembered mean. Role model to people of color just because you to think embody. This. Say but this cocoa butter than than mine in the back of a queen does that make you feel angry female comic vaccine. Home tenants. Law I have seen like the old model. I think then you sound we should all owned alike keep ourselves in check and I think is a cop. When like also livery a lot of celebs night hang nobody's role model. Are we are. Like this is will we signed a four. Even when we mess up Disneyland and messed up but you still somebody's role model you know. And that at the -- eight keeps me in check so Kiki to ratchet on the grand because. Little baby girl he might Ely allowed to do the same saying in ignite edict saying thank it's or expelled from school so like maybe. Or maybe not do those things or like you know in Belize give a disclaimer like OK been canal is about to be radar please. Leave my IG last session tonight this is grown folk song we likely is gone now so all night. I I see that and a hatfill and now owned men and one and I'll want to keep filling nets so that. In fact ever really fill lake. Quitting or lake. You know that Annan I'm thinking about my and other people that I inspired. And then look up to me it also meanwhile want to make sure like mentally immigrant in her mother know myself so let's add balance and it. Dan Wheeler role models. And we shouldn't be shiny new China dunes. Not in the I mean for saying that I think that's not always the part of an artist and that means so much pressure ads need to be an artist in me was and also this week of people looking and its parent to be like you and but the fact that you can take that and say okay you know what this is part of what I signed up for them commendable. And also just people really love the fact that you see an apologetic at you didn't. And I think that we can of that because you yourself in that light that you see yourself you now. And I think again and you albums Saba does because volume which you need to get it. And who he. Hit. Volume to let you know you're really about this as it's been. An idea of being natural authentic use and whoever that maybe you know everybody have to walk in their own true thickness and do that well. Now you know I I just dealt reef audience like back story because. You know obviously we talked about the fact that you ire from BP metro area. When you younger how did you first get into this whole thing of singing. You know where you it's hired by somebody he specifically the manhunt you get from this week a it's kinda where you are now what we kept you on the strained pursued it could I understand. There are moments you opt out now in my movement in all these great in the initial inane you know one. Not really in ago. Sol in Alice degree I think as is always singing playing out like and it. When I was young to seen in I Graham mom she heard leasing issues like she sounds like an Angel. And its stock is stuck with me and I just never stopped singing in on shiny she taught me. On a song called take a look at me now but I know that's not though. The right name of the song by Mariah Carrey. And sizes studied Mariah Carey that I love her I never know who's able to be like at her great our greatness but lake. Locally but I just can't wanting to be in striving to be. And same thing will Whitney used seemed like it and Ian Baker. Deborah Cox like these and of people parents is constantly played in the house Michael Jackson Jackson 5. On his soul Dion fairies. On of the Whitney. Let's say Wheaties the sound tackling to a sales bounced back. Alone. Does everything will be owned. His almost things really. Inspired me in ads is always wanted to be used child singer star. And you know I just kept focusing on writing I was writing in my journals house riding. I'd like floor like my grant money Gramm wants only. I would go under her ports and liked his right songs I don't barely remember that he tells me the same story every Tennessean like. You are writing. And it the porch you try ditches Alice always trying in my assists and. I'm good that you did because look where you are to demand an amazing. Use your upcoming war and that's gonna compliment that he's out. And how could without. Look. At about this tour which. Phoenix Arizona rain. Is on the US welcome weeks at give us some insight because. You quite yeah Jackson riven nation Alan about them like okay. I don't away so much good news I'll always when I dancing it will wasn't so stands I'm working on land but it. It's just really five's like it's is going to be lanky young sister onstage act acting Iraq ratchet Nantes are not acting just being. And but singing won't he ends his having. Fire and mean does you know it's just going to be free I'm going to be up Derek demand musician friends. CJ craze and Taylor. And it's is going to be beautiful beautiful. You have. Of course the live band which I love yet be and that element is always appreciate again. What what are certain things that you said is a must for your tool. I can writer like on the right here. Just in general like he's yet alive ban meat say like look these are able to be intimate venue I and you aren't loud whether anything that you had a vision when you were saying this is what I want is the what I envisioned from war. Well I've. The only thing that really stands out to me is. Is eight culled someone who beat Fuzzy codes and maybe a thing and. It's going to have that same intimate viva come to is gonna make so I like. This is this yell and I live in Rome like that's and that's the type a setting like. I want the states to look like in a pardon me you know I mean or a walk in closet or something like that's. And of course you know. Considering that. Tickle you big bro down. What we're hit giddy at any special words for you what has the conversations been like open to getting getting ready to this point and obviously now we didn't. He's his van right. It is thin line. Is so so we like are you ready I mean this is something I've remembrance yesterday. So are you ready or like als land land at bloody week I'm just not really thinking about lake. One it's happening maybe I'm scared to think about how things could change so fast plan. News from while it. He's just been release Lee engines mind our own. I. I really really care about him so much because that men. Be busy he's Ali's in the city alone and since as a grenade. Naked man. And he always finds time alike support me which is like crazy and adds his bill. I SS sole. Eighty since like really how do you have time light. Have come to my I'm release party Lakeland is its own. Again that's. Suffering and now there's a few dates. Racing hall had nineteen hopefully you'll be surprised to meet heat. Hopefully. Of China again I'm I'm going to be accidents friends now when he did to ram dinar he's a phenomenal singer Alan in the pop up on the shown decent songs. The sage on China gated. On calling fees down on one in there alleys one show may be in. North Carolina our DC though the fire Omar rules acts maybe. It. I am to disable evade they've been doing a cover of that. Constantly in the email in DC and I just I want to be apart and then like I want them to be a part of this Sawyer. Cells somehow we yummy napping. Lieutenant they loans. Levers down on the in the opener is about to be crazy McCain lives in des. Baby rolls Ron kill more going to be beautiful. Beautiful and. Gradually to the one thing. I know we have ago but I do what you that the outlook Malkin went after the yen and you know Larry. Way. I am always glad to support my says there's as he pounds and eight hits and graduation and leaner yeah. We Mary and I panics. You definitely want to lie. Relations. The album in the future think. How. How how well let's hold I need you to get in the rang out because it's good music and that's at least thinking in my teens. That he is signing. Off the bases again and now but once again I and that makes it out right I'll know what to do meiji. Oh.

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